April 15, 2021
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The Kerubic Dispositors in Kelley’s Great Vision

Above the horizontal bar of each Calvary Cross are four letters, two on each side of the vertical bar. These four letters form the name of a Dispositor or Kerubic Angel, one for each subquadrant. Each of these names can be anagrammed, or anagrammatized transposed, to form three other names. Together this totals 64 Kerubic Angels: 16 in each Watchtower and four in each subquadrant. Ave says: “After every Cross, attendeth 16 Angels, dispositors of the will of those, that govern the Castles.” It is the Dispositors who actually carry out the will of the Kings. Kelley describes them as “16 white Creatures.” Concerning these sixteen angels who are above the lesser crosses, Ave tells Dee that they “have no participation with Devils.”[1]

Extracting the Names of the Kerubic Angels

There are four Dispositors above every lesser cross. Each is represented by a single letter. For example, the diagram below shows the subquarter of the east (upper left quarter) on the Watchtower that occupies the eastern quarter of the Original Great Table. In this diagram, the four Dispositors are highlighted in boldface type.

As was true of the single-letter names of the forty-two Minister that serve each heptarchical Prince, these rows of single letters may be permuted to yield four names of four letters. For example, the four letters above the arm of the lesser cross in the eastern subquarter of the Watchtower of the East are r Z l a. Each letter represents an angel. By moving each letters in turn to the beginning of the row, four names of four letters are generated.

The Names of the Kerubic Angels by Subquadrant


  • AIR
  • Air of Air: RZLA, ZLAR,LARZ, ARZL
  • Water of Air: YTPA, TPAY, PAYT, AYYP
  • Earth of Air: TNBR, NBTR, BTRN, TRNB
  • Fire of Air: XGSD, GSDX, SDXG, DXGS
  • Air of Water: TAAD, AADT, ADTA, DTAA
  • Water of Water: TDIM, DIMI, IMTD, MTDI
  • Earth of Water: MAGL, AGLM, GLMA, LMAG
  • Fire of Water: NLRX, LRXN, RXNL, XNLR
  • Air of Earth: BOZA, OZAB, ZABO, ABOZ
  • Water of Earth: PHRA, HRAP, RAPH, APHR
  • Earth of Earth: RKNKM, KNKMR, NKMRK, KMRKN
  • Fire of Earth:
  • Air of Fire: DOPA, OPAD, PADO, ADOP
  • Water of Fire: ANAA, NAAA, AAAN, AANA
  • Earth of Fire: PSAK, SAKP, AKPS, KPSA
  • Fire of Fire: ZIZA, IZAZ, ZAZI, AZIZ
  • FIRE

What the Kerubim Govern

Each of these four groups of Dispositors in the eastern subquarters has its own function in Enochian magic. (True and Faithful Relation, p. 181) Dispositors in the eastern subquarters rule the “knitting together of natures,” which means the joining together of things, as in the process of growth or healing. The opposite power also applies, which is the destruction of natures, since the creation of one thing is the destruction of another. Elsewhere, in the list of uses of the Great Table, Ave tells Dee that these angels control: “The Conjoyning and knitting together of Natures. The Destruction of Nature, and all things that may perish.”[2] Those in the southern subquarters rule the “carrying from place,” which probably signifies physical travels of persons and the mouvememnts of objects. In the list of uses of the Great Table Ave calls this: “Moving from place to place [as, into this Country, or that Country at pleasure].”

About those in the western subquarters, Ave tells Dee: “Herein may you find the secrets of Kings, and so unto the lowest degree,” which seems generally to signify the revelation of secret things. In a marginal note, Dee shows that he understood this as “the secrets of men knowing.”

Dispositors in the northern subquarters rule “All Hand-crafts, or Arts,” which signifies the teaching and bringing of success in the arts and sciences. Dee understood this to mean “All humane knowledge.”

The function of corresponding groups is the same an all the Watchtowers, but applies the different zones of the Earth. Ave tells Dee: “But you must Note, That as the Angels of the first of the four Crosses in the East, which are for Medicine: so are the first of the second, the first of the third, and the first of the fourth; so that for medicine there be sixteen, and so all the rest in their order: but that they differ in that, some be the angels of the East, other some of the West, and so of the rest.”[3]

Ave is talking about the angels beneath the arms of the lesser crosses here, but the principle applies to the Dispositors as well. For example, the office of the four angels above the lesser cross of the west on the Watchtower of the East is to reveal secrets in the eastern part of the world. The function of the similar group above the lesser cross of the west on the Watchtower of the North is also to reveal secrets, but these four angels reveal the secrets of the northern part of the world.

Each of the Kerubic Angels governs that file squares which begins with its first letter. For example, in the Watchtower of Air, the Kerubic Angel RZLA governs that area of the subquadrant Air of Air that contains the letters R(A)KTSF. In the same way, ZLAR rules over the file of Z(R)ZOIM, LARZ rules over L(Z)NTAN and ARZL rules over A(A)STSD. In each case, the second letter is placed in parenthesis to show that it is a part of the Calvary Cross. It is not governed by the Kerubic Angel but by the Calvary Cross Angel.

Making Pyramids of the Kerubic Squares

As we just saw, the Kerubic Squares (four in each subquadrant) are located above the horizontal bar of the Calvary Cross, two on each side of the vertical bar. Conversion in accordance with the typical figure of the truncated pyramid. The rules which apply are:

Triangle No. 1 = Kerubic Element

  • Triangle No. 2 = Element of Watchtower
  • Triangle No. 3 = Kerubic Element
  • Triangle No. 4 = Element of Subquadrant

Triangle Nos. 2 and 4 are self-explanatory and should be colored according to standard Watchtower/Element colors. Triangle No. 1 is always the same element and color as Triangle No. 3. The correct element to use is found from the Table of Attribution of Elements. Use it to find the corresponding number (columns nos. 1 through 4) of the Kerubic Squares desired. Then use the key given to determine the correct Kerubic Element. The appropriate Kerubic numbers are shown in the Table along the bottom row of each Tablet but are nevertheless the correct Kerubic numbers for the subquadrant. Use only the column numbers, not row numbers.

Example No. 1

  • The Kerubic Square “S” of PSAK in the subquadrant Earth of Fire:
  • Triangle No. 1 Air, Yellow
  • Triangle No. 2 Fire, red (Fire is weak here)
  • Triangle No. 3 Air, Yellow
  • Triangle No. 4 Earth, black

Example No. 2

  • The Kerubic Square “A” of PHRA in the subquadrant Water of Earth:
  • Triangle No. 1 Water, Blue (Water is weak here)
  • Triangle No. 2 Earth, black
  • Triangle No. 3 Water, Blue (Water is strong here)
  • Triangle No. 4 Water, Blue

Example No. 3

  • The Kerubic Square “D” of TAAD in the subquadrant Air of Water:
  • Triangle No. 1 Earth, black (Earth is strong here)
  • Triangle No. 2 Water, Blue
  • Triangle No. 3 Earth, black (Earth is weak here)
  • Triangle No. 4 Air, yellow (Air is weak here)

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