March 6, 2021
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 The Good and Evil Angels in Kelley’s Great Vision


These are the angels in each Watchtower whose names are written on either side of the lesser crosses beneath the arms of the lesser crosses. They are obviously related to the sixteen Dispositors, but this relationship is never made completely clear by the Enochian angels. The sixteen angels above the arms of the lesser crosses are said by Ave to be wholly good, whereas the sixteen angels below the arms are a mixed nature, neither wholly good nor wholly evil. Only one set of sixteen angels for each Watchtower appears in Kelley’s Great Vision, so it is possible that by the Dispositors Ave intends the angels below the arms of the Crosses. Tyson tend to believe that the Dispositors are the angels above the arms because all the other angels in the Great Vision are good. It might be speculated that the sixteen angels above the arms rule the sixteen below the arms, but Ave does not directly state this relationship.

Extracting the Names of the Lesser Angels


There are 64 lesser angels of the Watchtowers. Beneath the horizontal bar of each Calvery Cross are sixteen squares (four letters across separated by the vertical bar of the Cross, and four letters down). There are four good angels and four sibling evil angels below the arm of each lesser cross. The letters that make up the name of the good and evil angelos in the eastern subquarter of the Watchtower of the East are highlighted in bold type. When the names of the angels below the arms of the lesser crosses are written with four letters, they are good angels, but when they are written wit only three letters, they are evil angels. Thus they form two distinct sets of angels, but since both good and evil angels derive from the same letters, they should be understood as related, each pair composed of a good and an evil twin.


Extracting the Names of the Evil Angels


Three-lettered names of 128 separate demons can be found using pairs of letters, from the sixteen squares under the Calvary Cross, together, together with an appropriate letter from the Tablet of Union. We have seen that the name of each Lesser Angel consists of two pairs of letters. Each of these pairs is the base of a name of a demon or elemental. The third letter is the prefix to the Lesser Angels, from the Table of Union. In other words, if we take only the first two letters in the name of each good angel and we put in front of them the letter in the Black Cross that occupies the same row, the name of an evil angel is created.

These evil angels always have names of three letters, as Ave tells Dee: “Every name of three letters, beginning out of that line [of the Black Cross], is the name of a Devil, or wicked Angel, as well from the right, as froim the left…”[1]

When describing to Dee the four evil angels of the subquarter of the east on the Watchtower of the East, Ave say: “Ave: But if thou send sickenesse, then take two of the letters, and adde the letter of the Crosse [Dee: the black crosse] to that, as in the second, a T o. [Dee: This a, is of the crosse of union, or the black croisse.] Ave: Then he is a wicked power, and bringeth in disease: and when thou callest him, call him by the name of god, backward: for unto him, so, he is a god: and so constrain him backward, as Ogiodi. Dee: I think the Constraint must be, by the name of the Transversary backward pronounced, as of Ardza, is backwaym azdra: For ogiodi, should but cause hime to appear by the order of Idoigo, used the 4 good Angels.”[2]

The meaning of this passage is that the evil angels are evoked or called to visable appearance by the name of God in the pillar of the lesser cross for their particular subquarter read backward, from bottom to top. They are commanded by the name of God in the arm of the cross read backward, from right to left. Because they are evil, these inverted names of God are divine to them, and have power over them.


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The Functions of the Bad Angels

function-of-wicked-angels-There is some confusion in the angelic transcript over whether the sixteen evil angels native to each Watchtower should even be used in Enochian magic. Ave refers to them when he speaks about sending sickness, and also in connection with obtaining money in the form of coins: “Ave: These [evil angels of the southern subquarters] can give money coined, in Gold and Silver. Dee: Which these? These wicked ones mean you? Ave: I. The other give no money coined, but the metal. Dee: you mean the good. Ave: I.[3]

This suggests that at least some of the evil angels have a legitimate function in Enochian magic. However, a little further on their conversation Ave strongly contradicts this assumption, much to Kelley’s disgust: “Dee: As concerning the wicked here, Shall I call or summon them all, as I do the good ones in the name of God? Ave: No man calleth upon the name of God in the wicked: They are servant and vile slaves. Dee: We call upon the name of Jesus in expulsing of devils, saying in the name of Jesus, etc. Ave: That In, is against the wicked. Not just man calleth upon the name of God to allure the devil. Dee: Then they are not to be named in the first summoning or invitation. Ave: At no time to be called. Kelley: How then shall we proceed with them? Ave: When the Earth lieth opened unto your eyes, and when the Angel of Light, shall offer the passages of the Earth, unto the entrance of your senses (chiefly of seeing). Then shall you see the Treasures of the Earth, as you go: And the caves of the Hills shall not be unknown unto you: Unto these, you may say, Arise, be gone, Thou art of destruction and of the places of darknesse: These are provided for the use of man. So shalt thou use the wicked, and no otherwise. Dee: This is as concerning the natural Mines of the Earth. Ave: Not so, for they have nothing to do with the natural Mines of the Earth, but with that which is corrupted with man. Dee: As concerning the coined they have power to bring it. Ave: So they may: that they keep, and no other. Dee: How shall we know that they keep and what they keep not? Ave: Read my former words; for thou dost not understand them. Dee: I read it: beginning at the first line on this side, when the Angels of Light, etc. I mean of coined money that they keep not; How shall we do to serve our necessities with it? Ave: The good Angels are Ministers for that purpose. The Angels of the 4 angles shall make the Earth open unto you, and shall serve your necessityies from the 4 parts of the Earth.[4]

This is not exactly a clear statement on the part of the nagel. He seems to be saying that although the evil angels can be used top cause sickness and obtain coined money, they should not be names except to banish them from the clay of human flesh. Dee did not understand that Ave was speaking about the dark places of the human body, not thye mines of the Earth.

The offices of the evil angels are substantially the same as those of their good brethren, but their areas of influence are perverted to evil purposes. For example, the good angel of the eastern subquarter sure disease and tech medicine, while the evil angles briung sickness and death. The goof angels of the southern subquarters tech the finding and use of metals, ehile their evil twins teach counterfeiting and the wicked use of money, such as gambling. The good angels of the western subquarters tech the knowledge of elemental spirits, while the evil angels tech the uses of these spirits for perverse or hurtful end. The good angels of the nortern subquarters teach transformations of form, while the evil angels tech the art of illusions and trickery of thee senses. The table of the evil angels (opposite) shows their offices and the inverted divine names of the lesser crosses by which they are summoned and commanded as they appear on the Original Great Table of the Watchtowers.

As you can see, it is possible eo extract another set of suxty-four evil angels by combining the letters in the same row that stand on the right side of the lesser crosses. In the eastern subquarter of the Watchtower of the East, for example, the cacodemons are Xcz, Ato, Rsi and Pfm, but with this methode of extraction they might just as easily be Xns, att, ras and Pnd. Dee makes no suggestion that this possibility ever occurred to him, nor do the Enochian angels refer to it. In it nevertheless interesting ton mention it here as a point of interest, to point out this possibility.


Subquarter Watchtowers Function
East South West North
Eastern XczAtoRsiPfm XaiAorRrsPiz MtaOnhCpaHsa MopOapCscHua Treating and Curing of Disease
Invoking Ogiodi Iopgna Atoglo Rmlaon
Commanding Azdra Xannu Oclao Gaolo
Southern  XoyApaRrbPdi XomAgbRrlPia MmaOleCvsHrv MgmOecCamHbr Knowledge, Finding and Use of Metals
Invoking Azcall Meena Rpalen Iladav
Commanding Malap Ndnos Bbemo Auabo
Western CacOnpMotApm CmsOiaMizAst RxpAvaXdaErn RadAsiXpaEac Knowledge of all Elemental Creatures
Invoking Zrruoa Rinmps Dsaaai Rnoizr
Commanding Iaola Zipli Apata Mfzrn
Northern  CapOnaMocAsh CopOdoMrxAax RpaAndXiiExr RdaAdiXooErg Changes of Form, not Essence
Invoking Iaoaia Tplabc Idalam Odxlou
Commanding Tiiio Zibra Daalo Adois

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