August 9, 2020
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white-doveThe birds being view of the legend that whosoever wore Aphrodite’s girdle became an object of universal love and desire. In ancient Greek myth, it was the Dove was the bird of Athena which represented the renewal of life. There is also Aphrodite (Venus in Roman myth), the voluptuous goddess-mother of love, which is often featured with a dove nearby in artistic portrait. Here we get the sense of higher love; a love that is as large as the goddess herself. The dove is a companion of Ishtar too, the Great Mother of Assyrian culture. In this motherly light, the dove elicits a promise of hope and salvation.A kind of love that turns a blind eye to the typical foibles and downfalls of mankind – and sees right into the heart of pure potential that is revealed only by viewing the soul through the lenses of love. As a love symbol, the dove conveys a kind of soulful ascension – a higher admiration for the true value of unconditional love. In Pagan religions, the Dove has been widely understood as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity, because of the affectionate mating habits of the species popularly known as turtledoves. In China, Doves are symbolic of good digestion, marital duty, and long life. Doves are sacred to all Great Mothers and Queens of Heaven and depict femininity and maternity; often two Doves accompany the Mother Goddess. The dove has seemingly inexhaustible sources of symbolic flavor throughout most histories, cultures and myth. It is interesting to know that Doves often cease their foraging for food just before their babies are born. This temporary starvation insures a pure formulation of milk (otherwise their offspring could not digest bits of solid food in the milk). That’s another confirmation about maternal attributes as well as self-sacrifice for the sake of their progeny.Very few people knows that doves produce their own milk; its called “crop milk” or “pigeons milk.” It’s an oddity in nature for birds to produce their own milk to feed their young. From this unique ability, we can glean symbolism of nurturing. In fact, doves are commonly considered a symbol of motherhood. The dove is commonly seen in Christian art with Mary as a symbol of care, devotion, purity and peace.


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