March 6, 2021
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 The Good and Evil Angels in Kelley’s Great Vision

good-and-bad-angelsThese are the angels in each Watchtower whose names are written on either side of the lesser crosses beneath the arms of the lesser crosses. They are obviously related to the sixteen Dispositors, but this relationship is never made completely clear by the Enochian angels. The sixteen angels above the arms of the lesser crosses are said by Ave to be wholly good, whereas the sixteen angels below the arms are a mixed nature, neither wholly good nor wholly evil. Only one set of sixteen angels for each Watchtower appears in Kelley’s Great Vision, so it is possible that by the Dispositors Ave intends the angels below the arms of the Crosses. Tyson tend to believe that the Dispositors are the angels above the arms because all the other angels in the Great Vision are good. It might be speculated that the sixteen angels above the arms rule the sixteen below the arms, but Ave does not directly state this relationship.

Extracting the Names of the Lesser Angels


There are 64 lesser angels of the Watchtowers. Beneath the horizontal bar of each Calvery Cross are sixteen squares (four letters across separated by the vertical bar of the Cross, and four letters down). There are four good angels and four sibling evil angels below the arm of each lesser cross. The letters that make up the name of the good and evil angelos in the eastern subquarter of the Watchtower of the East are highlighted in bold type. When the names of the angels below the arms of the lesser crosses are written with four letters, they are good angels, but when they are written wit only three letters, they are evil angels. Thus they form two distinct sets of angels, but since both good and evil angels derive from the same letters, they should be understood as related, each pair composed of a good and an evil twin.

The Good Angels


The names of the good angels are derived by reading across each row from left to right. In the example, the good angels of the subquarter of the east on the Watchtower of the East are Czns, Tott, Sias and Fmnd. To greatly increase the effectiveness of their function, they may be made into names of five letters by including the letters in the columns of the lesser cross: Czons, Toitt, Sigas, Fmond.

Each group of four good angels in the subquarter of a Watchtower has its own particular function. The function of the four angels in the example is healiong. By adding the letters in the stem of the lesser cross to the names, their power of healing become enhanced. Ave says concerning the four good angels in the subquarteer of the east on the Watchtower of the East:”If it be an incurable disease (in the judgment of man) then adde the letter that standeth against the name, and make him up five: then he cureth miraculously.”[1]

Dee understood Ave’s words to mean the letter in to column of the lesser cross should be added to the names, and in his Liber Scientiae he gives the names of the good angels with five letters based on this assumption. Tyson has pointed out[2] that the direction of the angels are not together clear. It is possible that Ave intended that the letter in the Black Cross that occupies the same row as the name of good angels should be added to the front of the name of the angel to intensify its power. If this is done, the four good angels whose manes are of five letters would be Xczns, Atott, Rsias and Pfmnd. In giving the names of the good angels, we have adhered to Dee’s understanding of Ave’s directions, but it must be pointed out that another interpretation is possible.

The four good angels of each subquarter are invoked to visible appearance within the crystal, or evoked within the ritual chamber, by the name of God of six letters that lies on the colums of the lesser cross in the same subquarter, reading from top to bottom. In the example, the divine name that invokes (or evokes) IS Idoigo. This same group of four good angels is commanded by the name of God of five letters written on the arm of the lesser cross, reading left to right. In the example, the divine name that commands is Ardza. Speaking about the angel CZns, Ave tells Dee: “It is one of the 4 angels that serves to that crosse that descendeth, In thatname [Idoigo] they appear, by the name [Ardza] that is in the crosse [Transversary] they do that they are commanded.”

These are the names of the four Lesser Angels of each respective subquadrant, the first being somewhat more important that the other three.


    • Air of Air: KZNS, TOTT, SIAS, FMND
    • Water of Air: OYUB, PAOK, RBNH, DIRL
    • Earth of Air: ABMO, NAKO, OKNM, SHAL
    • Fire of Air: AKKA, NPUT, OTOI, PMOX
    • Air of Water: TOKO, NHDD, FAAX, SAIZ
    • Water of Water: MNGM, ILOK, VSXYL, RVLI
    • Earth of Water: PAKO, NDZN, RIPO, XRNH
    • Fire of Water: XPKN, VASA, DAPI, RNIL
    • Air of Earth: AIRA, ORMN, RSNI, IZNR
    • Water of Earth: AMGG, GBAL, RLMU, IAHL
    • Earth of Earth: OPNA, DOOP, RXAO, AXIR
    • Fire of Water: MSAT, IABA, IZXP, STIM
    • Air of Fire: OPMN, APST, SKIO, VASG
    • Water of Fire: GMNM, EKOP, AMOX, BRAP
    • Earth of Fire: DATT, DIOM, OOPZ, RGAN
    • Fire of Fire: ADRE, SISP, PALI, AKAR


The Functions of the Good Angels

functions-oflesser-angelsAs is true of the Dispositors, each group of four good angels on a Watchtower has its own specific function. The good angels in the subquarters of the east rule over medicine. Ave tells Dee: “Those 4 be of Physick.” When their names are increased to five letters, their healing power is miraculous.

The good angels in the subquarter of East: The angels in the subquarter of south are concerned with health, medicine and curing diseases.

The good angels in the subquarter of south: The angels in the subquarter of south are concerned with metals and mining. About them Ave says: “They have power over Metals, to find them, to gather them together, and to use them.” In enumerating the uses of the Great Table, Ave has also listed as one of their functions “The congelation, and vertues of Stones.” By this precious and semiprecious jewels should be understood.

The good angels in the subquarters of the west. The good angels in the subquarters of the west give knowledge and command of the elemental spirits. The first angels of the four rules the air, the second the water, the third the earth, and the fourth “the life, or fire of things that live.” In his list of uses for the Great Table, Ave says concerning the power of this group of good angels: “The knowledge of all elemental Creatures, amongst you. How many kindes there are, and for what use they were created. Those that live in the air, by themselves. Those that live in the waters, by themselves. Those that dwell in the earth, by themselves. The property of the fire which is the secret life of all things.”

The good angels in the subquarters of the north. The good angels in the subquarters of the north have the power of transformations. Ave defines this office in Latin saying “Transmutatio formalis, sed non essentialis,” which means that the change is one of outward form but not of essential nature. These angels can change a spoon into a fork, or make a beggar appear to be a king, but they cannot transform lead into gold (which must have disappointed Kelley). They can, however change a lump of coal into a diamond, since this is a transformation of form and not essence (both are carbon). They can help disperse the lower elements of the human nature such as eotism, fear, hate, pride and so on.

The four classes of good angels are the same on each of the four Watchtowers, but those on the Watchtower of the East act in the eastern part of the world, those angels who perform the same function on the Watchtower of the South act in the southern part of the world, and so for the rest.

On the table of the good angels, the letters extracted from the pillars of the lesser crosses to increase the number of letter in each name from four to five are indicated in boldfaced type.


Subquarter Watchtowers Function
East South West North
Eastern CzonsToittSigasFmond AigraOrpmnRsoniIzinr TagcoNhoddPataxSaaiz OpamnAplstScmioVarsg Treating and Curing of Disease
Invoking Idoigo Angpoi Olgota Noalmr
Commanding Ardza Unnax Oalco Oloag
Southern  OyaubPacocRbznhDiari OmaggGbealRlemuIamhl MalgmLeaocVspsnRvroi GmdnmEcaopAmloxBriap Knowledge, Finding and Use of Metals
Invoking Llacza Anaeem Nelapr Vadali
Commanding Palam Sondn Omebb Obaua
Western AcucaNpratOtroiPmzox MsmalIanbaIzixpStrim XpacnVaasaDaspiRndil AdireSiospPanliAcrar Knowledge of all Elemental Creatures
Invoking Aourrz Spmnir Iaaasd Rzionr
Commanding Aloai Ilpiz Atapa Nrzfm
Northern  AbamoNaocoOcanmShial OpanaDolopRxpaoAxtir PalcoNdaznIidpoXrinh DalttDixomOodpzRgoan Changes of Form, not Essence
Invoking Aioaoai Cbalpt Maladi Voixdo
Commanding Oiiit Arbiz Olaad Sioda

The Good Angels on the Original Great Table

 The Ruling Lesser Angels


Each of the 64 Lesser Angels has a presiding Angel whose name can be found by prefixing an appropriare letter from the Tablet of Union.

Air (XARP).

  • Water of Air: AOYUB, APAOK, ARBNH, ADIRL
  • Earth of Air: RABMO, RNAKO, ROKNM, RSHAL
  • Air of Water: KTOKO, KNHDD, KFAAX, KSAIZ
  • Water of Water: OMAGM, OILAOK, OVSXY, ORVLI
  • Earth of Water: MPAKO, MNDZN, MRIPO, MXRNH
  • Fire of Water: AXPKN, AVASA, ADAPI, ARNIL
  • Air of Earth: AAIRA, AORMN, ARSNI, AIZNR
  • Water of Earth: NAMGG, NGBAL, NRLMU, NIAHL
  • Earth of Earth: TOPNA, TDOOP, TRXAO, TAXIR
  • Fire of Earth: AMSAT, AIABA, AIZXP, ASTIM
  • Water of Fire: TGMNM, TEKOP, TAMOX, TBRAP
  • Earth of Fire: ODATT, ODIOM, OOOPZ, ORGAN
  • Fire of Fire: MADRE, MSISP, MPALI, MAKAR
  • Water (KOMA).
  • Earth (ANTA).
  • Fire (ITOM).

 Making Pyramids of the Servient Squares

The Sixteen Servient Squares under the horizontal bar of each Calvary Cross are especially easy to convert into element-affected pyramids. Using the triangular side numbers as shown in the typical truncated pyramid model show previoulsly, the general rules are:

  • Triangle No. 1 = Element of the Tablet or Watchtower
  • Triangle No. 2 = Element of the ruling file or column
  • Triangle No. 3 = Element of the Subquadrant
  • Triangle No. 4 = Element of the ruling rank or row

To find the appropriate element for any column or row of a Servient Square, use the correspondence show in the illustration.. The number 1 through 4 represent the elements attributed to the row or column indicated. As an example, the Servient Square “R” of BRAP in the Water subquadrant of the Watchtower of Fiure (i.e. Water of Fire), should be designated as follow:

  • Triangle No. 1 = Fire
  • Triangle No. 2 = Earth
  • Triangle No. 3 = Water
  • Triangle No. 4 = Air

As an additional aid in understanding these Servient Squares the illustration shows the influences of these elements on any square in terms of its strength and/or weakness. For example, in “R” of BRAP, it should be clear that Water will be very strong and Air very weak while Earth and Fire are about even.

 The Egyptian Deities of the Serviant Squares

This, again, is an enhancement brought by the Golden Dawn to the Enochian system. The question of why a magician should make pyramids out of thee Servient Squares will now be answered. Each of the Servient Squares in the Watchtowers is ruled by an Egyptian god or goddess. The pyramid, with its four-sided attribution of elements, is used to determine which Egyptian deity presided over each pyramid.

Although technically not part of the Enochian Hierarchy, each of these deities can be considered as an additional ruler. However, they usually do not answer to the pentagram or hexagram rituals. For this reason they are seldom invoked but are primarily used when traveling in the Spirit Vision. They are much more familiar to most occultists and magicians than the relatively obscure Enochian Angels. Indeed, Egyptian tradition is the bedrock of western occultism (the Tarot, for example, is the “Book of Thoth,” the ibis-headed god of wisdom and magic). Their use thus aids the magician to assimilate the general contour of those subtle regions symbolized by each Servient Square. In this way, the Enochian Hierarchy itself can easily become more familiar.

The exact Egyptian god or goddess of any Servient Square is found as follows:

First convert the Servient Square to a pyramid

Determine the element attributed to each of the four triangular sides

Determine the presiding Egyptian deity from these elements by using that following Table.

No Element in Pyramid Egyptian Ruling Deity
1 One triangle of each element Osiris, god of death; rulker of the reincarnation cycle.
2 At least three triangle of Water Isis, goddess of nature and magic; ruler of all solidification processes; sister of Nephthys and Set, sister and wife of Osiris.
3 At least three triangles of Earth Horus, hawk-headed god of human evolution; son of Osiris and Isis.
4 At least three triangles of Fire Nephthys, goddess of esoteric; ruler of all dispersion processes.
5 At lest three triangles of Air Aroueris, or UrHorus, Horus the Elder Horus as humanity matured.
6 Two triangles of Earth and two of Water Hathor, cow-goddess, an aspect of Isis as the wife of Horus
7 Two triangles of Fire and two of Water Sothis, goddess of the dog-star Sirius; a form of Isis who initiates each new season
8 Two triangle of Air and two of Water Harpocrates, or Hor-pa-Khrat, Horus the Child, ruler of Silence
9 Two triangles of Fire and two of Earth Apis, god of the emotions and of desire in the form of a bull
10 Two triangles of Earth and two of Air Anubis, dog-headed god of the subtle substances and guide through the after-death state; son of Osiris and Nephtys.
11 Two triangle of Fire and two of Air Bast, cat-headed goddess of darkness and Witchcraft
12 At least one triangle of Fire, Water and Earth Mestha, protector of disembodied consciousness; son of Horus, in the form of a human-deaded mummy
13 At least one triangle of Fire, Water and Air. Hapi, protector of disembodied consciousness; son of Horus, in the form of a dog-headed mummy.
14 At least one triangle of Earth, Water and Air. Tuamautel, protector of disembodies consciousness; son of Horus, in the form of an ape-headed mummy.
15 At least one triangle of Earth, Fire and Air. Qebhsennuf, protector of disembodied consciousness; son of Horus, in the form of hawk-headed mummy.

The Sphinxes of the Servient Squares

In addition to an Egyptian deity, each pyramid of trhe Servient Squares is said to contain a sphinx. This sphinx is a composite of four basic sections and is dependent upon the elements of each triangle.. The student can construct a rough likeness of this sphinx as follow:

  • Head. The element of Triangle No. 2 determines the head and whether the sphinx has wings:
  • Uppser Body. The element of Triangle 1 and 3 together determine the torso and arms or forelimbs:
  • Lower Body. The element of Triangle No. 4 determines the lower limbs (and tail for bull, eagle and lion):
  • Sex. When Air of Fire are emphasized by the triangles the tendency of the sphinx is to be male. When Water or Earth dominate, the tendency is for the sphinx to be female.

The primary purpose of including the sphinx in any pyramid visitation is for a check. If the sphinx seen does not conform to the above signposts, then something is wrong with the Spirit Vision and the operation should be concluded as quickly as possible.

Invoking the Lesser Angels


Suppose, for an example, one would like to increase his capacity for knowledge. Perhaps he has a poor memory, or is slow to learn new things. In order to ease this problem, he decides to call on the assistance of ABMO, the highest of the Lesser Angel in the subquadrant Earth of Air.

  • As part of his preparation, the magician find that ABA can mean “TO BEND” or “to come down” and that OM means “knowledge” or “understanding.” AB-OM can thus mean “the coming down of knowledge,” and the Angel AN-MO (where MO is an anagram for OM) is “he who brings down knowledge.” He also calculates the gematric value of ABMO to be 131 and uses this number to find an equivalent Enochian word or phrase. He know that he will be working on the Watchtower of Air, so he reviews the Governing Angels of this quadrant and the two pentagrams to be used )one for invoking the other for banishing).
  • The magician begins by casting aside all distrcting thoughts and concerns. He should be alone, or at least without distractions or interruptions. Once such operations begin, any interruption could be disastrous.
  • The magician stands with arms outstretched facing the East and recites Call no. 3 and then Call no 8. The meanings of these Calls must be clear. Their symbolism should lead to a vibratory feeling for the subquadrant Earth of Air.
  • Then the magician speaks the Holy Name, Oh-rok-Ee-bah Ah-oh-zod-pee and vibrates it in his mind while tracing large light blue Air Pentagram. He should be able to see trhe blue pentagram shining in the air before him.
  • He then sees a light blue symbol for air (∆) in the center of the pentagram while he simultaneously vibrates the five-syllabed name of Bah-tah-ee-vah-heh, “he whose voice seems to have wings.”
  • As he looks at the completed pentagram, he slowly vibrates the names of the six Seniors:
  • Hab-bee-oh-roh
  • Ah-ah-oh-zodah-eefeh
  • Heh-the-noh-reh-dah
  • Ah-ha-oh-zodah-pee
  • Ah-veh-toh-tah-rah
  • Hee-poh-the-gah
  • By now the magician should be in good rapport with the Watchtower of Air. A psycho-magnetic link should be clearly established. He is now ready to proceed to the proper aubquadrant. He begins by saying:
  • “Ahee-ah-oh-ahee, who stands upright at the great Cross, be within me, and grant my request. Ohee-ee-ee-the, who expands outward to control the mighty Cross, be within me and without me, and grant my request.
    • Mighty Archangel, Eh-ten-beh-rah, who guards over the Earth of Air, manifest my request; make my inner desire for knowledge to be an outer reality.
    • Mighty and merciful Kerubic Angel, Ten-beh-rah, may my inherent capacity for knowledge be made manifest in this life.       O Ten-beh-rah, may a balance be made between ignorance and wisdom.
    • Kindly presiding Angel, Rah-beh-moh, may knowledge of all things come easily to me.”
  • The magician has now worked his way down to the Angel who is to be invoked, ABMO. Consciousness which was first expanded in all directions (i.e. blank), has been guided to the great Watchtower of Air in the East, and then to the subquadrant Earth of Air, and then to the specific squares of the subquadrant where the Lesser Angel ABMO dwells. All the while the original goal is kept firmly in mind and the Air Pentagram still sparkles in the air before the magician’s eeyes. He is now ready to invoke ABMO:
  • “O Ah-bem-oh, who governs over the three Lesser Angels Nah-koh, Oh-ken-em, and Ess-hah-el; assist me! Ah-bem-oh, whose number is one humdred and thirty-one, attend me!
  • You are ETHAMZA (rteh-ahm-zodah) MADBESZ (Em-ah-deh-Bess-zod) (i.e. “you are hidden by the god of matter.” Both these equal 131).
  • Ah-bem-oh, Ah-bem-oh, come to me. Make the ASr of Knowledge to be the earth of intelligence for me. Help me to fully realize my inherent ability to learn and to retain what is learned. Amy I be made firm in knowledge even as you are earthed in Air.
  • Ah-bem-oh, assist me!
  • Now the magician should feel the airy nature of knowledge becoming a solid fact within himself. He imagines ABMO in the pentagram showering forth his ability to manifest the capacity for knowledge. He is now one who can learn easily and remember facts over long periods of time.       His own inherent ability will now surely be enhanced.

In gratitude to ABMO, he now banishes the Angel with a banishing Air Pentagram. ABMO thus returns to the Watchtower of Air in the East and the pentagram is gone from his sight.

A successful outcome here is likely because the magician has requested that an inherent ability (i.e. inherent in man) be made manifest in this life. The Angel was not asked to perform an impossible mission. He was asked omly to assist the magician to make a desired psychological change within himself in accordance with the Great Work. Enochian Magic is extremely powerful in this regard.

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