April 15, 2021
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The Three Names of God in Kelley’s Great Vision

The three names of God on theline of the Holy Ghost (“Linea Spiritus Sancti”) are those that were written on the three banners or ensigns carried out the gate of each Watchtower in Kelley’s Great Vison. Ave called these the “names of God, that govern all the creatures upon the Earth, visible and invisible, comprehending 3,4,5.” It is significant that there are twelve letters in the three names, and twelve names in all. This links the banner names with the twelves permutations of Tetragrammaton: a vital part of Hebrew occultism that both Dee and Kelley were familiar with from their studies.

holynamesThe three banner names may be regarded as the divine authority of the King of the Watchtower, who is sometimes refered to by the angels as a prince to distinguish him from the One King, Christ. The four Kings of the Watchtowers carry out the edict of God the Son and Gol the Father. These two aspects of God are of one purpose, as is indicated by the pillar on the Great Cross, which is both the pillar of the Father and Son when divided with a line down the middle. It is under these banners that Bataiva rules the east, Iczhhca rules the south, Raagios rules the west, and Edprna rules the north (on the Original Table). Deee employs these twelves names in the opening “Fundamental Obescience” to God that comes before all his recorded in his manuscript Liber Scientiae.[1]


[1] James, The Enochian Evocation of John Dee, p. 120.

Extracting the Holy Names of God

The three names of God are extracted by reading across the line of Spirit from left to right. The diagram below shows the central part of the Watchtower of the East with the names of God in boldfaced type. The twelve banner names of God on the Original Great Table of the Watchtowers are as follows:

  • AIR. The Air quadrant contains the name ORO-IBAH-AOZPI (OROI-BAHAO-Z-PI). This name is pronounced Oh-roh-Ee-bah-Ah-oh-zod-pee and means “He who cries aloud in the place of desolation.”
  • WATER. The Water quadrant contains the name MPH-ARSL-GAIOL (MPH-ARS-L-G-AI-OL) This name is pronounced Em-Peh-heh-Ar-ess-el-Gah-ee-oh-leh and means “He who is the first true creator; the horned one.”
  • EARTH. The Earth Quadrant contains the name MOR-DIAL-HKTGA (MORD-IAL-HKT-GA) This name is pronounced Moh-ar-Dee-ah-leh-Heh-keh-the-gah and means “He who burns up inquity without equal.”
  • FIRE. The Fire quadrant contains the name OIP-TEAA-PDOKE (OI-P-TEA-AP-DO-KE) This name is pronounced Oh-ee-peh-The-ah-ah-Peh-doh-keh and means “He whose name is unchanged fron what it was.”



The Correct Pronouncement of the Holy Names

The four great secret Holy Names shoud be pronounced in one long flowing breath if possible. However, emphasis should be given to the first syllable of each name section. For example, ORO-IBAH-AOZPI should be spoken with emphasis on the Oh, Ee and Ah syllables which begin each section ot the name. An alternate method of pronounciation is to pause briefly after each section. This results in saying three distincts names. For example, one could say Oh-roh-Ee-bah Ah-oh-zod-pee. Either meethode is effective. The student should experiment with both and then choose the way that works best for him.

Gematria of the Four Great Holy Names

  • ORO-IBAH-AOZPI is 340, the number for the Enochian word ZOKH meaning “the past”, and the Hebrew word PRS meaning “Vulture” (the vulture as used by the ancient Egyptian to symbolize motherhood.=).
  • MPH-ARSL-GAIOL is 333, the number for the Enochian phrase SIAION-GRAA which means “temple of the moon.” It is also the number for the Hebrew spelling of ChURUNZUN (i.e. Choronzon), the demon of the tenth Aethyr and is half 666, the number of the Beast of the Apocalypse which Crowley assumed for himself. The serious student should not be at all intimidated by this. The number 666 is equal to the Hebrew word IThRUN which means “good.”
  • MOR-DIAL-HKTGA is 622, the number for the nochian phrase PIAP-PATRALX which means “balance of stone,” and the Hebrew word BRKTh meaning “blessings.”
  • OIP-TEAA-PDOKE is 483, the number for the Enochian phrase LRING-MONONS which means “to stir up the heart,” and the Hebrew phrase GRM SPQ which means “to cause doubt.”

General Meaning and Use of the Four Holy Names

The four grat secret Holy Names are not usually invoked by themselves, being but names of God. Normally the names are used in ritual invocations of the Kings, Seniors, Archangels or Angels of the entire Watchtower, to get an initial feel or mood of the particular Watchtower under consideration. Each name reflects the general atmosphere of its respective quadrant and should be used with great care. The meaning of the name must be clearly held in mind when the name is spoken.

  • ORO-IBAH-AOZPI. This colors the Watchtower of Air with an atmosphere of great age and of endless past events. The formless aspect of air gives the feeling of emptiness and desolation.
  • MPH-ARSL-GAIOL. This colors the Watchtower of Water with an atmosphere of creation and birth. The life-giving aspect of water gives the feeling of form coming out of formlessness.
  • MOR-DIAL-HKTGA. This colors the Watchtower of Earth with an atmosphere of stability and equilibrium. The solidifying aspect of earth gives the feeling of opposing forces becoming balanced, of chaos becoming structured.
  • OIP-TEAA-PDOKE. This colors the Watchtower of Fire with an Atmosphere of instability and turmoil. The violent aspect of fire gives the feeling of continuous dissociations.


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