October 23, 2019
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 General Description of Zamradiel

Tunnel of Set: 17 (Satariel-Thagirion)
Tarot of Tunnel: the Lovers
Ordeal of Tunnel: Ominous Appearance and Banshees
Siddihi of Tunnel: Bilocation
Atavism of Tunnel: Hyena
Musical Key of Tunnel: D
Hebrew Letter of Tunnel: Zain
Demonic Order of Tunnel: Tzelilimiron
Force of Tunnel: Shugal-Choronzon as a Virulent Magickal Storm
Zodiac of Tunnel: Gemini
Planet of Tunnel: Mercury
Planet of Spirit: Neptune
Gematria: 292; 297; 776; 1554

“The sigil of Zamradiel is composed of a lunar crescent pierced by an arrow shot from a bow, both ends of which terminate in the letter G… the vehicle by which the crossing is achieved… the letter of the High Priestess…” Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant

Zamradiel dwells within the 17th Qliphothic pathway, which leads from Satariel (Saturn/Rofocale) to Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore) and is attributed to Gemini and therefore to Mercury. The name Zamradiel means “the Great Clanger.” His tunnel is haunted by the Bultungin– which are the votaries of the Spectral Hyena known as Bultu– and hybrid entities. The nature of the tunnel is often described as a juxtaposition and yet a reconciliation of opposites.

Zamradiel is associated with sorcery in general, but he specializes in communion with the Higher Self, shapeshifting the astral double into birds or wolves, vampyrism, bilocation, stilling something to see whats happening in the astral, natural witchcraft, nature spirits, astral sight, and basic psychometry.

Zamradiel specializes in seduction and flirtation, and he can teach the witch to put carnality in perspective and understand lust for what it is. Alternately, white lighters have described him as the triumph of coitus over wisdom.  He can delineate the psychological aspects of fornication and teach the celebrant how to use them in the sack. He can teach the witch about the equivalence of opposites.

Zamradiel rules over the use of sexual energy in witchcraft and the communing together or sorcerers in dreams. He can help the witch decide which direction to take, find the truth of a matter, create and/or use defensive weaponry, control war and its creation, understand and achieve the pursuit of conquest, determine where to strike, exert dominion or control, conquer the old, become victorious in any endeavor, attain mastery over creation, ameliorate or incite tuberculosis, take control via Qliphothic forces, verbally trick/deceive, and dissolve the ego.

Zamradiel appeared to Frater 414 as two young, naked men– one pitch black and one snow white– speaking hypnotically either in unison or alternation. He is also known to appear as a man composed of flaming embers.

292: Precious Ore, Gold, To gather, to fortify, ring-gold, pruning knife, snuffers (temple utensil), mouse, open region, open country, to pile up, to burn, to scorch, resting place, fourth

297: A depository, an armory, a name for the book of Deuteronomy, the name “Elohim Gibor” which is associated with Geburah, citadel, palace, fortress, enclosure, your seed, “Korsia” [throne] (a title for binah), princes, annointed ones, your help, neck, raven, evening

776: and you shall rule, and raiment, and nine, as lead, inn, to look at, perversity, iniquity, smooth, shiny

1554: (NONE FOUND)

Thelemic Qabalah Volume 3
Gematria and the Tanakah
Frater 414’s experiments with Liber 231
Frater 2100!’s experiments with Liber 231
The Shadow Tarot
Liber Azerate
Liber Obsidian Obscura


The Thoth Tarot Correspondence for Zamradiel

The 17th Path transmits the influence of the Lovers.

The Correct pronounciation of the Call of Zamradiel

Its tunnel is entinelled by Zamaradiel who is evoked by vibrating his name in the key of ‘D’. The sound should be accompagnied by a hoarse cachinnation. His sigil should be painted in a tint approximating new leather yellow upon a vesica of mauve.

The Gematria of Zamradiel

His number is 292, that of TzRB, ‘the raven’, the black bird of Set TzRB also means ‘evening’; at sunset the raven commences its predatory flight. BtzR, a metathesis of TzRB, signifies ‘gold’, the metal associated with the twins Set-Horus, Set’s totem being the black bird and that of Horus the golden falcon. The earlier twins, however, were Set and Anubis, the golden jackal who, with his dark shade, haunted the desert of mummies, i.e. the astral shells left by those who had made the crossing and transcended the abyss.

The Sigil of Zamradiel

The sigil of Zamradiel is composed of a lunar crescent pierced by an arrow shot from a bow, both ends of which terminate in the letter G. The transfixed moon is the crucified flesh. The ‘crucified’ are those who have made the crossing of the Abyss. The letter G (gimel) signifies the ‘camel’, the ship of the desert, the vehicle by which the crossing is achieved. It is the letter of the High Priestess. This tunnel concentrates the influences of Set via Black power-zone (Binah) that receives its light from the Stellar Sphere (Chokmah) and rays it downward through the abyss. The 17th kala is thus strongly charged with the atmosphere of Daäth and of Death, both of which have close affinity with the Lovers.

The Zodiacal/Planetary Correspondence for Zamradiel

The number 292 is also that of Chozzar which, as suggested in Kenneth Grant’s book Cult of the Shadows, is probably connected with the name Choronzon, a corrupt form of it.[1] The symbol of Chozzar resembles the astrological sign of Neptune and according to Blavatsky Chozzar is called Neptune by the uninitiated.[2] It is the symbol of Atlantean Magic and its attribution to the second power-zone, Chokmah, is highly significant because Chokmah receives an influx direct from Pluto (Kether).

The Sexual Dimension of Zamradiel

Michael Bertiaux observes that ‘Pluto being correlated to Neptune is pure sexuality’ which the Plutonic Sphere ‘is psychic and magical’. This energy, which is called ‘’libido’’ is the most powerful force in the world and cannot be isolated with magical methods… It is also the foundation of the various natural fields of force, such as light, gravitation, electro-magnetism, and it is a fact that the basic sub-atomic particle, being a functional photon, is in reality libido in an elementary form’.[3]

The Animal Correspondence of Zamradiel

This is the energy that powers the Lovers of the 17th Path, but, in the tunnel beneath it, it has been transformed into the RPVAH[4] or ‘drug of death’ that is represented by the black bird of Set and the black pig of Typhon. Chozzar means ‘a pig’. This creature was adopted as a symbol of the Great Work by the Typhonians because it was the only animal known to devour human excrement. The pig is symbolic and so is the excrement, for it is not anal refuse that is veiled by this totem, but the blood of the moon, the human female flux in its dark phase. The symbolism was carried over into the solar cults of later ages, and at the time of the vernal equinox the god Khunsu is depicted in the orb of the full moon bearing in his arms the sacrificial pig.[5] The imbibition of the black wine of the moon prepared the initiate for the disintegration, or cruscifixion, at Easter time, and this made possible the crossing over into the world of spirit or Non-being.

The Symbolism of Zamradiel

The Gnostics depicted Chozzar in the form of a Serpent whose stellar representative was Draco. The undullation of the serpent was an image of the periodic feminine flow.

The mystery of this tunnel is glyphed by the sigil of its sentinel with the lunar crescent transfixed by the arrow. As Massey has shown, ‘the first bow was drawn by the Genetrix’ and it ‘came full circle in the cycle of Gestation, hence the bow of Neith, and the arrow of the Goddess Seti’.

In Zamradiel’s sigil the moon is young and has not yet attained the fulness of gestation which occurs after the lovers have emerged from the City of the Pyramids (Binah) into the desert of Set.

The Relevant Verse from CCXXXI for Zamradiel

The relevant verse from CCXXXI reads : « Here then beneath the winged Eros is youth, delighting in the one and the other. He is Asar [Osiris] between Asi and Nephthi [Nephthys]. » Oriris is the mummy, the dead one who is reborn in the spirit world, having been conceived by Isis and brought to birth by Nephthys.

The Magical Siddhis of Zamradiel

The magical siddhi of this kala is – understandably – bilocation, here symbolized by the mummy (Osiris) and the risen youth (Asi). This dual deity sometimes appears as The Brothers and sometimes as The Lovers.

The Dark Forces Acting Behind Zamradiel : Shapeshifting

It is from this tunnel that dark forces emerge and seep from the abysses of non-being, permeating the power-zones of manifestation with the shadows of their absence. This doubling or dappling with light and shade is typified by symbolic hybrids such as the magpie, the penguin, the piebald, the parrot, the zebra; in fact, all dappled and chameleon-like creatures that have the apparent power of transformation.

The Order of Qliphoth Ascribed to the Realm of Zamradiel

The Order of Qliphoth ascribed to this realm is the Tzalalimiron, ‘The Changers’. The supreme totem of this tunnel is the hyena and this realm is hauted by votaries of the Bultu, or Spectral Hyena. Its cult is known to have existed in the paleolithic age. It brought its totem out of Africa and spread it secretly, all over the earth.[6] It had its astral source in the tunnel beneath the Path of the Twins (The Lovers) and was reflected on to the earth plane at a place in Africa named Kabultiloa. The name means literally ‘the shadow (Ka) of the spectre or spirit (loa) of the hyena (bultu)’. The magical vibration of the Cult was concentrated in the mantram ‘Bultungin’, a verb meaning ‘I transform myself into a hyena’. This was the atavism assumed by the spectral shape that formed itself of the elements of the 17th kala, when the twin powers of Love and Death[7] were fused into one image. Its qliphotic reflex was sucked out of space in the form of this creature by an Adept who ‘knew the sacred alignments’[8] and who vibrated the mantram that evoked it. This was achieved by fusing the twin serpents, Ob and Od, within the body of a priestess dedicated to the dark god or this kala whose name is now lost.

Choronzon : the Demonic Force Presiding Over Zamradiel

This Cult of the Spectral Hyena persisted when all other forms of its god had perished, and certain magicians and dreamers have received intimations of its existence through the centuries. Dr John Dee (1527-1608), who first called it down from the spaces of Daäth in historic times, named it Choronzon. Aleister Crowley, who contacted it in our own times, also called it Choronzon, while H.P. Lovecraft sensed it as the monstruous and amorphous slime known as Yog-Sothoth.[9]

The Call of Zamradiel

According to a secret grimoire ‘the Beast was called down not from known spaces but from cells between them,[10] while the Bultu drums beat off-beat rhythms’. Similarly, in the later Pero rites of Voodoo – in which the Cult survived under another name – ‘the alignments of the secret vevers flowed between the cardinal points, not through them. An entity appeared in answer to the Call and crystallized about itself the spectral analomy peculiar to the Bultu totem. It presided at a Sabbat within the tunnels of the earth, and then it vanished. Nor did the Beast appear again, even during the dark dynasties of Khem when traffic with non-human entities was secretly undertaken in the Cults of Taurt and Set.

Having concentrated the essence of the Bultu within its eidolon, or spectre, it secreted a subtle sperm that combined with the life-blood of its consort to produce a magnetic salve, thus sealing the fire of the woman with that of the Beast in a single substance.

The ‘times being right’ and the ‘space marks’ being established, a violent magical storm raged in the region of Kabultiloa where this monstruous rite was enacted. Ceaseless rains are said to have fallen in places that were rarely rained upon, and violent electrical disturbances in the atmosphere obliterated all traces of the event. During the deluge constant lightnings flashed and, penetrating to this caverns beneath the earth, struck the bride of the Beast as she writhed in its embrace. Her body was instantly burnt to a cider and a small black stone slipped from her thighs. The two vital oils, fused at incredible heat, produced a talisman of incalculable power. The fire that blent the twin serpents of life, the bestial and the divine,[11] set its seal upon the stone in the shape of a curious device not unlike the sigil of Zamradiel and a certain secret symbol known to have been used in the times of Atlantis in connection with the worship of Chozzar’.[12]

The Sigil of Zamradiel

This mystical keraunograph thereafter became the sigil of the Bultu, the seal adopted by the Cult through succeeding aeons, and it is said to exist at the present time in a secret sanctuary of Voodoo known as Ville-aux-champs.[13]

The Underground Forces Behind Zamradiel

The tunnel of Zamradiel is under the aegis of the forces of Shugal-Choronzon in their voodoo forms of baron Samedhi and Guéde-Nibho. The Baron represents the Saturnine[14] aspect. Another of his names is Cimitière, the French word denominating the place of the dead or of those who make the crossing into non-being. Hence, Baron Samedhi is also known as Maître Carrefour or Carfax, Master of the Crossroads, for at the junction of the four ways[15] the spirits of the living cross over into the realm of non-being, and vice-versa.[16] Guéde, on the other hand, concentrates the Eros-Libido element of the current represented by The Lovers. Their stellar vehicle is Gemini, their planetary seat, Mercury, the god who guides the dead in the underworld in the form of Shugal, whether as fox, dog, jackal or wolf, according to the appropriate local faunal types.

Guéde Nibho represents the dual polarities Ob and Od in the forms of the life-giving Odic force, and the Obeah or Orphidian current manifest through death and is typified by the abhorrent Ganin-Gub.[17] Guéde approxiates to the Egyptian Khonsu who is associated with the black pig or boar of Set, as previously mentioned. The name Nibho, meaning ‘lord’, derives from the Egyptian Neb (our Nib or Nob). Lord Guéde is ascribed to the Northern quarter which in the present context, is above Saturn and the stellar sphere[18] in the place of Daäth, buried deeply in the desert gulfs inhabited by the jackal of Set and the pig of Khonsu.

The Bultu is neither human nor animal but an astral manifestation that feeds like a vampire upon the essential oils of its victims. As the spectral hyena it fascinates by its glance and then slakes its lust for blood. As the Ganin-Gub,[19] or Serpent of Ob, it drinks the actual plasma of its victim’s vitality, mingled with the menstruum if the priestess who has drained it into her chalice. Similarly, Baron Samedhi draws sustenance from his victims in many forms, thus perpetuating a lingering half-life in demensions outside the range of normal consciousness, but accessible to those who ‘know the sacred alignments’ and who know how to vivify the sigil of the Bultu, the sound of whose mantram can open the Pylons of Shugal. The dual nature of the symbolism associated with Zamradiel accords with the nature of the Bultu which, being of another dimension, is neither flesh nor spectre, white nor black, human nor beast, but a combination of hybrid entities far surpassing in horror those described by the ancients a the products of unatural congress. In the off-beat rhythm of the Bultu drums the sensitive ear may detect the mantram of ultimate abomination, the hideous symbol of which resembles the hyena fabled to have sprung from the union of the ravening desert jackal and the lioness of Ethiopia.

 The Animal Correspondence for Zamradiel

The hyena is symbolic of all half lives, all twilight and crepuscular states of consciousness, all crossed breeds interweaving, coiling, worming their ambiguous images into flesh and branding with the mark of the Bultu the myrriad forms it chooses as its vehicles. Primordial atavisms are unsealed by the beat of the Bultu drums and, if used in connection with the tunnel of Zamradiel,[20] in the key of ‘D’, will snare the mind in the dark web of its rhythms. Whether heard from near or far, those that hear it are compelled to attend the Sabbath over which Choronzon presides. This accounts, in a phenomenal sense, for the ‘omnious appearances’ and ‘banshees’, the legendary beings ascribed to this path in Aleister Crowley’s Liber 777.

The Symbol for Zamradiel

In the earliest African myths, Oro, the tempest, has affinities with the 17th kala. On his feast day he appears in the smeared with blood. He bellows and screams like a fierce wind; the priests celebrate his mass and screams like a fierce banshee-howlings by the rapid twirling of a wooden clapper attached to a string.[21] In the Voodoo system the Marassas, or Twins, are symbolized by a vever which incorporates the three pillars of the Tree of Life. In his book, Cults of the Shadows, Kenneth Grant have reproduced an illustration of this vever by Michael Bertiaux who has added ‘the crossed baton of the magical Saturn, or Guéde Nibho, so as to produce the model for the pathways of the voltigeurs, as well as pathways for the secret schools of Voudou initiation’.[22] This is of vital importance for it traverse the gulfs of space without using the tunnels of Set, thus jumping the interstices as they leave one dimension and enter another.

The Color Correspondence for Zamradiel

The special colour of this path is reddish grey inclined to mauve. Grey tinged with red suggests the Sphere of the Stars[23] suffused with the blood of Isis (Kali/Mars); the feminine stellar current in the direction of Daäth. According to Crowley, lavender is attributed to Daäth.

[1] Kenneth Grant, Cults of the Shadows, p.?

[2] H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, II, p. 356.

[3] See Michael Bertiaux 2nd. Year Grade Papers of the Monastery of the Seven Rays. See also Kenneth Grant, Cults of the Shadows, chapter 11.



[6] Kenneth Grant tells us that remains of hyena and various cult objects found in Tir Iarll (the modern Glamorgan) suggest that the Cult spread even in Britain. See infrapaginal notes in his book The Nightside of Eden, p. 194.

[7] Eros=Libido, and Daäth = Death.

[8] The phrase is from Austin Osman Spare.

[9] Like we have seen previously, this is an amalgam of the god-names Set and Thoth.

[10] i.e. the cells of the Qliphoth.


[12] It has been suggested by Kenneth Grant that Chozzar was the orgiginal form of the name of Choronzon. Voir Kenneth Grant, The Nightside of Eden, p. 9.

[13] Seat of the Order of the Shadow, and cite of the thrue Shamballah. See Michael Bertiaux, Grade Papers, MSR.

[14] Saturn is ascribed to Binah.

[15] The center of the cross represents the intersection of the plane of being by that other dimension we can only name non-being.

[16] According to Plutarch (Of Isis and Osiris, ch. 49) among the meaning of the name Set-Typhon are ‘turning back’ and ‘overpassing’ (i.e. passing or crossing over.)

[17] See Gerald Massey, The Natural Genesis, Vol I, p. 300.

[18] One of its later forms, when the Cult had reached its Voodoo phase.

[19] i.e. the vulva.

[20] i.e. after Zamradiel has been invoked.

[21] The primitive bull-roarer that appeared later, in Egypt, as the sistrum in the Mysteries of Isis.

[22] Kenneth Grant, Cults of the Shadows, p. 171.

[23] Chokmah, the cosmic power-zone of the Magus associated with Neptune.

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