April 15, 2021
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spiritsAfter the fourth seal was revealed, the crystal was obscured by a mist and Kelley heard: “a great voyce of thumbling and rumbling” in the showstone. This cleared to reveal an infinite number of bright wormlike things going up and down in the air. Higher than these he saw a cloud of little black specks. They also floated up and down, and sometimes mingled with the worms.

Ave delivered the monologue on Enoch that we already talked about earlier on. This is significant because its placement here links the Watchtowers strongly with the wisdom of Enoch, and indicates how central they are to Enochian magic. The Watchtowers are the very heart of the doctrine delivered by the angels.

Dark smoke boiled up from the table of earth, leaving behind it a golden slime. The worms and motes in the air touched down on the surface and ascended up again. Ave took the smoke and “tied it up,” saying “I tie her not up from all men, but from the good.” Another dark cloud covered everything. This cleared to reveal a grid. Ave told Kelley to note the number, and Kelley informed Dee that he counted thirteen columns and twelve rows. Apparently Kelley was viewing this grid at a right angle, because the grid of each watchtower has twelve columns and thirteen rows.

Within the squares of the grid appeared characters or sigils. Ave remarked to Kelley, “They be the true Images of God his spiritual Creatures.” He ordered Kelly to write down what he saw. Kelley protested that he could not. Dee urged Kelley to try his best. Kelley struggled along for a time, then “fire flashed in his face, and shortly after he said, I perceive they be easie to make, so that I tell the squares, by which the lines do passé, and draw from middle prick to middle prick.” He finished drawing the sigils on the grid of the first Watchtower, then proceeded to fill in the grids of the other quarters of Great Table.

These sigils are not illustrated in Casaubon, but it is obvious that they were the sigils of the ninety-one geographical spirits of the 30 Aethers. It is interesting to note that the sigils of the genii of the part of the Earth were conveyed by the angels before the actual Watchtowers themselves. It would therefore have been impossible for Kelley to consciously connect the graphic sigils with the letters of the spirit names upon which they are based.

Among these earth-bound spirits are those that rule over the various geographical regions of the world. Each of these geographical spirits (which is identified with the region it ruke because it is the tutelary spirit or genius of the region) has its own sigil on the Great Table.

Aethyrs2According to Tyson, it was the prospect of obtaining commend of these tutelary spirits of the kingdom of the world that was the basis of John Dee’s attraction to Enochian magic. Dee received this system of magic in the years just prior ton the launch of the Spanish Armada against England. It was a time of exploration and colonization for his native country. This expansion of influence was threatened by the might of Spain. Dee earnestly sought control of the geographical spirit on the Great Table so that through them he could control the fate of the kings of Europe and remove the dark cloud of foreign domination from England’s horizons.

About these geographical genii the angel Nalvage states: ”There are 30 Call yet to come. Those 30 are the Calls of Ninety-one Princes and spiritual Governors, unto whom the Earth is delivered as a portion. These bring in and again dispose Kings and all the Governments upon the Earth, and vary the Natures of things with the variation of every moment; Unto whom, the providence of the eternal Judgment, is already opened. These are generally governed by the twelve Angels of the 12 Tribes: which are also governed by the 7 which stand before the presence of God [see Revelations 4:5]. (True and Faithfull relation, p. 139-140)

It was no doubt in reference to the power of these spirits of nations that Casaubon makes mention in his subtitle to his book A True and Faithful Relation, which reads in part “Tending (had it succeeded) to a General Alteration of most States and Kingdomes in the World.”











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