April 15, 2021
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 Where are the Angels of the Columns on the Great Table?

exemple2Just for the fun of speculating a little bit more,  Enochian scholar Donald Tyson, in his book Enochian Magick for Beginers,  have extracted and arranged the conjectured names of the good angels of the columns, along with their invoking God names  and displayed them in a table.  (see Donald Tyson, Enochian Magick for Beginers, p. 216-217)   The column are the vertical series of letters that are located in each subquadrants of the four respective Watchtowers.  If we want to extract the names of the good angels all we have to do is to take the first six letters in a top-down fashion from a given Watchtower.  We take the first five colums taking care of not including the columns which are in white colors because those are part of the crosses which contains the name of other types of angels.  So we get fours name by subquadants and sixteen by watchtowers.

 The Good Angels of the Columns

 Because there is virtually no mention of them anywhere and because they are themselves the product of high enochian speculation, their functions obviously are unknown. Even if they are speculative exercices, they are nevertheless based on the Original Great Table and follows the internal logic of the Enochian System. Of course, those names would be different for another version of the Great Table, like the Reformed Table of Raphael and Tyson’s Restored Table due to the different placement of the Watchtowers on the quarters, and minor variations in the lettering.

good angels of the columns on the original great table copy

The Evil Angels of the Columns

In the final table we have extracted the names of the conjectured evil angels of the columns from the Original Great Table. Along with the inverted names of God by which they may be invoked. Their functions are unknown. Perhaps the good and evil angels of the columns, about which Ave says nothing at all, play a part in the apocalyptic transformation of the world which is so often refered to by Enochian angels in their conversations with Dee and Kelley. This might be the reason Ave refused to explain the fuction of the columns and the beam of the Black Cross to Dee.

the good angels on the original great table copy

 The Incompleteness of the Enochian System

It is clear that the explanation given by Ave concerning the parts and uses of the Great Table is incomplete. Like Donald Tyson has noticed,  at no place in the conversations does Ave or any other angels mention the associations on the Table with the Trumpeters of Kelley’s Great Vision. Nowhere we can fin any kind of explanation or specifications concerning the link between the Table and the five Princes in each Watchtower who hold up the train of the King. Moreover, the relationship between the letters on the beam of the Black Cross (what Dee calls the “Transversary”) and the Watchtowers never was set forth.  [1] They are also annoyingly concise when it come to give some details about the multitude of spirits that Kelley saw his his vision. It is normal for the readers to want to know more about those intriguing spirits that were, as Dee indicated, “standing after the sixteen Angels next the Gate.”  When asked about them Ave says only “They be Ministers and servants.”[2]  Dee made several pointed inquiries about these and several more general matters, but each time he was put off by the angels, who clearly had no intention of revealing these mysteries to him. Since they did not wish Dee to actually use Enochian magic in his lifetime (despite their intimations to the contrary), they may have withheld this essential information to prevent him from defying their order that he await permission to use the magic.

[1] Donald Tyson, Enochian Magick for Beginers, p. 210.
[2] Casaubon, True and Faithful Relation, p.184.


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