October 23, 2019
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The goal of the Left Hand Path, according to the Qliphotic-Alchemical path, is to reach the outermost dark sphere, Thaumiel. The Thaumiel Qlipha signifies ‘the twin’ or ‘the twin god’ and is represented by the two devil princes, Satan and Moloch. THey correspond to the utmost polarity and duality inherent in one principle. Like a Janus face, the two devil princes gaze in two opposite directions One gazes outwards on that which has been, the creation that the magician has revolted against and is now emanticipating himself from. The other is gazing in towards the future and the worlds that the magician – now as a god – is able to create. Satan is the ‘opponent’, or the rebel, against Creation and those structures that bind together existence and limit the magician. Moloch means ‘king’, or ‘lord’, and is the one who creates and rules the new worlds. These two principles of ‘lord’ and ‘rebel’ are united at Thaumiel. They are at each end of the black hole that opens when the magician reaches Thaumiel. Satan destroys universe A, in which the magician is a creation, and Moloch opens universe B, in which the magician is a creator. These mysteries are considered so revolutionary and difficult to understand that one deals with them exclusively during higher degree of initiation.

Thaumiel’s division is the reason why the number of the Qliphoth is 11, an dits formula is AA=Adamas Ater, ‘The Black Diamond’. Numerologically, the numbers 1-10 or 10-1, represen the unity between man and god, the end and the begining. The serpent biting its own tail symbolizes this. When the magician progresses according to the Qabalistic levels Kether, the highest principle, is reached at the final stage. At Kether the 10 and 1 have been united and the circle has been closed; the adept of the light has reached his goal and become one with God. The dark adept also reaches this level, but has the choice at this stage to take one more crucial step. Through Thaumiel another, eleventh, level is opened : a black hole that becomes a gate to another universe. The dark adept frees himself completely from God and the old Creation and become a creator.   Instead of becoming one with God, the magician becomes a god himself through the eleventh level. This is the final goal and essence of the Left Hand Path.

The western Left Hand Path and the eastern Indian Left Hand Path, the Vamachara, strive towards the same goal. The common yoga of the Right Hand Path strives – just like the light western mysticism – to reach unity and melt together with God or the divine. The Right Hand Path in Tantra also has this goal. Julius Evola in The Yoga of Power explains the difference between the Right Hand Pat hand the Left Hand Path : « There is a significant difference between the two Tantric paths, that of the right hand nd that of the left hand (which both are under Shiva’s aegis). In the former, the adept always experiences ‘someone above him’, even at the highest level of realization. In the latter, ‘he becomes the ultimate Sovereign’ (chakravartin=world ruler). »

The Left Hand Path takes a further decisive step that the Right Hand Path. It represents the mysticism around the number II and the AA formula. The Right Hand Path leads to unity with God, while the Left takes one step beyond God. The Right Hand Path leads to a conclusive and final, eternal goal, while the goal of the Left Hand Path is to arrive at a new begining. The two roads have been compâred to the two ways that one can follow a river. The Right Hand Path follows the river into the sea, while the Left Hand Path goes against the flow back to the spring. The Left Hand Path goes backwards and against the stream. When the magician reaches the spring hehas the possibility to alter the direction of the river and create a new river if he wishes to. Another important aspect of the Left Hand PAth, in both the west and the east, is the importance of the dark goddess; Lilith and Kali are the black mothers, and their wombs is the actual source towards which the dark magician strives in order to be reborn as his own child ad his own creator. The difference between the goals on the Right Hand Pat hand the Left Hand Path are the same in both the east and the west. In the west, the highest sphere of light is Kether, ‘the Crown’, and here one reaches unity wth God. In the east, the highest level of light is the crown Chakra, Sahasrara; at this stage the adept reaches Samadhi, which means ‘unity with God’ an dis a unity with the divine. This state numerologically corresponds to 10. This stage is symbolized by the diamond : the purest and hardest form of carbon, the foundation of all life. In his book 777, Aleister Corwley writes, regarding Kether and the number I, « The diamond is white brilliance; it is pure cabon, the foundation of all living structures. » The adept of the Left Hand Path also experiences this level, but has, through his magical work, the possibilitry to take another step (I beyond 10 i.e. 11, which corresponds to a conscious step in through the gate o, that is I beyond I). This step is the secret behind the division of Thaumiel and the two twin devils, Satan and Moloch. The step beyond the Kether and the Sahasrara is symbolized by the black diamond (Adamas Ater). Crowley describes the black diamond in 777 when reflecting on the number o : ‘It is invisible yet contains light and structure itself.’ The black diamond represents the ultimte freedom of the Left Hand Path by offering one further step than the Right Hand Path. Julius Evola describes how this thought exists in the Tantric Left Hand Path : « The creative and productive aspect of the cosmic process is signified by the right hand, by the color white, and by the two godesses Uma and Gauri (in whom Shakti appears as Prakasatmika, ‘she who is light and manifestation’). The second aspect, that of conversion and return (exitus, reditus), is signified by the left hand, by the color black, and by the Mahakala-Tantra, when the left and the right hands are in equilibrium we experience samsara, but when the left hand prevails, we find liberation. »

When the adept of the Left Hand Path takes the step beyond Sahasrara, he reaches a state beyond Samadhi, which is called Kaivalya. The Indian of the light strive towards Samadhi, but the dark adepts seek Kaivalya is a state corresponding to the diamond that that the magician reaches at Thaumiel. Here the adept reaches a state of absolute individuality and divinity.   Instead of becoming one with God, here the adept becomes God. This is state of total trance and absolute presence within oneself. The adept has the universe and all the potential within and from this can create a new universe. To reach this stage the dark adept needs to open a form of black chakra beyond the Sahasrara. It is called Sunya, or Shunya, and corresponds to Thaumiel and the black hole. This level is described in Aghora II : Kundalini by Robert Svoboda : « In the Shunya state all names and formes become extinct, and all you are aware of is your own individuality; otherwise only the void remains. Everything in the universe is contained in the Shunya state, in unmanifested form; you can no longer perceive it. Although people call call the Shunya state the Void, it is not empty, it is full. »

The possibility of opening the black chakra arises after the magician has accomplished a complete awakening of the Ajna chakra and the third eye. The Ajna chakra is a lower form of Sunya within the body. Sunya is the third eye (the eye of Lucifer or Shiva) in a higher form, reserved for the most advanced adepts on the Left Hand Path. WIth the activation of the Anjna chakra, the adept faces a final decision : to become one with God in the Sahasrara nor Sunya are actually chakra in the general meaning of the word. Man has six main chakras, from the base chakra to the Ajna chakra in the head. The three lower chakras are dominant in persons who are focused on earthly matters and their base instincts. In spiritual person the three higher chakras are the dominant ones. Adepts of the Right Hand Path are predominantly trying to raise their energies from the ower levels to the higher in a process that leads to enlightenment at the Ajna chakra, where the adept realizes the illuory nature of the Self and the universe. The final goal of the Right Hand Path is to take the great step out to Sahasrara, to reach Samadhi and an extinction of the Self. The adept of the Left Hand Path can take a step back into himself at the Ajna chakra and find three secret chakras are Golata, Lalata and Lalana. They can only be experiences when the kundalini is completely awakened and has made the Ajna chakra flame with force. Only when the Ajna chakra burns with the Kundalini force can the adept find the three secret and hidden chakras in the back of his head. According to the Vamachara, these three chakras can only be opened through the blessing of Kali. The secret chakras can make the adept a god while in his own body.

Thus, there were 3 x 3 chakras, three of which are secret and are only opened by very advanced adepts on the Left Hand Path. The next step is to reach the Sahasrara chakra, but through the awakening of the Ajna chakra and the secret chakras the adept can take a step beyond the Sahasrara and the tenth level, in through Sunya to an eleventh level, to create new worlds beyond Sunya. On the other side of the black hole the adept will also find the infinite light trhat has previously been experienced as darkness. Instead of God’s unity, the dark path offersa dynamic duality as the highest principle. Unity is equivalent with extinction, while the outermost duality gives life and energy.

When the magician reaches Thaumiel, he finds himself at the absolute core. Thauniel is the eye of the Dragon and the throne of Lucifer. The magician can stay here forever, but can also make the ultimate choice. All religious, philosophical and metaphysical goals can be reached at this level. The magician can enter Nivana, become one with the darkness or the womb of Kali, but it is also possible for the magician to invert Thaumiel and become one with God and the bright side. The magician can re-enter the lower levels or take the final step out of this universe.


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