June 3, 2020
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The General Description of Niantiel

Names: Niantiel, Mawethel, Madraphaleon
Planets: Pluto; Jupiter
Element: Water; Air
Attributed Behenian Stars: Sirius; Arcturius
D/N: Equally Nocturnal & Diurnal
Trans-Sephirothic Veil: Ain Soph
Colors: Yellow, Silver, Purple, Indigo, White, Grey
Vale of Name (Gematria): 91, 160, 1118
Sacred Numbers: 14, 24, 37, 29
Compass: West; Northeast (Primary); Southeast (Secondary)
Attributed Qliphothic Spheres (From Most to Least Attributed): Samael; Golachab & Ghagiel; Herab Serapel; Sathariel
Non-Qliphothic Sphere: Falak Al-Aflak [the Primary Emanation]

Correspondences of Tunnel

Zodiac of Tunnel: Cancer
Musical Key of Tunnel: G
Colors of Tunnel: Indigo-Brown; Greenish Blue
Atavism of Tunnel: Beetle, Wolf, Scorpion
Tarot of Tunnel: Atu XIII (Death)
Tunnel of Set: 14/24 (A’arab Zaraq-Thagirion)
Species of Tunnel: Necheshthiron
Zodiac of Tunnel: Scorpio
Hebrew Letter of Tunnel: Nun
Initiatory Ordeal of Tunnel: 5=6

Niantiel’s name is generally translated as “the Brazen Ones,” even though no one disputes the fact that Niantiel is a singular spirit rather than a group. Elohim and Behemoth are also plural nouns which refer to singular entities. The plurality denotes their stature rather than their numbers—Hebrew is weird that way. Let us postulate then that the name Niantiel means “Great Brazen One.”

My coven has recorded two appearances for Niantiel. The first is as a hairless male with charcoal-colored corpse flesh and glowing yellow eyes. He’s a little over six feet tall. He levitates in such a way that the bottom of his cloak never touches the ground. He doesn’t appear to have legs. His sleeves culminate in long, hanging apertures through which his massive hands hang, palms downward, long fingers curving towards the floor.

The second, being the more common of the two, is a nine-foot-tall anthropoid composed of darkness. Strong, lean muscle covers his figure and two long, black horns extend from his forehead. Niantiel is a spirit of necromancy—He subjects the witch to purification by way of putrefaction. He helps attune the witch to that grey essence of death which aspiring necromancers are warned about, and He can be inventive in His method of doing so.

I have encountered a third description wherein Niantiel manifests as “Female. A transparent, skeletal figure. Many eyed, she carries a pair of sickle scythes. On her head is a peacock feather crown. At her throat is a mayfly, which lives but a single day. At her genitals is a scorpion, and at her feet are a pair of snakes. Her halo represents Time. She is purity through putrefaction, a cleanser, seeing all and slaying all before her. Nothing can escape her. She is the Great Initiatrix, the desecrator, the Sun-Phallus in Amenta-Anus. Seed amongst shit, the fertilising churning of new life. Niantiel is paired with Lafcursiax. The Hebrew letter traditionally associated with Atu XIII is Nun, originally derived from the Scale’s of Libra, the balance of Maat associated with Atu VIII, Lafcursiax’s ‘dayside’ counterpart.”

According to Liber Azerate, Niantiel facilitates the witch’s participation in “astral necrophilia.” I couldn’t wait to tell my coven about that shit.

Niantiel specializes in undoing the changes caused by previous spells. He functions as a psychopomp and is more than happy to assist the witch in regular sex magick. He can bring about changes in any causal circumstance and he instructs the sorcerer in the art of evocation.

Niantiel is adroit in creation, the stimulation of new life, and the facilitation of new growth. He’s one of the best spirits you can work with for astral sight. He is associated with the atavism of the beetle. Niantiel is more than just a lord of death—he is a father of renewal. In the same way that he guides sorcerers through the astral planes, he helps Satanists reincarnate.

Niantiel can impart reasoning skills, foresight, creativity, motivation, decision-making skills, mindfulness, talent for writing, leadership skills, and the talents for strategy and deception to the witch. His auspices are of use in sphereworkings through Falak Al-Aflak [the Primary of the Spheres]. The spirit can help you properly conduct and get away with operations of homicide, theft, drug-dealing, and arms dealing.

Niantiel is knowledgeable regarding BDSM and he can teach the magickian a lot about ceremonial magick, astronomy, psychology, meteorology, and neurology. He can also improve her hand-eye coordination and physical reflexes and teach her how to wield a firearm or sword.

One night, two fellow witches and I were drunkenly walking the suburban roads outside of the covenstead. I looked back at the tall fellow who was possessed by our guiding spirit, and asked “What should our coven be focusing on now?”

The witch, possessed by a Hekatic archdaimon, said “Astral necrophilia.”

I blinked. “Wait, really?

“Find a ghost, and fuck it,” he said

So I summoned Niantiel just before I went to bed one night, requesting that He take me out of my body and be my wingman. Astral copulation builds a strong connection to the spirit, not just emotionally, but in the same way that a lock of hair affords a strong connection between a target and a voodoo doll. The whole thing did wonders for my
spirit communication.

Niantiel can help the witch leave her past behind and start a new life and teach her how to use cannibalism, blood, and the death essence in sorcery. We have also seen him exhibit strong competence in money spells. He rules over deathly rites of Atlantean magick.

The Zodiacal/Planetary Correspondence for Niantiel

The 24th Tunnel is under the influence of Scorpio.

The Gematria of Niantiel

The 14 Path is sentinelled by Niantiel whose number is 160.

The Call of Niantiel

The number of the qliphotic tunnel Niantiel is 160. The name of this qlipha should be intoned in ‘G’ (lower register) in a manner suggestive of a bubbling cauldron of molten lava, for Mars is the predominating planetary power.

Magickal Chants

Io Mawethel-Niantiel
“Hail Mawethel/Niantiel!”

Aeternae Mawethel Gloria
“Glory to the Eternal Mawethel!”

Cresce Niantiel Praevalidus Veneficus
“Rise, Niantiel, Mighty Sorcerer!”

Adveni Patronus Nekyia– Advoco Erus Niantiel
“Come, Patron of Necromantic Communion– I Call to Lord Niantiel!”

Niantiel Basileus Nekyomanteia
“Niantiel, King of Necromancers!”

The Sigil of Niantiel

The sigil of Niantiel should be painted in lurid indigo brown – ‘like mentioned in connection with the previous tunnel. It is also the number of LNSK, ‘for a drink offering’, which indicates the sacrament associated with the formula of Niantiel, i.e. that of the IX°- O.T.O.[1] But a lesser or subsidiary formula is implied by the name MNO (160), which means ‘to restrain’ or ‘keep back’, implying the technique of Karezza. Other relevant concepts are Otz, ‘tree’, the Tree of Life, and IQIM, a ‘setter up’, from the the Egyptian Khem, meaning ‘ithyphallic’; also IPhO, ‘he shone forth’, from the Egyptian Af, which denotes the sun in the lower hemisphere.[2]

The Verse from Liber CCXXXI which Concerns Niathiel

This idea is confirmed by the verse from Liber CCXXXI which reads : « Also Asar was hidden in Amenti; and the Lords of Time swept him with the sickle of death. »

The Magical Formula of Niathiel : Purification by Putrefaction

The Lords of Time are represented in the tunnel of Niathiel by the infernal waters of Scorpio which imply the alchemical formula of purification via putrefaction. The ‘infernal waters’ are the ‘nucleus of impurity’ already explained. They suggest the symbolism of the rainbow as the seal of the deluge from the abyss of space.

The number 160 is that of TzLM, ‘an image’, and this is depicted in the sigil of Nianthiel as an image of Death with a five-rayed crown bearing a cross-handed scythe beside the Cross of Set. It is an image of death because the water of purification is the blood that negates life in manifestation, while at the same time affirming it in the Abyss where the blood is sucked in[3] as a ‘drink offering’ in the rite of the infernal IX°-. The five-rayed crown is the circle or cycle of the five kalas typical of the feminine phase of Negation : the lunar period that eclipses ‘life’ in the form of MPLI,[4] which means literally ‘flakes of flesh’. The symbol of Pente, Five, and the Pentagram as the Seal or Star of Nuit (Not), has ben explained in detail in Kenneth Grant’s book The Magical Revival.

The Animal Correspondence for Niathiel

The animals prowling in the shadows of this tunnel include the wolf and – as Crowley notes apropos the 24th Path – ‘the hound as a king of wolf also pertains here’.[5] This is the hound Cerberus who guards the Abyss. He is the ‘great Beast of Hell… not of Tiphareth without, but the phallus in anus[6] as distinct from the supernal sun, or the ordinary IX° formula’. Also ascribed to this 24th kala are the scorpion and the beetle, both symbols of the Dark Sun.

The Typical Disease Connected with Niathiel

The typical disease connected with Path 24 is cancer, which links up with the beetle symbolism which preceded that of the crab as the sign of the midnight sun, the traverser of the backward path in the widdershins world of the Abyss.

The Typhonian God-Forms Correspondence for Niathiel

The god-forms appropriate are Typhon, Apep, Khephra, the Merti Goddesses,[7] and Sekhet, the sun of sexual heat, the Goddess Bâst, the ‘gentle’ mother of the north.

Tarot Trump Correspondence for Niathiel

In The Book of Thoth, Atu XIII is attributed to thsi ray an dits title is Lord of the Gate of Death. In the Zos Hia Cultus of Austin O. Spare, the adept in this tunnel assumes the ‘death posture’ and become one with the cosmic consciousness by a retroversion of the senses.

Niathiel and the Sex Magick Formula of Vipatria 

The tantric adept achieves a similar result by the formula of viparita described in the Typhonian Trilogy. This formula links up with the Mystères du Zombeeisme in The Cult of the Black Snake,[8] and the magical power ascribed to this mystery is Necromancy, which comports the use of the IX°. Necrophilia also belongs here as that aspect of meditation on Dissolution that leads the adept to the portal of the Ultimate Mystery of Non-Being. The specifically sexual nature of the formula is made apparent in the attribution to this tunnel of the energies of Scorpio which rule the genital chakras. In a marginal note in his personal copy of Liber 777, Crowley wrote : ‘In the New Aeon, Scorpio is the Woman-Serpent’. This means that the initiator of the adept is hidden in the image of Death with a five-rayed crown,[9] the symbolism of which has already been explained in connection with the feminine number, five.

The African Pantheon Correspondence for Niathiel

In the African pantheon, the goddess of the rainbow, Aidowedo, pertains to this current. Here, however, the bow is not manifest but latent in the depth of the Abyss. The opposite and fructive formula is that of the XI° where the rainbow appears in its full splendour in the heaven of Nu. But here, in the hell of Hecate all is dark, and the serpent Dangbe – the Black Snake – leaves in its wake a trail of slime that indicates the presence of the Necheshtheron, the Brazen Serpents, that haunt the tunnel of Niantiel.

Nianthiel : The Magical Operation for Creating Zombies

Of ‘the six basic points which pertain to the… tubes and tunnels of astral and mental matter’, Michael Bertiaux cites as the fifth the Mystère du Zombeeisme, which equates with this tunnel of Nantiel. He describes this Mastery as the ‘magic of the Black Temple of Atlantis in its first form… The magician works directly with the dead, especially through their astral shells and forms’. About this Black Temple ‘’type ‘’Work he says that « it was concerned with death, and certain ‘cult of death’ rites in both esoteric Voodoo and Tantra come from this tradition. »[10] The Black Temple Work of Atlantis, like it was performed ancestrally, is related to the Mysteries of the Dead in pretty much the same manner as the workings of the Red Temple Work is related to those of Sexual Magick, and both varieties linger on into the present cycle of the human life-wave. Back in the days of old, they were condemned as ‘black magic’ by the old-aeon Cult of Osiris.

The Original Atlantean Operation of Zombie Creation

Since the Mysteries of Death concern the 24th kala it is necessary to understand the kind of magic practised by the Atlanteans of the Black Temple. It is well known to occultists that at the moment of sexual orgasm the Adept is able to launch a creative thought-construct which penetrates the astral envelope of his psyche and reifies in matter at a time appointed by the magician. A similar mechanism operates at the moment of death. When the soul quits its earthly vehicle, the Adept of the Death Cult can direct it to any given location. Black magicians could by this means capture the soul of an individual and make it subservient to his will. This is the method of creating zombies. But the original Atlantean version of this sorcery involved elements of sexual magick. A consecrated priestess was slain in a special manner and the Adept copulated with her shade to produce a zombie on the astral plane. This was also, if required, incarnated via a living woman through the natural process if birth. The zombie produced in this way was not a soulless mechanism – as in the case of a zombie produced by Haitian Voodoo – but a highly intelligent though automatic entity combining the vividness and plasticity of astral consciousness with the magical qualities of the Adept himself. It was a child of the dead, yet equipped with magical powers and with all the faculties of humanity exept that of the Will. Bertiaux correctly observes : « Voudou and witchcraft’ came ‘from the same mystical parent, i.e. the old religions of Atlantis’.[11] The zombie just described was a true familiar spirit. The god-form assumed by the Adept at the moment of death (or orgasm) determined the form, human or animal, of the familiar spirit. The Atlantean zombie is the result of the Adept retaining his human shape at the climax of the ritual. The witches of more recent aeons disguised their familiar as animals, yet even so they became suspect in the eyes of the moral opprobrium it later gained.

Niathiel & Necromancy in the Adepts of the Death Cult

The necromancy practiced by the Black Brothers, on the other hand, consisted of physical contact with the dead and we hear that there were a lot of stories about Adepts of the Death Cult that became addicted to necrophilia. Their practice usually involve sexual congress with a ritually slain woman dedicated to the deity with whom physical and spiritual contact was sought. There was an Asiatic sect of neuromancers who used to sequestter specially selected virgins for post mortem traffic with the gods. Sexual congress occured shortly after death. The shade of the virgin was extracted by a method known as the ‘vampire vortex’ and propelled into an intermediary dimension between terrestrial and post mortem consciousness. At this stage the spirit is still partially earthed. Sexual stimulus was again applied to arouse to a maximum pitch of sensitivity the astral spirit of the priestess which was thereby energized and awakened from the post mortem torpor and able receive and transmit perfectly the subtlest impressions reflected in the astral aethers. The woman’s body appeared to leap like a frog as her limbs twitched convulsively at each impact of the sexual onslaught. This throws further light on the frog totem and the reason for its assignment to the ‘lady of the tomb’ in certain dark cults that are often hinted at in old grimoires of Asiatic sorcery. Such may have been the source of H.P. Lovecraft’s references to the ‘abominable plateau of Leng’ which, according to his tales, is located somewhere in central Asia. However this may be, there is no doubt that the frog was a magical symbol connected not only with the Voltigeurs or leapers of the Paths, but also with the mortuary rites that caused the body of the dead priestess to simulate saltant and batrachian convulsions.

Niathiel, the Greek Goddess Hecate and the Sirius Mystery

Passing from Lovecraft’s fictions to Robert Temple’s book The Sirius Mystery; in speaking of Proclus, Temples observes that he feel like he ‘had a particular connection with rites involving Hecate, the goddess whom we know to be a form of the star Sirius’. Back in the old days Hecate was the Greek form of the Egyptian Hekt or Ur-Hekau, which used to personify the ‘great magic power’ ascribed to the lunar current. Robert Temple further observes that ‘the name of the Greek goddess Hecate literally means in Greek ‘’one hundreds’’ ’.[12] If we look closely we find that this is the number of the Hebrew letter Qoph which is traditionally ascribed to the moon. Qoph means the ‘back of the head’ amd this is where the ‘creative or reproductive force is primairily situated’.[13] Furthermore, Temple states that the African tribe known as the Dogon ‘claim that amphibious creatures with fish tails founded their civilization… and they came from the system of the Star Sirius’.[14] In other words, all of this make Kenneth Grant think that there must be a subtle connection between Hecate, the Frog (an amphibious creature), Sirius, the Moon, and sexuality itself.[15] It would be beyond the scope of this section to pursue the subject, but it may be noted that the Atlantean forms of magic involving the production of zombies were no less than the black perversions of the Death Cultists, probably connected with the formula of the voltigeurs, and were aimed at incarnating extra-terrestrial entities such as those mentioned by Temple.[16]

This highly complex 24th kala comports therefore various kinds of sexual magick. For the sake of convenience they may be subsumed beneath the IX°- O.T.O. The elements involved are all related to the backward path of the Sun in Amenta; to the formula of Scorpio (purification via putrefaction); or to the necromantic and necrophiliac sorcery associated with the Myst;ere du Zombeeisme and the Cults of the Dead; and to the retention of the sun-seed in the practise of which Niantiel’s cell is the tunnel are attributed lamiae, stryges, and witches.

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