April 15, 2021
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The General Description of Raflifu

Raflifu is the 30th tunnel is called Raflifu, it is the darki path joining the sphere of…. and the sphere of……… and the Hebrew letter attributed to it is Tau.

Holy Days of Spirit: Fire Festivals
Primary Qlipha of Spirit: Samael (Mercury/Adrammelech)
Secondary Qlipha of Spirit: Satariel (Saturn/Lucifage)
Direction of Spirit: Northeast, South
Tunnel of Set: 30 (Samael-Gamaliel)
Tarot of Tunnel: The Sun
Planet of Tunnel: Sun; the Sun at Midnight; the Black Sun
Musical Key of Tunnel: D
Atavism of Tunnel: Leopard
Hebrew Letter of Tunnel: Resh
Color of Tunnel: Rayed Red and Amber
Disease of Tunnel: Depletion
Siddhi of Tunnel: Power to Attain Wealth (Gold); Preparation of the Red Tincture
Attributions of Spirit: Bones
Gematria of Raflifu: 208; 406; 664

Raflifu is the lord of the earth and the depths of the sea. He is a guardian of great knowledge who resides within the Tunnels of Set– i.e. the pathways between the ten primary spheres of the Qliphoth. Knives and staves are sacred to him. Raflifu is a healer, a protector, and a pyschopomp who rules shielding, banishing, exorcism, warding, the blocking of curses, and defense against psychic attacks. He can help the magickian develop natural defenses against psychic attacks and vampyrism as well as help her cross the abyss.

Raflifu is the lord of the crossroads and the archdemonic divinity of the fire of the abyss. He can greatly strengthen astral sight and personal magnetism, and he is an excellent tutor and guide in Qliphothic alchemy, glamour magick, the unfolding of new powers/ablities, astrology, homicide, blood sacrifice, sanguine vampyrism, skyring, death magick, and some stellar magick. He can impart stealth and interpersonal charisma to the witch. Michael W. Ford succintly refers to Raflifu as a vampyre in his book Sekhem Apep, which perfectly corresponds to my gnosis (note: precisely zero traditional demonographical treatises discussing Raflifu ever refer to him as a vampyre aside from Ford’s and my own, and I had yet to peruse Sekhem Apep when I communed with Raflifu).

Raflifu can teach the witch to shapeshift her astral double into a dragon, a lion, or an owl. The graveyard and crossroads are excellent places for rites to him. He specializes in cleansing and divination by fire, developing alchemical gold, monetary pursuits, and the enchantment and consecration of crystal balls. He can cause a target to incur sickness and atrophy. If you collect insects in a jar and offer them to him via burning, he will engender arson at your disposal.

According to Liber Obsidian Obscura by Alexander Winfield Dray, Raflifu rules the “Sorcery of the Unfiltered Self,” which Dray defines as “Methods of Accessing the Shadow Self without interference from filters, working with Pure Expression of Will, etc” in his grimoire.

Raflifu can initiate the witch into what is called Atlantean magick– i.e. magick using a primal current of energy. Regardless of the moniker, Atlantean magick in no way implies or requires the literal existence of the mythical island of Atlantis. Raflifu can engender destruction via fire magick and create thoughtforms which protect and/or heal specified persons.

Raflifu imparts the strength necessary for quiescence– vocal silence, stillness of body, and mindfulness/being present. He can enchant an automobile to prevent its being pulled over and to become concealed during a car chase or prior to being towed. He governs happenings regarding the government and affords the witch the opportunity to rule a new world. He governs one’s sense of space and time as well as the power of memory– ruling both the preservation of memories and the forgetting of the past.

Raflifu appeared to me in a form comparable to a genie from a Disney movie, albeit with completely red skin (if you can call it skin). He had completely black eyes and dark, greyish-brownish horns. I had difficulty discerning his gender, and apparently Frater 414 did as well. He kinda maybe possibly looked male-ish (I think) (I suppose) (I don’t know), but fuck it, I’m using male pronouns for convenience (even though I used the pronoun “hir” in my notes during communion with the the spirit).

Raflifu is the archdemon of the tunnel between the Qliphothic spheres known as Samael (Mercury/Adramelech) and Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith), in which tunnel dwell Will-o-wisps. His name means “the Great Haggler” and he is often paired with Gargophias.

Cort Williams describes the tunnel in Qliphothic Wor(L)ds as follows:

The Qliphothic tunnel connecting Samael and Gamaliel. Mercury acting upon the Moon via the influence of the Sun. The alchemical marriagennbetween the Solar consciousness of Samael and the Lunar consciousness of Lilith.

If Shalicu is the communication of Mericurial lore in a sudden instance of catastrophic illumination, then Raflifu is its communication in a more constant and gentle manner. If the former can be likened to the impact of the impact of a meteor, which engulfs the old Aeon in an apocalyptic fire in the course of inaugurating a new Aeon, than the latter an be likened to the light of the sun-A constant transmission of gnosis unto the world via the intermediary of the reflecting mirror of his mate the moon, the outpouring of the elixir of knowledge into the chalice of his bride Lilith that it might then be broadcast unto the world via the medium of the oneiric realm.

According to the Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio:

Here in the 30th Tunnel of Raflifu are the Masks of God, here are the masks of personality worn by the Self through successive incarnations. Here is the Dark King, anointed with sepia cuttlefish ink, here is The Wicker Man, Cuchulain in the Cauldron of Caridwen undergoing rebirth and illumination. Here is The Buddha beneath his Bo-tree, and Wotan hanging on the world tree Ygdrasill, here is Inanna disrobed to enter Ereshkigal’s dark realm, there to hang upon a peg like rotting meat. Here is Ankh-af-na-Khonsu coming forth from Amenta to take his pleasure among the living. Here, is ego-surrendered, setting the eternal spirit free.

The atavism of the tunnel is the leopard– an interesting animal, in that it is far more vicious and deadly than the tiger or the lion. That is to say, it’s the most baneful of the cats. The jaguar’s fur was often seen as an allusion to the stars, so perhaps it is such with the leopard.

According to the Shadow Tarot:

The need to work with the energies of the 30th Tunnel of Raflifu is signaled when we encounter in our lives tendencies to hero-worship, when we see dependence on a “higher power”, perhaps accompanied by feelings of worthlessness, insignificance and powerlessness. Here too, we may find overweening pride and glorification of the personal ego, as well as confusion and internal conflict, a lack of centering, of direction, and of purpose. We may encounter dissatisfaction, and depression, as well as the intellectualization of motivations accompanied by alienation from true feelings, which leads to callousness and failure to see the Spirit inherent in all Life and in the Earth herself.

Among the powers we may achieve through working in the 30th Tunnel of Raflifu is transcendence of the ego, and evolution beyond the Existential Centaur phase of psychological development to the Transpersonal, Subtle, and Causal realms, giving access to the wealth of the subconscious. In this Tunnel we find access to past-life, reincarnation awarenesses, we find access to the Self whose hidden face lies beyond the masks, and access to the Magick which underlies the phenomenal world. Here we may contact our Inner Guides, and thus effectively channel transpersonal material. Here we find the source of our own creative genius, arriving at a cultured innocence, and the inner peace necessary to create the meaning of our lives.

By following the path of Wu-Wei, Kia, Neither-Neither, NOX, by removing ego-interference through the use of mantras and meditation, through exhaustion and dissipation, the natural lucid wisdom of subconsciousness comes through, uniting body, mind, cellular consciousness, and animal wisdom into a healthy, effortlessly functioning, unarmoured personality — a warrior on the path with heart.

Danger comes through working in this Tunnel of Raflifu without prior healthy ego-development and integration, which can lead to obsessions, possession, to psychic and/or psychological disintegration of the personality and fragile ego.

The Call of Raflifu

The 30th tunnel is under the aegis of Raflifu whose name should be vibrated mellifluously in the key of ‘D’.

Magickal Chants

Rattimgethall Onkimgallor Raflifu Onjurrawl
Channeled Summoning Chant for Raflifu

Domine Raflifu, Agente Ex Qliphoth, Gloria! Veni!
“Glory to Lord Raflifu, Emissary of the Qliphoth! Come!”
(i) Calls forth Raflifu
(ii) Strengthens the self-transformative effects of a working
(iii) Strengthens any summoning or calling-forth of demons

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Raflifu
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Raflifu”
Calls forth Raflifu while Strengthening or Creating a Sacred Space by Presencing Qliphothic Energy

Baruch Ha-Raflifu
“Blessed is Raflifu”

Invoco Raflifu In Nomine Qliphoth
“I Call Raflifu in the Name of the Qliphoth”
Calls forth Raflifu while drawing the celebrant closer to a trance state

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Raflifu
“In the Name of the Black Philosopher’s Stone, Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Raflifu”
This chant calls forth Raflifu while focusing the mind of the celebrant.

The Sigil of Raflifu

His sigil is to be painted in rayed red upon an amber disc. The kala filtering through this tunnel is of a solar nature. In the infernal tube of Raflifu this becomes blackened rather like a deep shadow cast in bright sunlight. The sigil of Raflifu exhibits the horned trident of Typhon (or Choronzon) flanked on either side by the axe or nether sign and surmounted by a black sun in the arms of a crescent moon. The horned trident is the triple deity whose formula has been explained above. The axe is the sign of deity. It is the instrument of cleaving and is therefore of the Goddess, the Cleft One, who is neter; that is, she is neither male nor female but neter (=neuter) for she is both male and female in a mystical sense that is indicible.[1] The axe sign is represented by the Arabic figure of 7. Her planetary vehicle is Venus, one of whose names is AHA, whose number also is seven.

Gematria of Raflifu

The number of Raflifu, 406, is also the number of the Hebrew letter Tau spelt in full, or ‘extended’. The mystical Tau, or Sign of the Cross, became an emblem of the god of the dead because the Cross symbolizes the crossing over from being to non-being. It is the special emblem of Shaitan, the Chaldean form of Set. The identity of Osiris, god of the dead, and Set, the Black Sun, is substantiated in the symbol of the Tau. 406 is the number of the Hebrew word AThH, meaning ‘thou’ as in Do what thou wilt in the Cult of Thelema. ‘Do what thou wilt’ is an exhortation to the sun or spirit in the blackness of Amenta, i.e. the subconsciousness. It is an invocation of the True Wil land that spontaneity which is the supreme state of consciousness described by Wei Wu Wei as ‘non-volitional living’.

AThH (Ateh) is one aspect of the triple deity AHA, which comprise Ani (I), Hua (He), Ateh (Thou); three facets of a deity worshipped in three persons and in three ways : 1) with averted face, 2) with prostration, and 3) with identification. THe initials A H A add up to 7, the number of the Stellar Goddess whose symbol – in this context – is the glyph of a sexual formula consisting also of three aspects : 1) p.v.n.[2] (with averted face); 2) cunnili8ngus (with prostration); and, 3) normal coitus (with identification).

The above is substantiated, qabalistically, by the fact that the number of Raflifle is the result of adding together the series of numbers from 1-28, which connects it with the lunar cycle.

406 is the number of QVSh, meaning a ‘bow’, from the Egyptian word Kesr, ‘an arrow’, the symbol of Sothis the Star of Set, which, again, indicates the XI° O.T.O. The bow and arrow are among the magical weapons ascribed to this kala. 406 is also the number of ShVQ, meaning ‘watereth’, ‘overflow’, from the Egyptian sekh, ‘liquid’; and ShQV, ‘drink’, from the Egyptian sheku, ‘drink’. ThV (also 406) means ‘desire’; and MOTzVR signifies ‘cohbitio’, ‘restraint’, ‘withholding’, which suggests that a form of Karezza also pertains to this tunnel. These ideas refer to a libation, and the sexual nature of this drink-offering is confirmed by the corresponding text in Liber CCXXXI.

The Adequate Verse from Liber CCXXXI for Rafliflu

The ideas like ‘cohition’, ‘restraint’, ‘withholding that we can obtain by playing with the gematria of Rafliflu refer to a libation, and the sexual nature of this drink-offering is confirmed by the corresponding text in Liber CCXXXI : « Then did the sun appear unclouded, and the mouth of Asi was the mouth of Asar ». This refers to the twin, Set Horus, embracing and becoming one with the Black Sun (Osiris or Shaitan), the God of the Crossing.

The Animal Correspondence for Raflifu

The leopard is the animal sacred to this tunnel. The black and gold ofnits spots symbolizes the sun in the darkness of Amenta; or, in magical terms, the sexual gold illuminating the darkness of the subconscious with its lightnings. The hawk is the bird of the sun, golden in the upper air where it typifies Horus, black in the abyss where it typifies Set.

The Magical Siddhi of Ratlifu

The magical siddhi connected to the 30th Path in the Power of acquiring Wealth (gold), and of Preparing the Red Tincture. This symbolism combines the solar and lunar elements in one alchemical glyph.

The Typical Disease of Raflifu

The disease typical of this kala of solar energy is depletion. The fetors of swamps and marshes are symbolic of the ‘sick’ sun in Amenta[3] The qliphoth therefore haunt this tunnel in the form of will o’ the wisps or marsh gases that resemble the curious phosphorescences observed by sensitives over the graves of the dead.

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