April 15, 2021
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 The Four Ranks of Princes are the Four Rows of the Tablet of Union

After considering the matter, it seems very likely to Enochian scholar Donald Tyson that the four ranks of five Princes who hold up the train of the Kings in Kelley’s vision are equivalent to the four rows of letters in the Tablet of Union. Each letter in the Tablet of Union stands for a prince. The four rows in the Tablet are probably assigned to the Watchtower in the same curious way that the Watchtowers are numbered on the Original Great Table.

Watchtower of the East:         e x a r p

Watchtower of the South:       h c o m a

Watchtower of the North:      n a n t a

Watchtower of the West:         b i t o m

 Extracting the Names of the Princes

By the familiar process of Enochian permutration, the single letter that stands for the name of each Prince may be extended into a five letter name that is devived from the row of letters to which it belongs. This arrangement of the Princes on the Great Table is based on Tyson’s personal speculation. It does seem very suggestive that there are five Princes in each Watchtower, and that each row of the Table of Union has five letters.


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