October 23, 2019
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General Description of Lafoursiax

The 22nd Ray appears behind the Tree in the tunnel guarded by Lafucursiax whose number is 671.

Names: Lafcursiax; Lafoursiax
Tunnel: 12 or 22 (Golachab-Thagirion)
Musical Note: F Sharp
Colors: Indigo, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pale Green, Rich Blue
Zodiac of Tunnel: Libra
Tarot: Justice
Metal: Silver
Planet of Spirit: Moon, Mercury
Letter of Tunnel: Lamed
D/N: Nocturnal
Gematria: 352; 671; 982; 1481
Affliction of Tunnel: Kidney Disorders
Atavism of Tunnel: The Precision and Synastry of Truth & Justice; Spider
Ordeal of Tunnel: Ravenous Birds with Faces; Women Who Steal Living Souls from Mortal Clay

Held to be the queen of lamias and the nightside counterpart of Niantiel, Lafoursiax/Lafcursaix is a predatory and avenging warrior demoness. Her name translates to “the Great Clayish One.” She resides within the Qliphothic tunnel between Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore) and Golachab (Mars/Asmoday), corresponding to the Zodiac sign of Libra (the scales), which tunnel is the twelfth or twenty-second Qliphothic pathway depending upon whether or not one counts the ten primary spheres.

When I first evoked Lafoursiax, she wanted me to know that she was the darkest spirit I had ever summoned. Linda Falorio describes her blade as “merciless,” and Lafcursiax made it clear to Frater 414 that she does not tolerate attempts to mislead her. Nonetheless, Lafcursiax’s correspondences in Gematria and the writings of Falorio both make it clear that she is indeed a goddess of love.

According to Cort Williams:

Lafcursiax represents the explosive and arbitrary eruption of the energies of Golachab in order to destabilize and subvert this cosmic order-Like justice, the chaotic energies of Lafcursiax are utterly impartial. The Black Adept who traverses this tunnel progresses from the ordered dialectical disputation of Thagiriron unto the apocalyptically explosive realm of Golachab.

Frater Apollonius refers to the twelfth or twenty-second tunnel as “a path of the Greater Adept and his or her prosecution of the Great Work.” Linda Falorio writes:

The need for work with the energies of Lafcursiax is suggested when we find we have been too rigidly adhering to abstracted notions of linear, patriarchal law, when we encounter belief in peace without justice, or belief in Divine Right, in hierarchies, and in the “rightful place” of Woman, in the “virtue” of the status quo. Here may be found belief in a merciful god, yet fear of knowledge, freedom, joy, and life, and especially fear of having “too much fun.” Any blocking of these manifestations of risen kundalini may result in literal vertigo.

The formula of dealing with this vast influx of electromagnetic and bionic energies is that of “no-balance,” of loosening, of letting go of dayside needs for linear balance and conscious control that are at the root of nausea and vertigo; by relaxing we allow a natural upward spiraling of our energies.

The powers of this tunnel are operating on the razor’s edge of non-control, fearing not to redress imbalances, fearing not the power of righteous fury. Here is joy of life, and passionate love, reeling on danger’s edge of un-balance between oblivion and bliss; here is ecstasy, and creative chaos, as glyphed by the eight-armed symbol of the planet Nibiru.

Lafcursiax presides over psychic and sanguine vampyrism alike and she can teach the sorcerer to shapeshift her astral double into a ghoul or a bear. She rules over nocturnal magick, Lunar spells and energies, fire magick and skyring, and magickal curses and bindings.

Lafoursiax is capable of creating vampyric astral servitors and imposes restriction upon her target. She can alleviate various worldly impediments to the witch’s success and remove other negative phenomena and things. She teaches dark magick and repels the spells placed upon the magickian. She brings about disbalance and presides over creative chaos, passionate love, and the joy of living.

Lafcursiax helps the witch decide what she will become and teaches the witch regarding sexuality and its usefulness. She rules the power of manifestation and helps the witch to presence balance within her life and person. She bestows assistance, guidance, and accomplishment upon the summoner.

Lafcursiax imparts the ability to balance on a bridge over the gulf of the abyss and imparts a state of between-ness betwixt living and non-living. She gives aid in astral magick and banishing. She can bestow a sense of aplomb in times of crisis or conflict and turn the magickian into a warlike black magickian capable of draining the armies of nations.

Lafcursiax brings about justice. She inflicts torment on her victims in the astral planes. She can remove the spirit of her victim from the body, causing death. She grants the magickian the ability to wander through the primeval abyss and presence streams of spiritual energy within the physical world.

When Frater 414 communed with Lafcursiax, she insisted that he “lighten his heart” by divesting himself of negativity and anxiety lest he never experience true attainment. He gathered that this was to be accomplished by conscious adjustments of his own behavior as well as ritual endeavor and meditation.

Quoting 414, “She is indiscrimate and does not see who is before her, but Hers is the scale.”

In one of my evocations of Lafoursiax, she cautioned me to “learn to study and focus hard” and warned that “the world would pass [me] by” if I did not. Clearly she is a revealer of harsh truths, all to the benefit of the magickian. Sexuality seems to be intrinsic to her character as well.

I use the chant “Gisa-Drun-Veh, Zodamran, Lafcursiax, Lafoursiax” to call her forward, with the first word being the number 352 in Enochian and the second word being a word of power to presence demonic-infernal energy. Another chant I employ in rites to Lafoursiax is “Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Lafcursiax,”meaning “Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Lafcursiax.” This second chant has the additional effect of presencing Qliphothic energy in the ritual arena.

Sources: The Tree of Death and Qliphoth by Jon Gee, Liber Obsidian Obscura by Alexander Winfield Dray, Another Initiatory & Ontological Analysis of Liber 231 by Frater Apollonius, Qliphothic Wor(L)ds by Cort Williams, Thelemic Qabbalah Volume III by Frater Apollonius, Liber Azerate by the 218 Current, the Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio, Gematria and the Tanakh by Brian Pivik, Frater 414’s Records of the ToS


The Call of Lafourciax

She responds to a prolonged vibration of her name in ‘F’ sharp (upper register).

Gematria of Lafoursiax

671 is a number of major importance in the traditionnal qabalah. It is the number of the Law (ThORA), the Gate of Love (AThOR, or Hathor). It is also the number of Adonai, the Holy Guardian Angel, spelt in full. These ideas combined adumbrate the formula of this path, for when the chakra of the goddess is subject to the law or rule of 671 (i.e. Lafcursiax), the gate of the Abyss is thrown open.

Zodiacal/Planetary Correspondence for Lafoursiax

So, we have just seen that 671 is the number of Lafoursiax and that this digit is also the number of Adonai. Adonai is a glyph of the Sun; the word is usually translated as the ‘Lord’, but beneath the Path Adonai becomes Aidoneus which is a form of Had,[1] the Lord of Hell. The name Adoneus means Invisible or Unseen; in the present context, the invisible form of Adonai which may be evoked by the formula of lacursiax. This involves the kind of sexual magick peculiar to the IX°+ O.T.O., as shown in the sigil.

The Sigil of Lafoursiax

The sigil of Lafoursiax is a glyph of Unbalance. It. It should be painted in pale green on a rich blue ground. It shows a pair of scales upset by a crooked demon with an inane countenance. The demon’s left hand is in the form of a yod enclosed in a circle from which falls obliquely a sword or long-armed cross. The yod in the circle symbolizes the Work of the IX°, O.T.O. The scales symbolize the constellation Libra which rules Path 22. Its reflection in the abyss is tilted by Lafcursiax whose tunnel runs oblique to this path. It represents a blasphemy against that ‘adjustment’ is also the title of the Tarot trump ascribed to it. That which in manifestation is a pathway described by Austin Spare.[2]

The Egyptian Deity Correspondence for Lafcursiax

The Egyptian deity ascribed to Path 22 is Maat, and it is easy to recognize in the tunnel of Lafcursiax the distorsion of Maat’s symbols : the balance, the feather, the sword, etc.

The Verse of Liber CCXXXI that is Ascribed to Lafcursiax

The doctrine is resumed in verse 11 of Liber CCXXXI : « Also the lady Maat with her feather and her sword abode to judge the righteous. For Fate was already established. »

The Inhabitants of Lafcursiax

The Cross of Equilibrium is awry and the Scale upset; the ‘Ruler of the Balance’ has been put down as the Lord of the Abyss opens the gate of the dark Goddess and brings forth fantastic beings that haunt this tunnel in the form of ravenous birds with the faces of women who snatch wawy the souls of the living from their mortal clay.

The Order of Qliphoth for Lafcursiax

Populated with ravenous necrophagic birds with female human faces, the name of the Order of Qliphoth reingning with Lafcursiax is A’abirion, meaning ‘The Clayey’, for their talons drip with the ribbons of flesh (or mortal clay) that their ravening rips form the souls of the living.

The African Power Correspondence for Lafcursiax

This symbolism is confirmed by the ascription to this Ray of the African Egungun (bones of the dead). Egungun was the entification of Law and Order in the Primal African Mysteries.

The Magical Siddhi of Lafcursiax

Aidoneus or Hades is a form of the Plutonian Current that rules the Abyss. The magical siddhi associated with this tunnel is ability to balance upon the treacherous and funabulatory way that leads the negative to the positive in the realm of creative chaos. In other words, it enables the magician to spin a web across the gulf of the Abyss, thus constructing a tenuous and perilous bridge between non-being and being.

The Animal Correspondence of Lafcursiax

Understandably, the animal sacred to this formula is the spider, and the precision and symetry of this Path are exemplified by the ideas of Truth and Justice (Maat).

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