April 15, 2021
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The Whole Great Table Considered as a Truncated Pyramid

According to this model, the whole Great Table can be devised as a truncated pyramid. The Tablet of Union is the central region of the Enochian Universe and therefore occupies the center piece at the very top of the pyramid. Around it, like walls rising up from the ends of the world, are the four Watchtowers. Around these Watchtowers are the thirty Aethyrs rising up into the spiritual realms of the infinity.

Each Tablet Squares Considered as a Truncated Pyramid

The Golden Dawn worked out a system whereby each of the Watchtowers squares can be made into a truncated pyramid (This is a pyramid with its top cut off or in Masonic terms without the chief cornerstone or apex).

Each pyramid is positioned so that triangle no.2 faces the top of the Tablet. An elaborate scheme has been devised so that each face of every pyramid has correspondences with planets, Tarot cards, Hebrew letters, and elements. He, it is sufficient to consider only the lements. The appropriate Enochian letter of the square is placed in the center square which represents the chopped-off top of the pyramid. The similarity between the Great Table viewed as a truncated pyramid (macrocosm) and the pyramid model of each single squares (microcosm) should got go unnoticed.


Using the triangular side numbers as shown in the illustration, the general rules are:


Triangle no. 1 = Element of the Tablet or Watchtower

Triangle no. 2 = Element of ruling file or column

Triangle no. 3 = Ellement of Subquadrant

Triangle no. 4 = Element of ruling rank or row


 Lon Milo Duquette’s 3D Great Table Replica

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