May 29, 2020
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taurussexhoroscopeThe constellation of the bull (Taurus) is in such a position as to welcome the sun’s motion during the vernal equinox. Meaning, the constellation of Tauruscorresponds to the motions of the spring in western astrology (May 14 to June 19). This also conjures symbolism of abundance, replenishment and subsidy as spring is a time when the earth experiences her renewal. The Hebrew letter Vav (attributed to this path) is its pronunciation, and means a “nail.” It is used as a symbol of the phallus. This usage is confirmed by the zodiacal sign of Taurus the Bull, which, as already pointed out, is a glyph of the universal reproductive force. The phallus, in the mysticism of the Qabalah, is a creative symbol of a creative reality, the magical will. As an aid to the comprehension of this idea we can quote from Jung’s Psychology of the Unconscious for a definition: “The phallus is a being which moves without limbs, which sees without eyes, which knows the future; and as symbolic representative of the universal creative power existent everywhere immortality is vindicated in it… It is a seer, an artist, and a worker of miracles.”[8] This definition is particularly appropriate to the Chiah, of which the lingam is the terrestrial symbol as well as vehicle. Astrologically speaking the bull symbol is one-in-the-same with the Taurus(and the word Taurus means bull in Latin). Traits of the Taurean personality could be considered very “bull like” because these people can be incredibly powerful in both physical and spiritual presence. To be sure, a Taurus who has made his or her mind up will be unmovable. The symbol to the left is the astrological sign of the bull, Taurus.


[8] Jung, The Psychology of the Unconscious, p. ??


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