October 23, 2019
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General Description of Uriens

Gematria: 160; 395; 783
D/N: Diurnal
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue
Planet: Mercury; Moon; Saturn; Earth
Compass: Northeast (Primary); South
Element: Fire (Primary); Water
Primary Stellar Attribution: Beetelgeuse
Secondary Stellar Attribution: Algol
Lesser Stellar Attribution: Arcturus

Tunnel Correspondences

Tunnel of Set: 16 (Gashkalah-Ghogiel)
Hebrew Letter: Vau
Musical Key: C Sharp
Qliphothic Army: Adimiron
Tarot: Atu V (the Hierophant)


The Nature of the Spirit

Uriens is a psychopompic archdemoness and the matron of a demonic species/army known as the Adimiron [Bloody Ones], and she often appears to magickians as male. She rules over everything created from death and dissolution. Uriens can grant the witch faith in her personal path and impart openness to the influences and guidance of the Numinous. She presides over the pathway between the Qliphothic Spheres of Gashkalah (Jupiter/Astaroth) and Ghogiel (Uranus/Baelzebuth).

The teachings and auspices of Uriens are apt for shielding, exorcism, necromancy, martial arts, fencing, the use of firearms, alchemical operations of blood magick, tarot divination, divination by Norse runes, tactics and warfare, psychic vampyrism, enchanting staffs, bone divination, self-initiation, ritualized witchcraft, lunar magick, hydromancy. Her support is also greatly advantageous in matters involving a haunted house. She rules the principle of “As Above, So Below.”

Uriens can increase the witch’s bone density and the sturdiness of her vehicle. She engenders the revelation of things and the unification/connection of separate forces. Swords are sacred to her, and weapons of any kind are apt for rituals to her. She can initiate a new cycle of something and switch the polarities of things. She rules the Eye of the Qliphoth and the phenomena of renewal and sudden creation. She can teach the magickian to peer through a person and into her essence.

Uriens can impart physical strength and strength of character unto the witch or a specified person. She can freeze, halt, or petrify a given force and she rules over the power of Manna. Uriens can presence sustaining energies and ensure the continued living and/or existence of persons or things. She can be called upon to support and perpetuate your magick. She rules over the bearing of life.

Identifying the Spirit

I’ve already written an article about the Goetic demon known as Orias, wherein I identified Orias with Ornias, a lesser-known demon from Qabbalah (Ornias was written about long before anyone knew Urien’s name). But what about Uriens? Is she to be identified with Ornias and Orias?

I’m gonna be honest with you: I don’t know. Uriens and Orias sure fucking seemsimilar, but my pendulum keeps telling me different things. It appears as if they’re separate aspects or different manifestations of the same entity, but I am not going to give any sort of conclusive ruling when I’m this unsure.

And what about Oriens? I know there’s a demon named Oriens attributed to one of the cardinal directions, and I know Oriens’s name is often times spelled Uriens. Just because Oriens/Uriens shares the name of Uriens from the Tunnels of Set doesn’t mean the two spirits are one– after all, there’s both a Devil and an archangel bearing the name Samael.

My guides had told me that Uriens was separate from Ornias before I summoned Uriens, and come to think of it, some reason I didn’t ask a handful of the questions I usually ask when I was channeling my gnosis of Uriens. I think I would have an answer if I’d asked those questions. I hit up a gifted psychic on Facebook messenger and sent her a picture of Uriens’s sigil and a picture of Orias’s sigil and asked her to use her psychic senses to sense whether or not the sigils conjured the same spirit. She said they did feel the same, observing that “one seems to have a different purpose.” Maybe this is a different aspect of Orias, and maybe two different faces (Ornias and Uriens) of Orias have been revealed via Qabbalah by separate prophets. I don’t have a conclusion, but I do have a pretty dope article about Ornias/Orias.

Update: I have a conclusion. Orias and Uriens are two separate manifestations of the same demonic entity, and the demon known as Oriens is the same being as Uriens.

Update to the Update: Uriens is indeed Oriens, but Mark Allan Smith is right when he asserts that the demon, in fact, rules the WESTERN gate, not the Eastern as asserted by orthodox Demonology.

The Nature of the Tunnel

Regarding the Tunnel of Set ruled by Uriens, Linda Falorio writes:

The sigil of Uriens is painted on an inverted triangle reaching deep into the bowels of the Abyss. This entrance to the Tunnel suggests the gaping vulva of the goddess Iyemoja, Mother of Fish, source of the manifested universe which is borne upon the shoulders of Atlas/ Oriens/ Uriens. It is girdled with 16 writhing Gorgon serpents, anemone arms, enticing us within. Here is power of the feminine to turn strong men to stone, here is the deep, instinctual mesmerizing power of the yoni to exalt the phallus.

Dark and evil enter at the cross-quarters of the compass, at the cross-quarter celebrations of the year, so that Medieval churches planted gargoyles at the corners of cathedrals, stone demons peak out kitty-corner from the feet of saints.

In the northwest corner are remnants of the sacred Labyrinth, the senseless twistings leading nowhere, travails, confusions, convoluted paths of those who dare seek a Hierophant in this Dark Aeon. These are youths led in sacrifice to be devoured by the monstrous Minotaur, here are false prophets drugged with mad effluvia of primitive backbrain instincts, repressed, perverted by overweening solar consciousness.

In the southeast is the Jackal Throne of Samael-Set-Satan, covered with geometrical designs of the kingdom of Mali, Africa, home of the Dogon tribe, ancient keepers of the secrets of the extraterrestrial Nephilim, sojourners from the dog-star Sirius. Upon this throne sits the Elder Lilith, one of the Nephilim, depicted in Ishtar’s temple at Asur wearing goggles, spacesuit, and other strange devices of the star-traveller—a holographic image of our far-future selves, projected from the past. Accompanied by her raven familiar, She is mute, implacable. A shaman, wielding the sympathetic magick of the horned mask of Samael beseeches Her for strength, power, and protection, for Initiation into mysteries of Horus-Maat. The quest is ill-directed, dangerous, for: “There is no god where I am.”

Falorio continues:

The need to work with the energies of Uriens may be signaled by encountering in oneself or others a tendency to depend upon authority for validation, and direction, attendant upon belief in a Higher Power, belief in an Ultimate Meaning for our earthly existence. Here too, we may encounter belief in all varieties of divine salvation, from Second Comings of the Christ, and a benevolent God, to UFOs and extraterrestrials who come upon a cloud (or in spaceships) to save humanity from their folly with their greater wisdom. Here too, may be found spiritual pride, arrogance, excessive ego. On the other side, when we experience run-ins with “the Law,” we know we have fallen into the tunnel of Uriens.

The powers of this tunnel are the ability to ground oneself in self-validation. Here is found inner strength, with the courage to live by one’s convictions, even against “common sense” and one’s “better judgment.” Here is ability to face unafraid the awe and naked horror of existence, stripped of childish illusions of divine protection. Here too, we may experience innocent trust in the rightness of our personal path, no matter how unfortunate it may seem to the outer world, with humble receptivity to divine inspiration.


Liber Azerate
Nightside of Eden
Liber 231


The Thoth Tarot Correspondence for Uriens

The 16th Path Transmits the influence of the Hierophant.

The Call of Uriens

Its tunnel is sentinelled by the demon Uriens who is evoked by vibrating his name in the key of ‘C’ sharp. The name should be roared or, more properly bellowed.

Magickal Chants

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Uriens
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Uriens!”
This Chant Calls Forth Uriens While Presencing Infernal Energy to Raise or Strengthen a Sacred Space

Advoco Uriens, Magistra Necromantia, Sapiens Patronus Nex
“I Call Uriens, Governess of Necromancy, Sagacious Patron over Death!”
Since Uriens appeared to me as female but to Cort Williams as male, I have written this chant to acknowledge both genders of Uriens’s manifestation– Patronus is clearly a masculine noun, and Magistra clearly is not.

Cordatus Phasma Uriens– Concalo Immortales Penitrale Ex Qliphoth
“Wise Spirit Uriens– I Call the Immortal Spirit of the Qliphoth!”
Since Uriens’s gender varies, I’m using gender-neutral vocabulary

Rimkathankandrah Linkathaggorra Linkathaggorra Linkathaggalla Uriens
My Channeled Magickal Chant for Calling Forth Uriens

The Sigil of Uriens

His sigil should be inscribed in lines of flame[1] on a brown triangle. It shows a seven armed figure; the upper four arms terminate in yods; the lower three, in crosses. The seven-armed figure is a glyph of the Tree of Life.[2] It has relevance to the worlds below the abyss.

The Gematria of Uriens

The seven also refers to the original Light in heaven represented by the stars of Ursa Major (see previous section). This interpretation is confirmed by the fact that 395 – the number of Uriens – is also that of HShMIM, the ‘heavens’. The seven arms, the four yods, the three crosses, make a total of 59 in all (7+40+12) and this number furnishes a wealth of clues relevant to the meaning of the sigil.

According to the Kabbalah Denudata,[3] 59 is AChIM, meaning ‘brethren’; it refers partucularly to Samael who is stationed in the midst of the Zodiacal Qliphoth accompagnied by his shakti, the Elder Lilith. She guards the South East Corner and her companions are the Serpent and the Man. The serpent is a glyph of menstruation and 59, as NDH, means precisely this. It derives from the Egyptian word neti, meaning ‘being’, ‘existence’, ‘negative’, ‘froth’, ‘the sign of bleeding’, ‘female source’. This number therefore explains why the Adimiron (The Bloody) are the qliphoth attributed to the Tunnel of Uriens. In the list of Primes,[4] Aleister Crowley describes 59 as ‘The Yoni calling for the Lingam, as ovum, menstruum, or alkali’. Furthermore, and to endorse the interpretation, the word ZNB (59) signifies ‘tail’ or ‘extremities’.

The Magical Siddhis of Uriens

The name Uriens suggest Oriens who, as Atlas, supported the universe on his shoulders. The idea of support or bearing is borne out by the general symbolism associated with this kala which endows the Adept with the magical siddhi of physical stregth.

The Magical Weapon Correspondence for Uriens

The magical instrument ascribed to the 16th path is the Seat, Throne, or Altar, which are curiously feminine symbols for a kala associated with the Hierophant[5] until it is remembered that, in the New Aeon, the ‘Lord initiating’ (i.e. yhe hierophant) is the god Set,[6] who is identical with his Mother, Typhon, and therefore the continuation – as has been shown – of her kala, 15. She is in fact the Goddess 15, a name given to the Woman Fulfilled whose symbol, the full moon, occured on the 15th day. The 16th kala was therefore her child, i.e. Set, and Set-Typhon under a sigle image was typified by the Dog Star, Sothis. Accoording to Wilkinson,[7] Set-Typhon was known as ‘The Giant’ and this symbolism equates it with the pre-eval Nephilim.[8]

The name of the seat in Egyptian is Hes, or Isis. The throne bears the priest. The part of the body associated with the 16th kala is the shoulder, an euphemism for that which bears or supports the world, i.e. the Mother. Hence the association with Atlas (Oriens) who bears the world on his shoulders.

Uriens or Oriens, as the name implies, is also attribuable to the Orient, the place of the rising sun or solar-phallic power. This phenomenon, both in its cosmic (celestial) and in its microcosmic (biological) aspect lies behind the name of the Ordo Templi Orientis, O.T.O., which being interpreted means the Order of the Temple of the Exhalted or Risen Phallus.

The Corresponding Verse of CCXXXI for Uriens

The verse of CCXXXI relating to this Path declares : « Also is the Star of Flame (i.e. the Phallus) exalted, bringing benediction to the Universe. »

The Symbolism of Uriens

A glance at the column of Liber 777 shows that Uriens is attributed to the eleventh kala which is ruled by air and whose tunnel is presided over by Satan, prince of the Powers of the Air.

The number corresponding to the astral dimension of this kala is 45, the number of ADm (Man). He is one of the entities accompagnying Lilith in the spaces between the south and east cardinal points of the Zodiacal qliphoth, at the centre of which is the ‘evil’ angel Samael.[9] Within the inverted dimensions of these spaces stands the Throne of Samael. Before this stands the altar on which is stretched the nocturnal Lilith, Mother of Abortions.[10] The concept is explicit in the number of Uriens, for 395 is MShKLH Abortiens. Furthermore, the reflection of the Hierophant is refracted into the depths of the Abyss in the form of Set or Pan (Samael), the devil or double being the ‘opposite’ image.[11] Like wise, this concept is explicit in the number of Uriens, for 395 is MShNH, meaning ‘twofold circle’, and ‘the other’, the alter ego. Thus are the Heavens (HShMIM=395) reflected into the hells, and the Hierophant or Magus of the Eternal[12] become the Judge of the ‘dead’,[13] whose symbol is the jackal, the howler in the hautnts of the dead, and ‘the eater of dung in the day of be With Us’.[14] At the termination of this abominable repast the Adimiron (The Bloody) swarm across the desolate places of the void leaving the ‘rich brown juice’[15] of anihilation in their wake.

Other denizens of the cell of Uriens are the gorgons and minotaurs which are linked with the sun-son symbolic of Taurus and the Hierophant, and with the magical force that turns to stone.[16] The minotaur was the monstruous offspring of Pasiphae, daughter of the Sun, who copulated with a sacred bull. In his book The Magical Revival Kenneth Grant have provided Crowley’s description of the rite associated with the begetting of the Minotaur. When it was obtained it was imprisoned in a maze into which youths and maidens were introduced for sacrifical purposes. They strayed to the depths of the labyrinth and were devoured by the beast. The serpent-haired Gorgon is a form of Lilith; she is girdled with snakes and her glaring eyes turn to stone all who meet her gaze.

The Animal Correspondence for Uriens

Another animal associated with this path is the hippocultus the goddess Ife typifies the 16th kala and she is represented by the gaping vulva of Iyemoja, the source of the manifested universe borne upon the shoulders of Atlas (Oriens/Uriens). The hippopotamus, or water-cow, is the great bearer in the waters, the equivalent of Taurus, the Bull of Earth, on dry land, hence the connection with the goddess (Venus rules Taurus) and the waters of the abyss. Iyemoja means literally ‘Mother of Fish’, which shows the specifically sexual nature of her function.

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