March 6, 2021
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 The Archangels in Kelley’s Great Vision


 Extracting the Names of the Archangels

The set of four Dispositors above the arm of each lesser cross is ruled by a specific name of God. So, in addition to the 64 Dispositors (Kerubic Angels), there are also 64 Archangels who rule over them. The names of these Archangels are found by prefixing on letter from the Tablet of Union or Black Cross to the names of the Kerubim. The letters used are E, H, H and B. These are the first letters of each row and refer to the element of Spirit. The divine name is employed ritually to evoke the four Dispositors related to it.

Archangels and Kerubim of the Four Air Subquadrants. These angels are characterized by pairs of opposing forces such as expansion and contraction, attraction and repulsion, solidification and dispersion. They seek a balance between such dual forces.

  • “E” prefixes the Kerubic Angels of Air
  • Air: ERZLA is pronounced Er-zodel-ah.
  • Water: EYTPA is pronounced Eh-yuh-the-pah.
  • Earth: ETNBR is pronounced Eh-ten-beh-rah.
  • Fire: EXGSD is pronounced Ehtz-egg-she-deh.

Archangels and Kerubim of the Four Water Subquadrants. These angels are characterized by motion. They desire continual movement and flux. They seek change in all things.

  • “H” prefixes the Kerubic Angels of       Water
  • Air: HTAAD is pronounced Heh-tah-ah-deh.
  • Water: HTDIM is pronounced Heh-teh-dee-em.
  • Earth: HMAGL is pronounced Hem-ah-gel.
  • Fire: HNLRX is pronounced Hen-el-artz.

Archangels and Kerubim of the Four Earth Subquadrants. These angels are characterized by their desire for manifestation. They seek to express subjective thoughts and emotions into objective forms.

“N” prefixes the Kerubic Angels of Earth

  • Air: NBOZA is pronounced En-boh-zodah.
  • Water: NPHRA is pronounced Enpeh-har-ah.
  • Earth: NRKNKM is pronounced En-roh-koh-nah-kem.
  • Fire: ……… is pronounced Ennee-ah-sah-moh-kem.

Archangels and Kerubim of the Four Fire Subquadrants. These angels are characterized by their desire to purify human nature. They seek purification by fire of all the lower human character traits.

“B” prefixes the Keubic Angels of Fire.

  • Air: BDOPA is pronounced Beh-doh-pah.
  • Water: BANAA is pronounced Ban-ah-ah.
  • Earth: BPSAK is pronounced Beh-pess-ah-keh.
  • Fire: BZIZA is pronounced Beh-zodee-zodah.

Listed in the accompanying table are the names of the sixty-four Kerubic Angels or Dispositors who stands above the arms of the sixteen lesser crosses on the Original Great Table, along with the ruling divine names and offices of these angels. Again, it must be stressed that the quarters east, south, west and north relate to the Great Table itself, not to the individual Watchtowers. The associations of the Dispositors with the directions will be somewhat different on the Reformed Table of Raphael and Tyson’s Restored Table because the Watchtowers occupy different quarters.


Subquarter Watchtowers Function
East South West North
Eastern RzlaZlar












Knitting together of Natures
God Names Erzla Eboza Ataad Adopa
Southern  UtpaTpau










Aan Aana

Carrying from to Place
God Names Eutpa Ephra Atdim Aanaa
Western XgzdGzdx












Discovery of Secrets
God Names Hxgzd Hiaom Pnlrx Pziza
Northern  CnbrNbrc












Teaching of Arts and Crafts
God Names Hcnbr Hroan Pmagl Ppsac

The Invocation of an Archangel

The Kerubic Angels, Archangels and Lesser Angels are all invoked using the appropriate Calls together with the Pentagram Ritual. Each Angel is attributed to the element of the corresponding Watchtower. The Archangels and Ruling Lesser Angels are attributed to Spirit, the element of the Tablet of Union.

A pentagram has five points and each correspond to an element, and therefore to one of the Holy Tablets. During the ritual, a pentagram is drawn for a particular Angel or Archangel by beginning at the appropriate point. The four lower points correspond to the Tablet of Union.


  1. Select the Archangel or Angel to be invoked. This will depend upon the motive for the invocation.
  2. Determine the corresponding Watchtower, Angel and Element.
  3. Determine and be familiar with the appropriate Calls.
  4. Memorize the pronounciation of all names involved

The order of the Enochian Hierarchies is:

 Great Holy Name

  1. Great Kings
  2. Six Seniors
  3. Calvery Cross Angels (six letters)
  4. Calvary Cross Controlling Angel (five letters)
  5. Archangels
  6. Kerubic Angel
  7. Ruling Lesser Angel
  8. Demons
  9. Determine the appropriate pentagrams to be drawn
  10. Stand facing the appropriate Watchtower (i.e. North, South, East, or West).
  • Begin by reciting out loud the appropriate Call or Calls in their proper order. Concentration should place the mind in a receptive state, tuned to the vibratory forces of the particular Angel being invoked.
  • Trace a large pentagram in the air with either a magic want or rod.
  • Begin at the point of the pentagram shown in the following illustration. There are two pentagrams for the Tablet of Union, one for E and B (both are active) and another for H and N (both are passive)
  • Trace the pentagram in a single unbroken line.
  • Imagination is important here. As the magician traces the lines in the air, he imagines that a pentagram is actually being drawn. He must be able to see it very clearly in his mind. The color of his psychic construction is as follows:


If the starting point is: Then the color of the pentagram is:
Spirit (E,B) Bright purple
Spirit(H,N) Deep purple
Air Sky blue
Water Sea green
Earth Amber
Fire Bright fiery vermillion


  • To further tax the imagination, after any pentagram is drawn, imagine the following symbol at the center of it, shining with the same color:
  • As a general rule, pronounce the Holy Name while the pentagram and the Great King’s name while constructing the inner symbol. Then pronounce the names of all six Seniors while concentrating on the pentagram.
  • Continue calling out the names of the angelic hierarchy in their proper sequence until naming the Angel to be invoked.       While speaking outwardly, the magician vibrates the name inwardly, mentally filling the universe with it. If done properly, this will have the effect of clearly visualizing the locality of the invoked Angels and his exact relationship with the Watchtower. In other words, it will establish a psycho-magnetic link between the magician and the Angel.
  • If successful, he will appear in the pentagram in some form and will converse with the magician. If partially successful, the magician may catch an idea or thought form him.
  • Success or failure is not measured by requiring that an Angel physically jump out of the Aethyr at the magician. It is measured by the degree in achievement of the original motive. Success or failure may not be known for days or even months after the operation.
  • Every Angel invoked, must be properly banished after the operation. If unsure whether the invocation was successful or not, use the banishment ritual anyway. It is a psychological necessity to banish these foreign impulses and forces from one’s consciousness lest they influence one unconsciously (which is a form of possession).
  • To banish an Archangel or Angel back to his region, simply make another pentagram in reverse as shown in the illustration.
  • As the banishing pentagram is drawn, imagine that the colored lines previously traced are being erased (this may take some practice at first). Imagine that the central symbol disappears simultaneously.       When the banishing pentagram has been drawn properly, the magician will no longer see any pentagram at all.       He should feel that a great distance once again separated him from the Angel.
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