May 29, 2020
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hpnbwandlu-w370The magical weapon attribution for this 20th path of the qabalistic Tree of Life is the wand. In his book A Garden of Pomegrenates, Israel Regardie mentions only this one but some other authors, as Stephen Hoeller, for example, add the lamps as a second magical weapon attribution for this path.[5] The reason for those attributions seems pretty obvious when we take a look at the Tarot Card correspondence for this path, IX- The Hermit; a card depicting an eldedrly figure reposing his weight on a staff and holding a lamp with his other hand. According to Israel Regardie the weapon contained in this illustration is extremely interresting because this is an instrument “in which the Freudian significance is clearly perceptible,”[6] namely the Lamp, and and Eucharistic Host. Furthermore, he goes in more details and explains that “the significance of the Hand of God or the Dhyan-Chohanic consciousness”[7] (which is nothing less than what sets the world-forces in motion) may also be read into the Hebrew letter Yod (also attributed to this path).


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