April 15, 2021
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The higher grades of the OTO were teaching a Western form of tantric yoga that used the sexual act in its rituals, either with a partner or auto-erotically. This sexual act was seen as the means of obtaining the divine union.  In 1912 Crowley was paid a visit in his London flat by one Theodur Reuss. Reuss, who was rumored to be a paid agent for the German Secret Service, was the head of the OTO. The German accused Crowley of revealing the OTO’s innermost secrets of the 9th degree. Crowley was puzzled since this was a degree to which he had not yet attained. Thinking quickly on his feet, he surmised that Reuss was referring to western tantric practices. Aleister had arrived at the information independently. The two men talked for hours. Reuss expounded on sexual alchemy. He agreed that Crowley should head a new British section of the OTO, the Mysteria Mystica Maxima.Talismans were made and charged by a technique where one concentrated on the talisman and on its intention during the sex act. It was claimed that these tailsmans would give success in any occult operation, from the invocation of a god to the finding of hidden treasure. One ex-disciple used his to find rare occult books.


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