October 23, 2019
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Golachab is the most brutal of the Qliphotic powers. The name of this Qlipha is significantly revealing regarding the nature of this sphere : ‘arsonist’, ‘the flaming ones’, ‘the volcano’ or ‘those who burn with fire’. According to the reflection of Geburah, the Sephirah from which the Qliphoth was born. Geburah is the imperative and punitive force that in myths is compared to the fires of Hell. Geburah is the wrath of God that inspires fear in the pious. It is the punishing aspect of God and of the Tree of Life. Some claim that the Qliphoth are punishment from God. The Qliphoth are the chaos and the hauntings that God sends to the disobediuent man. As disclosed above, many Qabalists claims that that wrath of God created a crack in Creation, and the wrath that leaked thus causes the Qliphoth.   The most common theory regarding Geburah and Golachab is that the Tree of Life consists of a balance between the mercy of God (the Sephirah Chesed, also called Gedulah) and His severity (Geburah). The shadow side of these Sephiroth contain these functions in an unbalanced form. The unbalanced anti-pole of Chesed then corresponds to a lack of restraint, and the dark side of Geburah corresponds to mercilessness.

Golachab belongs to the mental plane an dis one of the two poles through which Thagirion operates. Thagirion represents the Self and dark illumination. Thagirion is the total personality, or Self, that operates in existence through a complete co-operation between force, vision and action. The two poles of the mental plane are lust and suffering. The lust factor belongs to Chesed, suffering to Geburah. They are arranged in a special structure and adopt certain principles, such as God’s mercy and severity. The Sephiroth operate within an ordered cosmos that is illustrated by the Tree of Life. The Qliphotic counterparts of lust and suffering do not exist within these structures, but operates in chaos Here they are genrally exhangeable, and lust passes into suffering and suffering becomes lust. We can here find a form of sado-masochistic complex in these two Qliphoth in which they simultaneously represent lust and suffering, attrction and repulsion, sex and death. These two Qliphoth are ruled by demon rulers that are often associated, namely Astaroth and Asmodeus; the two most central demons of the original black mass. Asmodeus rules Golachab. Asmodeus, the thirty-second Goetic demon, appears in numerous grimoires and in apocryphal literature. He is called ‘Samael the Black’ an dis the son of, or an aspect of Samael.

Golachab and Asmodeus represent violent fire, revolution and rebellion. This Qlipha corresponds to Mars, the planet of war. Asmodeus breaks marital bonds and inspires promiscuity. The magician who reaches this Qlipha learns how to control and invert experiences of lust and suffering in a way that breaks the Sephirotic structures. Golachab is associated with extremely violent and dangerous forces, and the most brutal curse-rituals come from this sphere. Adepts who are working with Golachab can use certain fire ceremonies : walking on or eating burning coals, or special sado-masochistic rites to contact the forces of the Qlipha.


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