June 3, 2020
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The General Description of A’ano’nin

The 26th Tunnel of Set, that rely …. to …. is under the aegis of the qabalistic demon A’ano’nin.

’ano’nin resides within the twenty-sixth Qliphothic pathway (which corresponds to the letter Ayin), namely the one between Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphegor) and Samael (Mercury/Adrammelech), and he’s called the lord of the gates of matter. The atavisms which he correlates to are the goat and the ass. He correpsonds to the 15th tarot card (the Devil) and the key of A. Meanwhile, his tunnel corresponds to the planet Saturn.

A’ano’nin, whose name means “the Great Fishy One,” holds dominion over satyrs—a race of satyrs markedly more demonic than those led by Pan, and Pan’s satyrs are rather demonic themselves.

A’ano’nin presides over the Witch’s Sabbat—probably a different Sabbat than the one you’ve been attending. A’ano’nin’s Sabbat, which occurs within Nahemoth, is more of a private affair. Guests get to Vampyrically feed upon restrained victims—spirits they’ve caught. While sex certainly does occur, it is not orgiastic.

A’ano’nin is a patron of dark magick and a master of the evil eye. His maledictions can bring about the bondage of the target—either by restricting the actions of a mortal or binding a spirit.

A’ano’nin assists in scrying and sex magick. He can be called upon for protection as well as banishing. He can also modify energies such that they can be digested by the witch, which has intriguing implications for mimetics.

A’ano’nin strengthens the psychic senses of the witch and helps attune her to her instints. While He can bring about glamour spells, He is very much a Spirit of revelation– in Frater 414’s account of the entity, A’ano’nin gave him important advice completely unprompted and out of context with the pre-existent conversation. A’ano’nin helps the witch see through facades and causal illusions.

This fiend manifested as male upon my evocation of him and he manifested as male to Frater 414 as well. Nonetheless, this same fiend manifested as female to Linda Falorio, who related A’ano’nin to Saturnalia and the Scarlet Woman. His female aspect can liberate one of entrapment, including entrapment by the personality traits of complaisance and submissiveness. I have sensed this female aspect throughout my (re)construction of this article, crying out for acknowledgement. I would describe this entity as eager to assist the witch.

I found a musical track made for workings with this tunnel: https://library.hrmtc.com/2013/10/17/aanonin/


The Call of A’ano’nin

It is known among magicians that to invoke him, the name of the qabalistic demon A’ano’nin should be uttered is a raucous and bleating tone in the key of ‘A’.

The Sigil of A’ano’nin

The sigil of A’ano’nin should be painted in black within an indigo-coloured and inverted pentagram.

This tunnel underlies the 26th path which transmits the 16th kala in the series of microcosmic kalas commencing with the 11th path. It should at this point be remebered that the Cosmic or Aeonic power-zones constitute the ten sephiroth, Daäth being not a kala in the strict sense of the term but rather a Gate of the Ingress and Egress of Aiwass (78) via Kether.[1] The microcosmic or sexual power-zones are the 22 Paths which, together with the 10 Aeonic or macrocosmic power-zones, make 32 in all.

On the Tree of Life, the 22 Paths can be considered as the reflections in human consciousness of the power-zones of cosmic consciousness. The aeons may also be considered in relation to the cerebral centres in man, and the kalas in relation to the sexual centres.[2] The psychosexual mecanism of the 16 kalas in humanity (8 in the female; 8 in the male) is reflected from the aeonic centres or cosmic power-zones into the cerebro-spinal fluid and endoctrine system. The 16th kala, in a macrocosmic sense, is equated with Path 16, the Path of the Har or Child (Horus). He is born of the Goddess 15, represented on path 15 as The Star whose magical emble mis the eleventh zodiacal sign, Aquarius. This symbolism has been explained in Kenneth Grant’s book, Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, to which the reader is reffered.


The Tarot Correspondence for A’ano’nin

The reflection of Horus in the 16th microcosmic kala, which is numbered 26, is The Devil, or Double, of Horus, i.e. Set. A perfect fusion and balance of forces in the macro and micro-cosms is thus attained in this 26th kala, which is ruled by the energies of Capricorn.

Zodiacal/Planetary Correspondence for A’ano’nin : Capricorn

This 26th kala, which is ruled by the energies of Capricorn.

The Animal Correspondence for A’ano’nin

The animal Totem of A’an’nin, the demon sentinel dwelling in the 26th Tunnel of Set, is the legendary Goat of Mendes. In Thelemic Magick, the Goat is widely known to be the astrological glyph of BABALON, the Scarlet Woman whose EYE (Ayin) is attributed precisely to this qliphotic path via the symbolism of Atu XV, which is the Tarot Trump intitled The Devil from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck. This ain, or eye, reaches its fullest extent in the name of the Sentinel of this qliphotic tunnel, the sinister A’ano’nin.

The Gematria of A’ano’nin

His number is 237 which is also that of Ur-He-Ka, the Magick Power of the Goddess ShPhChH (Sefekh), 393.[3] Kenneth Grant made the remark that 237 is also the number of IERAOMI, a word meaning ‘to be a priest or priestess’, which, in his opinion, is enough to confirms the sacred nature of this number.[4] The sigil of A’ano’nin shows the Ur-heka surmounted by the head of the priest and who is surrounded by the capital letters BKRN, which add up to 272. This digit (272) is known among occultists to be the number of Aroa, which signifies ‘Earth’, or the word ‘Bor’, which can mean ‘to consume’, ‘to be beastly’, ‘brutish’, etc. Pursuing further his gematric analysis of the number of A’ano’nin, Kenneth Grant tells us that 272 is also the number corresponding to the word Orb, which commonly mean ‘the evening’, or even ar, which means an Arab, or, in other words, a person living in the West. The West is well known among occultists as being the home place of Babalon. Babalon’s animal totem, the Goat, is the ultimate glyph of earth in the west because it is considered to be the lengendary place of the setting Sun. Obr, a metathesis if Orb denotes ‘tears’, ‘myrrh-droping’, from the Egyptian word abr, ‘ambrosia’, ‘ointment’, and from aft, meaning ‘exuding’, ‘distilling’.

The Occult Symbolism of A’ano’nin : the Evil Eye

The magical power of Path 26 relate to the Witches’ Sabbath and the Evil Eye and its kala is that which is distilled by the rite of the XI°, for the Evil Eye is the Eye of Night (i.e. the moon), and the ointment, unguent, or myrrh-dropping is the Vinum Sabbati prepared at sundown in the cauldron of the Scarlet Woman. Capricorn is the Secret Flame whereon the cauldron seethes, hence its connection with Vesta, who, together with the deities Khem, Set, Pan, and Priapus, is asigned to Path 26.

The Disease Commonly Associated with A’ano’nin

The disease typical of this kala is priapism, and the animals sacred to it are the oyster, the goat, and the ass. The latter is the specific totem of the female and of the qliphoth associated with the Moon of Ysod, the Gamaliel or ‘Obscene Ass’.

The Qliphothic Order : the Inhabitants of A’ano’nin

The tunnel of A’ano’nin is haunted by satyrs, fauns, and panic demons, and the Order of Qliphoth ass

The Magical Weapons Correspondence for A’ano’nin

The corresponding Magical Weapon is the Secret Force represented by the shuttered lamp, whic is an allusion to the eye concealed in the buttocks of the goat.

The Tarot Trump Correspondence for A’ano’nin

The Tarotic attribution of this 26th Path is the Tarot Trump entitled The Devil, who is assuming here the role of Lord of the Gates of Matter; for the lunar current is nothing but the menstrum of reification which seethes within the Cup of Babalon. The Great Prostitute is the Bride of Choronzon for he is in truth the Lord watching over the Gates of Matter.

The Verse from Liber CCXXXI that is Relevant for A’ano’nin

According to Liber CCXXXI : « The Lord Khem arose, He who is holy among the highest, and set up his crowned staff for to redeem the universe. »[5] This means that Set or Pan erects the phallus to redeem the universe, the technical formula of which redemption is resumed in the XI° O.T.O. The Black Diamond is the secret of generation, for the diamond glitters in the darkness of matter as the Eye of Set.

The African Deity Correspondence for A’ano’nin

The African pantheon is represented in this tunnel by Legba, the fettish of the ‘knotted stick’, i.e. the phallus. He is sometimes known as Echu, the ‘rejected’; rejected, in that he’s always excluded by the non-initiated who are unable to understand the value of the First Matter and its relation to the subtler aspects of consciousness. First Matter, in this context, is an illusion to that excremental fluid that forms part in the Vinum Sabbati. This is distilled at the Feast of Legba which is known as Odun, and which is undoubtedly the precursor of the Witches’ Sabbath. Odun means ‘the year’ and signifies the passage of a completed cycle of time, this having the effect of sinking the symbolism with the periodic cycle of the female. The reference is explicitly made to the lunar serpent that confers perpetual wealth, which explains its strong underground association with the Devil and Material Power.

A’ano’nin and the Magick of O.T.O’s XI°

For the sake of clarity, it is important here to make a clear distinction between the magick of the XI° as it is still practised by comtemporary members of the O.T.O., and the interpretation of that degree that were given by Crowley in his Magical Records.[6] In order to avoid any possible confusion, we find important to quote here the following passage from Kenneth Grant’s book Aleister Crowley & the Hidden God concerning the occult symbolism of this 26th qliphotic tunnel : « This symbolism reveals the formula of the XI°. It does not involve the sodomitial use of sex, as Crowley supposed , but rather the use of the lunar Current as indicated in his Magical Record by the phrase El. Rub. (Elixir Rubeus). The ancient Draconian Mysteries of Khem upon which the Cult of Shaitan-Aiwass is ultimately based are silent concerning any sodomitical formula except as a perversion of magical practice. In that Tradition – the most ancient in the world – Horus and Set orinally represented North and South; the heat of Set was symbolized by the blackening or redening power of the sun in the south, also by Sothis the star which announced the periodic inundation of the Nile, mystically interpreted as a phenomenon of the Feminine Mysteries. The red mud, the inundation, the ‘blind’ Horus, the Osiris swathed in bandages, the weeping or eclipsed sun, all were equally symbolic of the periodic cycle of the female nature. Set, as the seat, did not symbolize the litteral fundament, but the foundation in the lunar and Yesodic sense of the physiological flux that is the true basis of menifestation and stability. Similarly, the retrogressive symbolism if the medieval parody of these ancient Mysteries, with its so-called witches’ Sabbath and os obscaenum, was a still readable reference to the lunar formula. The misinterpretation of these Mysteries in anal terms is, to the Initiate, as much a perversion of doctrine (and, as such, a sacramental blasphemy) as is the recital of the Lord’s Prayer backwards and the defilement to the orthodox Christian. »[7]

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