April 15, 2021
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The Order of Angels is the Auphanium, or Wheels, their colour an iridescent grey.  The word grey is perhaps not a good one as it contains an allusion to nondescriptness or dirtyest, but it is the nearest verbal equivalent to the real colour intended.  The description of this Order of Angels as Wheels gives the conception of cyclic action, unending power through motion; and an idea of their mode of being can perhaps best be obtained by contemplating the eternal wheeling of the stars in the night sky, for the Mundane Chakra of Chokmah is the Zodiac.  The white, flecked red, yellow and blue which is the colour assigned to Assiah also suggests the stars which appear while to naked eye, though many are red, yellow or blue on closer examination.  One way of bilding an image of the Auphanim would be to picture whirling grey iridescent wheels against a background of the night sky. (Gareth Knight, A Practical Guide of Qabalistic Symbolism, p. 81-82)



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