April 15, 2021
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The General Description of Shalicu

The 31st tunnel is under the dominion of Shalicu

Color: Grey, Yellow, Green, Blue
D/N: Diurnal
Tunnel of Set: 31 (Samael-Nehemoth)
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek; Bohu (Secondary)
Direction: North; Northwest; Northeast (Lesser)
Elements (In Order of Relevance): Water; Earth; Fire
Gender: Usually Male; Occasionally Female
Lesser Planet: Earth; Saturn
Primary Planet: Neptune; Mercury; Moon
Gematria: 171; 500; 1485
Channeled Magickal Names: Simkallathawn, Emkallanthorr
Primary Stellar Attributions: Algol; Regulus
Lesser Stellar Attributions: Aldebaran; Dabih (Least)
Qliphas Attributed (Listed from Primary to Least): Nahemoth, Gamaliel, Satariel

Pathway Correspondences

Planet: Pluto
Tarot: Judgment
Musical Key: C
Atavism: Prima Materia Manifesting in Corrupted Form
Siddhi: Transformation; Disappearance/Invisibility
Hebrew Letter: Shin
Yoruban Power Zone: Manamana; Orun-Apadi; Biri
Disease: Lethal Fevers; Non-Lethal Fevers Which Produce Insanity
Location: Samael (Mercury/Adramaleck)-Nehemoth (Black Earth/Na’amah)

The Nature of Shalicu

Shalicu’s Occult specialties include necromancy, geomancy, pyromancy, solar magick, green witchcraft, the Higher Self, the Black Flame, warding, shielding, shadowmancy, mirrormancy, execration, exorcism, and execration. He gives guidance and auspices in the divinatory use of crystal balls, tarot cards, bones, and Norse runes, and he imparts the gifts of transformation and invisibility.

Shalicu teaches the witch to understand the nature of the nightside energies and magickal influences that make the Qliphoth what it is. He imparts unwritten gnosis of the nature of the Qliphoth and teaches the forms of witchcraft which put the Qliphoth to optimal use. He can be called upon to stop a given spell from manifesting.

This archfiend can help the witch attune herself to the spiritual realities around her, awaken her latent abilities, and sharpen her astral senses. Shalicu can break any kind of barrier and teach the initiate to see through the illusory nature of the perceived limitations which impede her becoming and the manifestation of her Will. He can impose the phenomena of expansion, judgement, resurgence, reversal, change, alteration, termination, departure, and disappearance upon whatever you need them imposed upon.

Shalicu can increase the witch’s physical fitness and bone density, and he can improve her cardio as well. He rules weaponry, war, warriorhood, bravery, violence, and destruction. He is knowledgeable regarding vehicle mechanics.

Shalicu can modify the witch’s personality, making her more assertive and/or aggressive. He can make the witch a better liar and a better lay and improve her aptitude for manipulating people. He can make her a more industrious person and/or make her less of a push-over.

The auspices of Shalicu are of great use in object enchantment, such that he can even consecrate a chess board for magickal use (ask him to explain this because I can’t). He guides the aimless youth of our society who struggle with ADHD. Shalicu loves kids, so he protects children. He can be evoked to heal or at least permanently decrease the sympthoms of ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, anxiety, and stomach problems.

I’m going to copy and paste a series of phrases that my literary sources have listed amongst the attributes of Shalicu which I either don’t know how to interpret or think would best be presented to the reader as part of the following incoherent list. I’m going to emulate the original format that these two sources presented the information in and copy and paste the listed traits verbatim.

Shalicu: The final sparks of creation, transformation and invisibility, the change of reality, the force to become a new form, to extend energy of your need into the world, the union of two powers to create anew, energy of fire, ruler or head of the Qlippoth realm lies here, sealing the final touches, the fires of lust and sex.

If you’d like a sigil of Shalicu which you should print instead of draw, click this image to go to Daemon Barzai’s original sigil of Shalicu:

The Nature of Shalicu’s Tunnel

Shalicu governs the Tunnel of Set between the Qliphothic Spheres of Samael and the Black Earth, which pathway Ford describes as the “Choronzonic transformation by struggle and fall” in The Luciferian Tarot. A musical project called y3mk has a magickal track for this tunnel (I haven’t listened to it, so don’t take this as a recommendation), which track is accompanied by the following description:

This song corresponds to the tunnel of Shalicu in an ongoing series on the Tunnels of Set. It has been created as the result of a personal exploration of the tunnel of Shalicu, which is related with fire, judgement, and the disruption of mental conditionings. Shalicu is the death of personality through fire, but it is also resurrection and the hope of leaving every attachment behind, therefore the promise of freedom. It is a journey through the Underworld, a cleansing which deconstructs the individual and even shatters him into pieces with which he can build again from scratch.

According to The Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio:

here is the fire which purifies gross matter, the dross is burned away, the spirit is set free, with the power to reincarnate, and to move between the worlds at will. This is the tunnel of Plutonian forces, the tunnel of deep transformation/ mutation/ evolution of the psyche and the DNA. This lies beyond the energic bonds of matter at the interface of being and non-being, of time and anti-time. Gate for the Aeon of Maat, its appearance rises, fleeting, flickering in the waters of nether space, Night, Nothingness.”

…The need to work with the energies of Shalicu may be signaled by experiencing resistance to, or fear of change, experimentation, innovation, anarchy, chaos. There may be feelings of alienation, of nonconformism, which result in feeling oneself to be “a rebel without a cause, or, there may be over identification with prevailing social norms, and bowing to peer pressure… Among the powers we may achieve through working here is the ability to shed limitations of preconscious human pasts, to decondition our responses, thus breaking free of crystallized, arbitrary definitions of self, as well as ingrained emotional patterns and ways of interpreting reality. Thus we are able to re-learn to view Self objectively, outside of space, time, and society, being detached from social, cultural, and national identities, customs, mores and beliefs.

The Call of Shalicu

In order to produce an effective Call in order to enter this 31th dark pathway, the name of this qliphotic tunnel whose name is ‘Shalicu’, should be vibrated in the key of ‘C’ in a siblant and sinister whispering.

Magickal Chants

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Shalicu
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Shalicu”

Invoco Shalicu In Nomine Qliphoth
“I Call Shalicu in the Name of the Qliphoth”

Devoco Shalicu Divinus Erus Prophetarum
“Come, Shalicu, Immortal Spirit-Ruler of Prophets.”

Agios Es, Ambrosius Divus; Perveni Shalicu
“Numinous Art Thou, Everlasting Spirit; Come, Shalicu.”

Sallimkatha-Thah-Galla Limkathorra Linkatha-Ka-Kalla Limkorra-Kalla Shalicu Linkathaggallla
This is a Channeled Summoning Chant for Shalicu

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Shalicu
“In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Shalicu”


The Sigil of Shalica and its Symbolism

His sigil should be painted in vermillon on an emerald ground. The triple tongue of flame (shin) is attributed to path 31, and this is reflected into the abyss in the form of the inverted trident of Chozzar (a form of Choronzon and an emblem of Atlantean magick). The Sigil of Shalicu shows the tomb of Christian Rosencreutz, or, more precisely, the plaque that announces the fact of death, judgment, and resurection. These comprise the three-fold formula of Crossing the Abyss via the cruscifixion or passage from life to death. The idea of judgment, implicit in the old aeon cults, denotes the purgation and refinement of the gross body (the mummy) an dits preparation for the crossing over to Amenta. This is adumbrated in the alchemical formula of the Black Dragon which symbolizes the appearance of the First Matter (Being) in its corrupt or unregenerate state (ego), prior to its projection as the Ultimate Kala (medicine).

The Appropriate Verse from Liber CCXXXI for Shalicu

This is the path of Evocation and Pyromancy via the secret fire-tongue that manifests in the tunnel of Shalicu in the form of Choronzon. As it is written in the grimoire : « Then also the Pyramid was builded so that the Initiation might be complete. »[1]

The Gematria of Shalica

The number of Shalicu is 500 which is the number of ShR, meaning ‘Prince’, SORAH, ‘principal’, from the Egyptian Ser, ‘chief’, or ‘head’, whence trhe English ‘sir’. Shalicu is the prince of the qliphoth in his form of the arch-evil Choronzon who reigns within this tunnel and who conveys the most secret kala, which is known as The Aeon. This kala flows from the power-zone of Mercury to that it extends to earth the Choronzonic vibration of Daäth, via Mercury.

ThNN, ‘to extend’, also has the number 500. The attribution is confirmed by ThNIM (also equivalent to 500), meaning ‘wild beast of the desert’. ThNIM approximates to the Egyptian word tenemi which means ‘maken to recoil’. The denizens of this tunnel are the ravenous beasts of the Desert of Set, and they repulse all efforts to gain access to the pylon of Daäth.

500 is also the number of MThNI, ‘the loins’, which has affinities with the Sanskrit word maithuna, signifying ‘coupling’, ‘sexual congress’.

The fire of this path is the fire of Set which is the sexual heat typified by the beasts that lurk on the threshold of Daäth before the Veil of the Abyss. The Pyre or Pyramid and the Fire, are identical; hence the pyramid as a symbol of Set and the Star Sothis.

Deities Attributed to Shalicu

The gods attributed to the 31st kala are Vulcan and Pluto; twin aspects of Hades (its fiery an dits dark aspects respectively). Pluto is a form of the Cerberus or dog-headed beast that guards the Gates of the Abyss.

The Magical Formula of Shalicu

In the mysteries of the Golden Dawn this formula was expressed by the rituals of the 0° = 0▫ and 5° = 5▫ = 6▫ Grades; the first adumbration – from the point of view of earth dwellers (Malkuth) – of ultimate Non-Being proceeding through the power-zone of Hod (Mercury) into Malkuth (Earth).

The Magical Siddhi of Shalicu

The magical siddhi of Path 31 is Transformation, Invisibility, or Dis-appearance of the world of appearances (i.e. the noumenalisation of phenomena which, interpreted in terms of objective existence, is the transformation of the gross body into its etheral essence).

The Typical Diesease Relative to Shalicu

The typical disease that is ascribed to Path 31 is Fever, which is associated with heat or fire and which culminates in the tunnel of Shalicu as Death and/or Full Insanity.

The Affrican Deity Correspondence for Shalicu

The African pantheon figures related to this kala includes the fiery aspect of deity such as Manamana (lightning), Orunspadi, the furnace equivalent to the Christian concept of hell; and Egungun, the Last Judgment. It is interesting to note that The Last Judgment was the title given to the Tarot Trump which showed the dead rising from their tombs. The Aeon doctrine, is now entitled THe Aeon, an dit is in the form of the Child that the resurected spirit arises from the darkness of Amenta. The great mystery is, however, that this child is feminine : the daughter, not the son. She is shadowed forth in the imagery of the fabulous bird, TzITzISH, which enotes the feathered or fledged bird (i.e. the pubescent female), the bird of qabalistic legend. Its number is 5000. It is the ultimate symbol of the Aeon of Maat as adumbrated in the Dark Doctrine of Ma Ayon.

The Reverse Magick that Opens the Way to Universe ‘B’

Concerning this Doctrine, which is of paramount importance, Michel Bertiaux observes : « In the Druid metaphysics, which is more ancient that the Celtic religion… the study of Universe ‘A’ [the know universe] is called ontology’, or the science of being, while the study of Universe ‘B’ [the Meon or unknown universe] could only be called ‘meontology’, or the study of non-being. However, they [i.e. the Druids] do not develop this conception very well, out of fear of contacting the beings in this other universe. »[2]

According to ancient occult lore there is but one method of penetrating the mysteries of the Moon, and that is by a reversal of the magical invocations which one would normally use in connection with Universe ‘A’. Frater Achad in recent times used this formula of reversion in a qabalistic sense an it enabled him to unravel many mysteries in The Book of the Law. It yielded the magical key that Aleister Crowley had searched in vain, yet Crowley had intuited the correct formula when he declared : ‘I recognize magick as concerned to reverse any existing order’.[3]

Michael Bertiaux has carried this idea a stage further than both Crowley and Achad. Bertiaux suggests that ‘Choronzon might be thought as one of the approaches of Universe ‘B’. It may, ideed, have been through this tunnel to ‘the other side’ of the Tree that Crowley acquired the elements of ‘evil’ that were to wrech his work in the Outer and make his book abhorred by those who did not understand the singular connection between the two universes. Bertiux explains this matter clearly : « Evil does not exist in Universe ‘A’, and in Universe ‘B’ does not exist. However, when there is a relationship between the two universes, there is the possibility of evil coming into the world, into Universe ‘A’. That is why the magicians who work along the lines of seeking contact with Universe ‘B’ are sometimes in a situation where they convey the impression of being ‘Black Magicians’ or else of being ‘dangerously evil’ or ‘perverse and unatural’. »[4]

Bertiaux goes on to say that Choronzon’s evil quality exists solely in the fact that « he exists between the two universes, ‘A’ and ‘B’, as a magical guardian. »[5]

In the 31st tunnel the powers of Fire and Spirit resume the formula of the Fire Snake, which is that of Spirit/Matter in the macrocosm and Choronzon/Woman in the microcosm. In other words, the essential forces of darkness (matter) are activated in the macrocosm by the element of Spirit, and in the micropcosm they manifest in the woman who embodies the Fire Snake.[6] The mechanics of this formula have been explained in Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogy.[7]

The Flower Correspondence for Shalicu

This kala 31 the Red Poppy, Hibiscus, or China Rose, are attributed, for these flowers are symbolic of the Scarlet Woman – Babalon – who incarnates the cosmic energies of the Fire Snake. These are symbolized by the Fire Opal which exudes as a precious stone from her vulva, and by the Pyramid of Set, the cosmic phallic that consumes it utterly with its triple fire-tongue.

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