April 15, 2021
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The Queen of Swords in the cardinal Air sign of Libra, as the elemental counterchange of Water of Air.  Again, no symbol clearly indicates the astrological nature of Libra.  However the card depicts a throned female figure bearing a sword in her right hand, her left hand raised up as if holding the scales.  This resembles Key XI – Justice, which is also Libra.  Waite uses the specification of Book T again in this card for the winged, childlike kerubic head is the crest for Queen of Swords.  The butterfly appears in this card in her crown and her throne, but Book T assigns the butterfly motif to the King as Aquarius.   (Hulse, The Western Mysteries, p. 453)

The Queen holds a Sword in her right hand; her left hand is extended and open, as if in welcome.  Her cape is blue, decorated with white clouds.  Both throne and crown are decorated with butterflies; the throne also shows a cherub’s face.  The trees and bird in the background are blown by the wind. (Amy M. Wall, The Tarot of Awakening, p. 284)

The Queen of Swords combines (Swords) and water (Queens).  This card is assigned to the path from Kether to Geburah, suggesting restrictions.  The card’s air symbols include the clouds, butterflies, cherub and wind. (Amy M. Wall, The Tarot of Awakening, p. 284)

This card’s mix of intellect and emotion gives this Queen an intensively perceptive intelligence with an intuitive edge.  Her understanding of both mind and emotion allows her to penetrate quickly into the heart of any matter.  Her insight is so powerful it may seem she possesses psychic powers. (Amy M. Wall, The Tarot of Awakening, p. 284)

Unfortunately, the Queen of Swords has a tendency to exercise rigid control over not just her personal emotions, nut over as much of her environment as possible.  The Sword she holds is absolutely straight, suggesting rigidity; her mouth is grimly set.  Despite the open hand she holds out, she is intolerant of weakness.  Her need to control her environment causes her to feel strongly about rules and principles. (Amy M. Wall, The Tarot of Awakening, p. 284)

When seen in others, the Queen of Swords may appear overtly strong and dominating; it is important to remember that, appearances notwithstanding, the weakness she despises is her own and the control she seeks is over her self.  When we find ourselves disturbed by someone with a strong Queen of Swords aspect we may want to ask why we feel threatened; it may help to remember that her energy is truly not directed at us at all. (Amy M. Wall, The Tarot of Awakening, p. 285)

The Queen of Swords’ control and her perceptive intelligence serve us well on all paths; even her rigidity may initially benefits us, as the discipline she imposes is important in the early stages.  However, as we progress, this rigidity will need to be released. (Amy M. Wall, The Tarot of Awakening, p. 285)


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