April 15, 2021
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Tyson’s Hypothesis about the Trumpeters

Not much can be said about the “trumpeteers” in Enochian Magick.  They are somewhat of a mystery.  They are mentioned in Kelley’s Great Vision but not much details about who they are nor their role in the system is ever mentioned anywhere.  Searching for the meaning of the single Trumpeter with his strange horn of six openings arranged in the shape of a pyramid or (seen from the front) a triangle that is described in the Great Vision, Enochian scholar Donald Tyson suggest that we can guess that “this refers to the letters at the intersections of the five crosses in each Watchtower.” [1]  Every lesser cross has a single letter at its intersection, but the Great Cross that runs through the middle of the Watchtower is double, and has two letters at its intersection. Tyson let his reader know that, of course, “this is speculation unsupported by any statement of the angels.” [2] The letters at the intersections of the crosses probably have a significance of some sort in the scheme of Enochian magic, but what exactly is this significance “remains unknown.”[3]  This is what pushes Tyson to conclude that “the explanation given by Ave concerning the parts and uses of the Great Table is incomplete.  We are left with very littles clues since “nowhere [does] he mention the association on the table with the trumpeteers of Kelly’s Great Vision.” [4]

Extracting the Names of the Trumpeters

These six letters, once we gathered them together, make a single name. For the sake of speculation, Tyson tells us, “one reasonable way to gather them is to take them in a clockwise circle around the Watchtower beginning with the lesser cross of the eastern subquarter, and ending at the center wuth the two letters of the Great Cross.” [5]  The reason why Tyson thinks that this is a good way to go about it is because it follows the  internal logic of the system; this is the same same pattern by which the name of the King is derived. If we proceed in this fashion, the four names of six letters that we get look like this:

  • Watchtower of the East:         D l o i a h
  • Watchtower of the South:      N n p b a l
  • Watchtower of the North:     O a z o a a
  • Watchtower of the West:       L e a a s l


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