April 15, 2021
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The Angels of the Calvary Cross in Kelley’s Great Vision

Extracting the Names of the Angels of the Calvary Cross

Each lesser angle (i.e. each sunquadrant or angle, such as Water of Air) has a cross called the “Sephirothic Calvary Cross”. There is a total of sixteen Calvary crosses. Each cross contains ten squares corresponding to the then Sephiroth of the Hebrew Qaballah. Each Calvary Cross contains two names. Reading downward is a six-lettered name and across is a five-letterd name. The former name evokes the intelligent forces of that subquadrant, while the latter name controls them.

Making Pyramids of the Sephirotic Cross Squares

The ten squares of each of the Calvary (Sephirotic) Crosses can be converted into pyramids. The Sephirotic of Calvary Cross is shown in the illustration shown previously. It consists of five horizontal squares and six vertical squares with one square shared by the two bars. Conversions are done in accordance with typical Tablet Square mad into a truncated pyramid. The rules which apply are:

Triangle No. 1 Element of Watchtower

  • Triangle No. 2 Element of Spirit
  • Triangle No. 3 Element of Subquadrant
  • Triangle No. 4 Sephirotic Influence.

The first three triangle are self-explanatory and should be colored according to the standard Watchtower/Element colors (Spirit is always white). Triangle No. 4 is determined for each cross. After finding the correct Sephiroth, use the following correspondences:


No Sephiroth Planet Color
1 Kether Jupiter Brillance
2 Chokmah Mercury Soft Blue
3 Binah Moon Crimson
4 Chesed Venus Deep Violet
5 Geburah Mars Orange
6 Tiphareth Sun Pink rose
7 Netzach White
8 Hod White
9 Yesod White
10 Malkuth White


  • Example No. 1.
  • The first « A » in OLAAD in the subquadrant Earth of Water. This is the first “A” in the name MALADI:
  • Triangle No. 1 Water, blue (Water is weak here)
  • Triangle No. 2 Spirit, white
  • Triangle No. 3 Earth, black (Earth is weak here)
  • Triangle No. 4 Tiphareth (Sun), pink rose (influence here is strong)
  • Example No. 2.
  • The first “I” of ILPIZ in the subquadrant of Fire of Earth:
  • Triangle No. 1 Earth, black (Earth is strong here)
  • Triangle No. 2 Spirit, white
  • Triangle No. 3 Fire, red
  • Triangle No. 4 Binah (Moon), crimson
  • Example No. 3
  • The “L” in NOALMR in the subquadrant Air of Fire
  • Triangle No. 1 Fire, red
  • Triangle No. 2 Spirit, white
  • Triangle No. 3 Air, yellow
  • Triangle No. 4 Hod, white

 Invoking an Angel from the Calvary Cross

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