April 15, 2021
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The Reception of the Letter Squares of the Watchtowers

As he had promised during his exposition of the Great Vision, the angel Ave appeared to Kelley on the following Monday (June 25, 1584) and delivered the letter squares of the Watchtowers that compose the quadrants of the Great Table. These presented in the form of visual images within the crystal.

First, Kelley saw the interior of the stone obscured by a white curtain. The curtain was then withdrawn and discarded in a heap in the background to reveal a standing figure in a white smock with a white circlet around his head. Although Kelley did not recognize the angel, Dee knew him to be Ave because the angel had promised to appear on Monday. As Kelley watched, fire consumed the angel to ashes. From the ashes he rose up renewed and brighter than before, saying: “So doth the glory of God comfort the just, and they rise again with a threefold glorie.”[1]

The angel extended his hands and seemed to spread or part the air in front of him. A square table appeared before the angel. This table represented the Great Table of the Watchtowers. Dee wrote in the margin of his manuscript “The Table of the Earth.” This is also true, since the Great Table applies to the earthly (manifest) realm.

From the table Ave removed a black “Carpet” or cloth. From Kelley’s earlier vision of the Watchtowers, we know that this corresponds to the north. Beneath the black cloth was a green cloth, which the angel next removed. The green cloth stands for the west. Beneath the green cloth was a white cloth, representing the south. After Ave pulled off the white cloth, a red cloth revealed the tabletop itself, which to Kelley appeared to be made of “earth, as Potter’s Clay, very raw earth.” The table was square, with four legs made of clay or earth. Two of the legs touched the ground, but two did not.

It should be noted that the removal of the different colored cloths symbolically traced a complete circle around the world counterclockwise. This is the direction of motion (as Carl Jung observed) from the conscious mind to the unconscious.[2] The motion is from the circumference in to the center, which is symbolized by the bare clay top of the table. It is the ground of creation and the clay of Adam. The direction of travel occurs in the Enochian manuscripts, but this is because Ave is traveling from the outward manifest world of Dee and Kelley into the secret center of the Earth, where all mysteries lie concealed.

Why the table should have two legs that touch the ground and two that do not is puzzling. Perhaps it refers to the four elements, two of which (Fire and Air) are light and rise up, and two of which (Water, Earth) are heavy and fall down. However, this is only speculation.

The Proper Order of the Watchtowers

Again the stone grew dark.   Ave ordered Dee and Kelly to rest for an hour. No doubt the strain of concentration had been almost unendurable, particularly for Kelly. When the men resumed the scrying session, Ave immediately began to deliver the letter of the Watchtowers of the east: “Ave: In the name of God, be diligent, and move not for the place is holy. Take the first square: write from the left hand toward the right, you shall write small letters and great. Say what you see [to E.K.] Kelley: rZilafAutlpa. Dee: I finde here one square among these Characters that hath nothing in it. Ave It must be filled. Kelley: ardZaidpaLam.”[3]

Dee had not yet realized that the grid first seen by Kelley was tipped on its side, and had to be rotated a quarter turn. He was trying to insert the twelve letters of the first row into one of the columns, which have thirteen squares. It did not take him long to understand his error. Some of the letters in the Watchtowers are spirits of the region of the Earth, which correspond with the sigils previously drawn on the grids (at a right angle, apparently!) by Kelley.

A few of the letters are mirrors inverted left to right. These indicate that the names of the geographical genii that contain them may be written forward or backward. When written backward, they are names of evil spirits, but when written forward, of good spirits.

Kelley scried the Watchtowers in the following order.   Using their middle “lines of God” as identifiers, theey are: 1) ORO, IBAH, AOZPI; 2) MOR, DIAL, HCTGA; 3) OIP, TEAA, PDOCE; 4) MPH, ARSL, GAIOL. After delivering of the middle line and the pillar of God in each Watchtower. “Ave: Thou hast in the middle line o r o I b A h a o z p i. There are 6 lines above, and six below. That line is called linea Spiritus Sancti: and out of that line cometh the three names of God, from the East gate, being 3,4, and 5 letters, which were the armes of the Ensignes that were spoken of before. Oro, ibah, aozpi, I said before, that God the Father a mighty pillar divided with a right line. The Father himself, without the line. The Father and Son by addition of the line. These two lines beginning: fA



That is the great Crosse that came out of the East gate.”[4]

The meaning is that the double vertical pillar that forms the center of each Watchtower and crosses the middle row of the Holy Ghost at right angle signifies God the columns are separated by a vertical line. It is not clear in Casaubon which column of the Great Cross belongs to the Father and which to the Son. However, the left columns is the columns of mercy, which suggest that it belongs to the Son, whereas the right column is the column of judgment, suggesting that it belong to the Father.

Dee had no problem correctly placing the first Watchtower in the upper left quarter of the Great Table, and linking it with the east. He correctly placed the second Watchtower in the upper-right corner of the Great Table, which is associated with the south. However, for some reason he inverted the third and fourth Watchtowers. He was going to place them correctly. He noted beside the fourth Watchtower, “This is the Table that had the little round smoke,” which would have enabled him to place it in the lower left quarter. But immediately below he wrote a second note, saying, “No, it was the Table before.”

The result is that on the first version of the Great Table, which is known as the Original Table, Dee has (according to Tyson) inverted the third and fourth Watchtowers. The seals of the Watchtowers are placed correctly at the corners of the Original Table, as they were revealed by Ave. The four inverted capital letters are indicated by asterisks. It is not immediately obvious that the capital A in the bottom row of the OIP, TEAA, PDOCE Watchtower is inverted; however, Dee has drawn the A with a hook on its right leg, and written in the margin “A is arsward.”

Dee numbered the Watchtowers on the Great Table in the order of their initial transmission, in two rows from left to right: 1. Upper left: ORO, etc.; 2. Upper right: MOR, etc.; 3. Lower left: OIP, etc.; 4. Lower right: MPH, etc. He was obviously uncomfortable about inverting the bottom two Watchtowers from their natural places on the points of the compass. Several times he asked the angels for confirmation. “ Ave: Now what is that, that is hard to you? Dee: First, whether the Table (for the middle Crosse of uniting the four principal parts) be made perfect or no. Ave Thou hast found out the truth of it.”[5]

There is no question that this number that this numbering of the quadrants on the Great Table was intended by the angels, at least at this stage. On January 14, 1585, Kelley received an extremely important vision which Tyson have called the Vision of the Round Houses. This vision expresses, in a pictorial form, the flow of elemental energies on the Great Table. At the outset of the Vision of the Round House, the relationship between the four directions and the numbering of the quarters is clearly established. “On that place standeth a around House, it hath four corner [within] and 4 Windows: and every Windows is round, and hath 4 round partititions, round also. It hath 4 Doores, and the East Door is one step, at the South 2 steps, and at the North 3, and at the West Door, 4 steps: The number of steps before each door is the numbering of the related quadrants on the Original Great Table. However, accepting that this numbering of the quadrants of the Great Table is correct, it does not follow that the placement of the two lower Watchtowers on those quadrants is also correct. The seals of the Watchtowers are revealed in a circle around the points of the compass, east, south, west and north. Each class of angels also unfolds in a complete clockwise circle around the Great Table. According to Tyson, the Watchtowers should be placed in a complete clockwise circle beginning in the east in the order in which they were first revealed.

The Tablet of Union

After instruction Dee in some of the uses of the names on the Watchtowers, Ave delivered what is commonly called the Tablet of Unison, because its letters appear on the central Black Cross of the Table. This Tablet is formed by combining the letters in the names of the three geographical spirits of the tenth Aether, ZAX: Lexarph, Comanan and Tabitom. These are written continuously left to right into the rows of a square with four rows and five columns. The initial L in the first name is omitted. Ave instructed Dee to “Look out Lexarph, with the two other that follow him, among the names of the Earth the three last: Lexarph, Comanan, Tabitom.”[6]

These names for the spirits of the tenth Aether had been revealed by the angel Mapsama to Kelley more than a month earlier, on May 21, 1584, along with the names of the other spirits of the first fourteen Aether.[7] Concerning the placing of the names of the Tablet of Union on the Black Cross, Ave instructed Dee: “Set them down without the first Table: That shall make the crosse that bindeth the 4 Angles of the Table together. The same that stretcheth from the left to right must also stretch from the right to the left.”[8]

The meaning is that the letters in the first two rows of the Tablet of Union are written on the columns of the Black Cross twice, with each set of letters progressing from the top and the bottom towards the middle so that the two sets of ten letters are reflected around the center. This type of reflection is known as a lake reflection. The letters of the last two rows of the Tablet are written on the beam of the Black Cross twice, with each set progressing from the center toward the edges so that the two sets are reflected around the center. This kind of reflection is known as a mirror reflection.

The Uses of the Great Table

After delivering the four Watchtowers to Dee and Kelley, Ave explicitly set out the uses to which the Great Table may be put. “Ave: Now to the purpose: Rest, for the place is holy. First, generally what is Table containeth. 1. All humane knowledge. 2. Out of if springeth Physick. 3. The knowledge of all elemental Creatures, amongst you. How many kindes there are, and for what use they were created. Those that live in the air, by themselves. Those that live in the waters, by themselves. Those that dwell in the earth, by themselves. The property of the fire, which is the secret life of all things. 4. The knowledge, finding and use of Metals; the vertues of them; the congelations and vertues of Stones – They are all of one matter. The Conjoyning and knitting together of Natures. The destruction of Nature, and of things that may perish. 6. Moving from place to place [as, into this Country, or that Country at pleasure.] 7. The knowledge of all Crafts Mechanical. 8. Tranmutatio formalis, sed non essentialis [transmutation of forms, but not of essences]. [Dee’s marginal note: The ninth Chapter may be added and is of secrets of men knowing: whereof there is a peculiar Table.] [9]The functions of the Great Table are set forth in greater detail in Dee’s Manuscript Liber Scientiae.

 An Overall View of the Elemental Tablet

The Elemental Tablets are four 12 x 13 grids joined by the mirror-like symmetry of the 52 square Great Cross, which contains the Tablet of Union names and the 92nd and 93rd Governors. Each of the four Tablets has the same structure: a sigil of the Watchmen, a Divine Name of 3, 4, 5 letters, an eight letter solar archangelic name, six seniors of seven letters, four calvary cross tree-of-life patterns, four kerubic angels and 64 Servient squares. The Servient squares can be read to produce archangelic names, angelic, arch-caco-demonic and caco-demonic names, creating an inclusive, chaos to order and back again, recursion path.

Each square can be thought of as a dual cell of a hyper-cube, that is a square within a square, or a truncated pyramid. This gives each square five qualities: the letter in the central square, and the elemental, sephirotic or planetary attribution of each of the four truncated sides of the cell. From this information, an Egyptian godform and a Sphinx can be derived, so that we have five qualities and two attributes, seven in all, for each square.

The sigil of the primeval Watchmen supplies the energy and is placed either above the Tablet or on the back. This energy is then fed through a zodiacal processing grid. Each element has three forms, cardinal, fixed, and mutable, symbolized by the 3, 4, 5 letter God Name that forms the symmetry or event horizon of each Tablet. From the zodiacal, the energy moves to the solar plane with the phi-spiral based archangelic name formed from the central eight letters on each Tablet. This solar spiral also flows outward through the six names of seven letters called the Seniors. Each name begins with the sun and then works through the planetary attributions, moving the energy through system. The elemental sub-quadrants, earth of earth, earth of fire, etc., are structured as the inner four cells of a hypercube where the outer cells are formed from the four complete Tablets. (For instance, traveling east from the Air Tablet would bring you to the Fire Tablet, while traveling west from the Water Tablet returns you to Air. Within each Tablet, looking east from the water sub-quadrant (upper right) you see the earth sub-quadrant, (lower left) while looking north shows you the fire sub-quadrant, (lower right) and so on.)

Each elemental sub-quadrant is composed of a calvary cross tree-of-life support structure, a kerubic column on which it rests and a quarter of a chess board floor pattern. In 2D, this structure is a 5 x 6 grid, broken down into a six letter central column and a five letter horizontal that forms the tree of life pattern; with a four letter name above the horizontal line and 16 squares below.

In 3D, this micro-chip pattern inter-locks with the surface of the earth. The Fire Tablet covers from latitude 80N to 80S and longitude 150E to 120W, the mid-Pacific, with eastern Australia, New Zealand and part of Siberia and Alaska. Water Tablet: 80N to 80S, 120W to 30W, North and South America, Greenland and the Atlantic Ocean. Air Tablet: 80N to 80S, 30W to 60E, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia. Earth Tablet: 80N to 80 S, 60E to 150E, India, Far East, etc. The Tablet of Union covers the central axis of the planet and is the binding force holding the planet together just as it holds the Tablets together.

There is much more to the enochian magick than a mere collection of elemental energies, according to Benjamin Rowe “each tablet is an expression of the whole existence, parallel to the cabalistic Tree of Life and equal to it in power and descriptive ability.“[10]

The Square and the Circle

It is more certain that the Great Table is intended to be surrounded by a larger circle. The square of the Table represents our own earthly realm below the sphere of the Moon. The angels inhabit it in their manifest, earthly forms-that is, their names. The greater circle stands for the totality and unity of creation, embracing the three realms of heavens, earth and hell. The Great Table is thus the central portion for the plan of the universe, foursqare because it is manifest and imperfect.

The image of the Great Table as a square within a circle appears a number of times in the Enochian books. Perhaps the most important occurrence is a diagram in the unpublished manuscript Liber Scientiae that was drawn by Dee. It represents the Great Table surrounded by flags bearing the twelve divine names that occur in the middle rows of its Watchtowers. This image is vitally important because it established the orientation of the quarters of the Great table to the four directions. The upper left quadrant lies in the east, the upper right quadrant is the south, the lower right quadrant in the west, and the lower left quadrant in the north.

The square or cross surrounded by a circle also occurs on the golden medallion that shows the various elements of Kelley’s Vision of the four Watchtowers. It appears in the illustration of the thirty Aether, where the innermost of thirty concentric circles is divided into four, whereas all the other circles are divided into three. It is a part of Kelley’s Vision of the Round House which describes the flow of dynamic forces upon the Great Tablet. Clearly, it was of the highest importance. It is an expression of the squaring of the circle, which was, along with the making of the stone and the elixir of life, one of the three great works of alchemy.

The Reformed Great Table of Raphael

On April 20, 1587, almost three years following the initial reception of the Watchtowers, the angel Raphael communicated a corrected version of the Great Table to Kelley. At that point, Kelley was disillusioned wit the angels and wanted nothing more to do with them, but Raphael was persistent. “Dee: E.K. had this day divers apparitions unto him in his own Chamber, and instructions in divers matters which he regarded not, but remained still in his purpose of utterly discrediting those Creatures, and not to have any more to do with them. But among divers apparitions he noted this of one that said unto him. Raphael: Joyn Enoch his Tables. Give every place his running number. Kelley: What mean you by places? Raphael: The squares. Which done, refer every letter in the Table to his number, and so read what I will, for this is the last time I will admonish you. Kelley: A man standeth in the Air in a fiery Globe of my height, accompagnied with some hundred of Puppets: on the one side of him standeth a woman, and about her are four Clouds all with. The man upon a white Triangle shewed these Numbers with spaces, as you see following [here follow a large numerical table, which we have omitted]. Dee: Note: When E.K. had shewed me this Note, I by and by brought forth my book of Enoch his Tables, and found the letters R T b d to be the first four letters of the four principal squares standing about the black Cross: and that here they were to be placed otherwise than as I had set them. And in the first placing of them together, I remember that I had doubt how to joyn them; for they were given apart of each by themselves. Secondly, I found out the 4 Characters; saving they were inverted somewhat, and one of them closed: whrereof I found none like, but very near. These Characters were of every square one. Thirdly, I did take these numbers contained between the lines (some more and some fewer) to be words to be gathered out of the Tables of letters: so many words as were distinct compagnies of numbers; it is to wit, 41. Hereupon we began to number the squares wherein the letters stood in Enoch’s Tables as I had them, but we could not exactly finde the words, but somewhat near. Hereupon being tired, and desirous to know the sense of that Cypher, we left off till after supper, and then we assayed again: but we could not bolt it out, thought we knew very near what was to be done by the instructions of a spiritual Voice, now and then helping us toward the practise. At length, E.K. was willed to go down into his Chamber, and I dis remain dtill at our Dineing Table till his return, which was within an hour of somewhat more. And at his return this he brought in writing [here is printed in rough form the amended Great Table of Raphael]. Raphael: The black Cross is right, and needeth no mending. But thus much I do, to let thee understand, that thou mayest consider thy self to be a man: And beneath this understanding, unless thou submit all into hands of God, for his sake; who else leaving you, all naked, provideth in his creatures to his own glory… I Raphael, counsel you to make a Covenant with the Highest, and to esteem his wings more then your own lives.”[11]

The Reformed Great Table of Raphael, which we present here in its corrected form, is the arrangement of the Watchtowers most often used in modern magic. The ordering of the Watchtowers on the Reformed Table was adopted by the Golden Dawn, and after the diaspora of the members of this Hermetic Order, was spread throughout English-speaking countries.

As you can see, Raphael does not allocate the Watchtowers around the quarters of the Reformed Table in the order of their initial reception any more that Dee dis in the Original Table. He places the first received Watchtower (ORO, IBAH, AOZPI) on the east quarter of the Table, which is the upper left. However, he puts the fourth received Watchtower (MPH, ARSL, GAIOL) on the south quarter, the upper right. The third received Watchtower (OIP, TEAA, PDOCE) he puts on the west quarter of the Table, the lower right, but places the second received Watchtower (MOR, DIAL, HCTGA) on the north quarter of the Table, the lower left.

Tyson’s Reformed Great Table

You must decide for yourself which version of the Great Table to use. According to Tyson[12] neither the Original Table of Dee nor the Reformed Table of Raphael is correct in its placement of the Watchtowers on the quarters. This conviction led Tyson to create a third version, which he named the Restored Great Table, because it restores the Watchtowers to their original sequence around the Earth. The Watchtowers are placed upon the Table in a clockwise circle beginning with the upper left quarter (east – ORO, IBAH, AOZPI), then the upper right (south – MOR, DIAL, HCTGA), then the lower right (west – OIP, TEAA, PDOCE), then the lower left (north- MPH, ARSL, GAIOL).

In this Restored Great Table, the Numbering of the quadrants (as assigned to them in the Vision of the Round House) remains unchanged, but the numbers attached to the Watchtowers that occupy the two lower quadrants become inverted. The fourth Watchtower delivered by the angels (MPH, ARSL, GAIOL) is placed in the northern quadrant, which bears the number three, and the third Watchtower delivered by the angels (OIP, TEAA, PDOCE) is placed in the western quadrant, which bears the number four. Tyson think that the main reason Raphael felt compelled to deliver the Reformed Great Table to Kelley was to correct the placement of the two last Watchtowers, and that Kelley somehow got the instructions of the angel mixed up. Raphael also corrected many of the individual letters in the Watchtowers. Tyson have adopted these letter corrections in his Restored Great Table.

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