October 23, 2019
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Description of Amprodias

The eleventh path or kala is attributed to the element of Air and its negative aspect is the demon or the shadow known as Amprodias whose sigil is here given and whose number is 401. This shadow may be evoked by vibrating the name Amprodias in the key of ‘’E’’.[1] The sigil should be painted in luminous pale yellow on a square ground of emerald flecked with gold.

Gematria: 401
Color: Black
Element: Air
D/N: Nocturnal
Direction: Southeast (Primary), South
Planetary Attributions (In Order of Significance): Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune

Pathway Correspondences

Tunnel of Set: 11 (Thaumiel-Ghagiel)
Musical Key: E
Tarot: Atu 0 (the Fool)
Animals: Eagle; Man
Hebrew Letter: Aleph
Attributed Disease: Menstruation*
Element: Air
Color: Pale Yellow; Green Flecked w/ Gold

Amprodias is the Qliphothic archdemon that you go to when you wish to be transformed into a stone-cold vampyric warrior. His name translates to “Great Vampyric Sylph.” The gaping mouth in his original sigil, depicted above, symbolizes the uterus wherefrom aeons are given birth and the Black Light issues forth.

Amprodias is a harsh teacher. He appeared to my newest apprentice as a massive bat without a face. While he is a hermaphrodite by nature, he often manifests as male. Archetypally speaking, he is the primeval ungendered vampyric adversary– the devouring force of the abyssic void wherefrom all of creation emerged.

Amprodias rules the power of suggestion and exerts control over the mind, memories, thoughts, and consciousness. He imparts the knowledge of psychic and sanguine vampyrism alike. He can instruct the magickian in the performance of ‘mind tricks.’ He specializes in the art of remote viewing and he teaches the sorcerer to peer behind the linear-causal composition of our universe. With the support and/or guidance of Amprodias, the magickian can perceive anything in the universe.

Amprodias gives gnosis about the transpersonal chakras and his auspices are useful in the creation of predatory vampyric egregores/thoughtforms. He imparts gnosis regarding the essential nature and magickal application of Qliphothic forces. He rules the forces of manifestation, chaos, and amplification and he presides over immortality.

Amprodias can increase the physical reflexes of the witch and and augment her slow-twitch muscle fibers. He can permanently modify the Satanist’s personality. He can make the witch courageous in conflict, quick-witted in terms of analysis, persuasive in conversation, and grant the interpersonal skills required for leadership and the arousal of dissent.

Amprodias can engender the distortion of perception and reality alike, and he can be called on to transport spiritual energies from one place to another. He can alter spiritual energies in accordance with a given intent and bring about the reversal of spells. He specializes in wind magick, divination, and the use of psychic vampyrism in psychometry.

Amprodias can remove addictions, inhibitions, phobias, delusions, and he can cause the witch to think more objectively. He is a fan of the “Fourth Way” philosophy instructed by G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky. The first time I called on him to alter my personality, I asked him to give me the disposition of a warrior and the disposition of a predator in perfect harmony.

Amprodias presides over one of the Tunnels of Set– the trails between the realms of the Qliphoth. To be specific, Amprodias’s tunnel is located between Thaumiel (Satan & Molock/Pluto & Neptune) and Ghagiel (Baelzebuth/Uranus)– the very same tunnel which Kenneth Grant said the greatest magickians “traffic” with constatnly. We are referring here to the eleventh pathway: the Qliphothic equivalent of the Akashic records wherefrom all manner of knowledge can be accessed. Amprodias’s tunnel is the house of divination wherein trickster fairies dwell.

Regarding the eleventh Tunnel of Set, Linda Falorio writes:

A need to work with the energies of Amprodias may be signaled by our experience of sorrow at the cruelty of Nature, by our feeling of despair at its inherent meaninglessness, and by our lacking of perspective and humor when faced with grim reality. On the other end of the scale we may encounter in ourselves or others feelings of contempt for the unenlightened masses, a detachment from ordinary human sorrows, and aloofness from mundane concerns. Thus feeling bored, stuck, restless, and rootless, yet fearing change, we feel apprehension of the future which results in blind clinging to the security of mundane routine.

Too much unbalanced working here may ultimately result in fragmentation of the ego, in brain-fevered deliriums, perhaps addictions to hyped-up, hypertrophied manic states, which result in high blood pressure, burn out, and exhaustion, especially of the type associated with the effects of repeated extraterrestrial contacts upon the human nervous system.

Yet if allowed to flow unimpeded by such destructive attitudes, the energy of this 11th Tunnel accelerates our vibratory vitality, enabling us to glimpse alien consciousnesses resident in parallel dimensions, operating at such velocities that we are normally unaware of their existence. Through such accelerated vibratory consciousness, we achieve greatly heightened powers of perception, giving insight into outré mathematics and alternative non-Euclidean geometries and transdimensional realities.

In the Tunnel of Amprodias we are able to mind-meld with transhuman entities, and to “speak in tongues. Here is true laughter, which is the safeguard of sanity; here is healthy release of tension through the bioenergetic circuit of excitation> tension> release> relaxation> JOY!Here is freedom of thought, energy, courage, and the independence to pursue one’s Will.

Falorio continues:

The trance of this tunnel is “The Universal Joke,” i.e.: There is no meaning in existence, the universe is pure caprice,  it is nothing more nor less than an immense practical joke played on its hapless victims. Here, the irrational, taken to the limits of absurdity results in perfect freedom. “Loosening the girders of the soul,” the normal chains of cause-effect that bind us to mundane reality, that bind us into the conscious life of the human species, no longer obtain. Thus we float airily above reality freed of prejudice, unclouded by illusion, and able to objectively perceive pure Essence.

*The animals and disease(s) attributed to a given Qliphothic tunnel are symbolizations of the pathway’s nature, which symbolizations I list but did not pick. I am well aware that menstruation is not a disease– I worship hermaphrodite demons, do I sound misogynistic to you?

The Shadow Tarot

Passing through fires of transformation, we shed preconscious conditioning, all limiting definitions of the Self. Dross thus burned away, spirit is set free.

The Shadow Tarot


“Then also the pyramid was builded so that the Initiation might be complete.”

Aleister Crowley, Liber CCXXXI

“The 31st tunnel is under the domination of Shalicu whose name should be vibrated in the key of ‘C’ in a sibilant and sinister whispering . . . ”

“The sigil . . . comprise[s] the three-fold formula of Crossing the Abyss . . .”

Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden

© Linda Falorio, 1995

The sigil of Tunnel 31 emerges from a fiery rupture between the worldsthe African “Orunapadi”the Furnace of Hell. It is that great volcanic furnace at the center of existence also known as Eater of Excrement, Tlazolteotl, Great and Terrible Mother through whose womb all things are born and which spews forth the manifested universe, then sucks all back into Her fires to be reformed, renewed, and resurrected from the torments of purgatory, Egyptian Underworld of Amenta. Sun heroes of old aeons are thus mutated in Her abyssal fires to Dark Daughters of the New Aeon.

Here is the world destroyed by fire as it is written in The Apocalypse, the Book of Revelations of Saint John. For here is the fire which purifies gross matter, the dross is burned away, the spirit is set free, with the power to reincarnate, and to move between the worlds at will. This is the tunnel of Plutonian forces, the tunnel of deep transformation/ mutation/ evolution of the psyche and the DNA. This lies beyond the energic bonds of matter at the interface of being and non-being, of time and anti-time. Gate for the Aeon of Maat, its appearance rises, fleeting, flickering in the waters of nether space, Night, Nothingness.

The sigil glows lividly upon the appearance of a nuclear reactor’s venting tower, the ultimate symbol of Choronzon which appears as a “complete embedded minimal surface of finite topology, defined through the powers of Chaos and Her servants: mathematics and computer graphics. This convoluted surface, a twisting interface between the worlds represents the boundary between Universe A and Universe B. It is the “crack in the cosmic Egg,@ that flaw in consensus reality, that Gate through which forces outside the human life wave seek to enter consciousness, whose alien radiations may heal or kill, may stimulate regenerative evolution, or, may trigger morbid mutations leading to extinction of the race.

At the bottom of the card are three heads of Cerberus, dog-headed ravenous beast of the Abyss that guards the Gate, demanding courage in the descent to the Faceless One, Great Lady of the Place Below, courage in following the Wordless Way, the Path of the Shaman into the earth to have one’s bones replaced by bones of gold, bones of silver, bones of steel.

Feathers of the TzITzISH bird, an ultimate symbol of the Aeon of Maat float upon the upper air, ephemeral as salamander gills. They remind us of the Hebrew letter Shin, Spirit, triple-tongued flame, fire of desire, the dark-starred chaos at the heart of matter, Shin, the letter of Set/Shaitan, of Chozzar, the god of Atlantean Maithuna Magicks.

Rising above all is the Fire Opal, the ultimate kala, the universal medicine which exudes as a precious stone from the Muladhara chakra of the woman who embodies the Fire Snake, and in whom is all power given, for, “The manifestation of Nuit is at an End”(Liber Al vel Legis).


The need to work with the energies of Shalicu may be signaled by experiencing resistance to, or fear of change, experimentation, innovation, anarchy, chaos. There may be feelings of alienation, of nonconformism, which result in feeling oneself to be “a rebel without a cause, or, there may be over identification with prevailing social norms, and bowing to peer pressure. We may find belief in Divine salvation, or disbelief in UFO’s,

Among the powers we may achieve through working here is the ability to shed limitations of preconscious human pasts, to decondition our responses, thus breaking free of crystallized, arbitrary definitions of self, as well as ingrained emotional patterns and ways of interpreting reality. Thus we are able to re-learn to view Self objectively, outside of space, time, and society, being detached from social, cultural, and national identities, customs, mores and beliefs. Here we are able to achieve transcendence of threatened nuclear annihilation through the physics of the Void, creating new histories, new realities; here we achieve transforming encounters with extraterrestrial infra life-waves, and far-future adumbrations of post-human selves spinning inexorably back into the transmundane present.

The danger is in becoming time-warped into bondage to nihilistic post-industrial mutant expressionist societies.


Liber Azerate
Nightside of Eden
The Shadow Tarot


The Gematria of Amprodias

401 is the number of Azoth which signifies the ‘sum and essence of all, conceived as One’. In its negative phase this essence is conceived as None an dis the Void from which manifestation proceeds.[2] The nature of this void is also 401 as Ath, the Hebrew word meaning ‘out of’; its root is the Egyptian Ut, whence uterus, the gate of outrance. It is out of the womb of the Ain, via Kether, that manifestation issue.

The Sigil of Amprodias

The sigil of Amprodias exibits a gaping mouth typical of the uterus which utters the Word. This Word is thye Hidden Light, the symbol of which is the whirling cross or swastica. It is identical with the letterA or aleph, the letter attributed to the eleventh path. In the magical grimoire CCXXXI, the following verse pertains to this kala : A, the heart of IAO, dwelleth in ecstasy in the secret place of the thunders. Between Asa rand Asi he abideth in joy.

The Call of  Amprodias

Magickal Chants

{The following chants, all of my own invention, are non-copyright and made be used anywhere for any reason with or without giving credit to yours truly}

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Amprodias
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Amprodias!”
Serves to create or strengthen a sacred space by presencing Qliphothic energy while simultaneously calling forth Amprodias

Advoco Maticulosos Amprodias– Veni; Aur Chashakh Pandendam
“I Call the Fearsome Amprodias– Come; Spread the Infernal Light!”
A chant used to call upon Amprodias.

Qodesh la-Amprodias Geber ha-Sitra Ahra
“Holy to Amprodias, Warrior of the Other Side!”
Used to call Amprodias forth.

Invoco Amprodias In Nomine Qliphoth!
“I Call to Amprodias in the Name of the Qliphoth!”
Used to call forth Amprodias while simultaneously bringing the celebrant closer to a gnostic state.

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Amprodias
“In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Amprodias!”
Calls forth Amprodias and focuses the celebrant’s mind.

Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Amprodias
“Open the Qliphoth; I Call to Amprodias!”
This chant is used for invocations of Amprodias, and in addition to invoking the demon called upon, the chant has the effect of increasing the alchemical/transformative/self-deifying effects of the invocation being performed.

In Nomine Domine Amprodias, Aperiatur Kliffoth
“In the Name of Lord Amprodias, Open the Qliphoth!”
Used to call Amprodias forth in any rite calling up him, or used to call on Amprodias to empower any rite of self-transformation, self-empowerment, or self-initiation.

The Magical Weapon Correspondence: The Thunderbolt

The thunderbolt, or dorje, is the lightning-borne weapon of the Hidden Light that streaks downward from the void, reifying as it does so earth matter. The number 401 is also that of the word ARR which means ’cursing’. It is the primal curse of Fire of the Spirit imprisoned in bodily form, described in the Holy Books as ‘the Wrong of the Begining’,[3] the begining being considered as Kether, through which flash of lightnings of the Ain or Eye of the Void.

The Animal Correspondence: The Eagle and the Man

The animals ascribed to this kala are the Eagle and the Man. Man represents the highest embodied form of godhead; the eagle is that cherub of Air that pervades the highest aethyr in the form of intelligence : i.e consciousness directed by extra-terrestrial or ‘divine’ will. But the inmost significance of this path is summed up in the magical power of the eleventh kala which is that of divination. This depends upon the divine or supra-mundane aspect of spirit that rays into the womb and fecundates the virgin earth with light (intelligence) from beyond the ultimate Pylon (Kether). Divinatory power is the intuitive aspect of intelligence and as such its course is as unpredictable as the forked lightning which cleaves the womb of space and manifest as the thunderbolt – the A between the I and the O.[4] The mystery of the thunderbolt is explained in CXXXI. Therein, the swastika of the eleventh path is compared with the fulguration of path 28 (q.v.) which contains the mystery of the transformation of the holy virgin. She appears ‘a a fluidic fire, making her beauty into a thunderbolt’ (i.e. swastika). This symbolizes the’Force that restores the world ruined by evil’, i.e. by the primal curse or Wrong of the Begining.

On the magial plane the divinatory power manifests in the irrationnal, thus the greatest masters of Magick traffic constantly with the energies of the elevent kala. The irrational element appears so strongly in magician using this kala that their work has often not been taken seriously or has been altogether overlooked. A recent example is H.P. Blavatsky, whose antics cast such doubt upon the authenticity of her work that few in her time were able to estimate her at her true worth. Similarly, Crowley’s clowing placed him in an even more dubious category. Few indeed understand that the eleventh part is that of the Fool who dances on the brink of the abyss, as depicted in tarot trumps ascribed to this path. Salvador Dali, whose practical jokes are notorious, has also at times, brought discredit upon his artistry, although many people are impressed by the wealth which his artistry has amassed. The occultist Gurdjieff also falls into this category.[5] His book Letters to Beelzebub has been described as a complicated practical joke, thus, again, deliberately obscuring the vital import of a teaching that is meant only for the few. Did not Christ also speak in parable so that he would not be understood.[6]

The key note of the musical scale ascribe to Amprodias – ‘E’ – is, as Hé, the letter of the womb of the virgin impregnated by the Fool.[7] In accordance therewith, the River of the Underworld ascribed to the eleventh kala is Acheron, which receives spirits as the womb receives the creative lightning. The arch-devil of this path is Satan himself, Lord of the Powers of the Air (aleph) through which the thunderbolt streaks.

Eleven is the number ascribed to the power-zone (Daath) within the abyss. The colour attributed to Daath is Lavender, or Pure Violet, which typifies the colour beyond space that vibrates in unisson with the kala activated by the evocation of Amprodias. It is the colour of the Madman; he that is without the range of normal intelligence. The negation of reason that typifies his state of consciousness is consonnant with the positive side of this path which is ascribed to that part of the soul known as the Ruach, or Reason. More correctly, the ruach is the breath of spirit, the whirling seed tht impregnates the virgin of space an brings to birth innumerable worlds.

The Bodily Organ Correspondence

The bodily organ corresponding to this symbolism is the nose, the organ of breath and the vehicle of the olfactory sense. This attribution helps to explain the olid phenomena connected with ‘satanic’ operations. The stench of the incense employed in medieval rites was the gross an douter veil of an interior spiritual fact.

The Magical Weapon Correspondence

Hence, one of the magical weapons associated with this kala is the fan, which disperses the fetid vapours that envelop the magician as he evokes the demon of this kala. But the prime instrument is the dagger of air, that is to say the weapon that ruptures the hymen of the virgin aethyr (represented bt the Black Egg or Spirit) and exhibits the awful deity beyond the rim of the ‘universe’; he who sits at the Center of All, the mad god celebrated by Lovecraft under the name of Nyarlathotep,[8] the god surrounded by ‘idiot flute players’.

The flute is the Pipe of Pan, and he who lifts this veil and peers beyond is bereft of reason and of sense. In other words, he sees the truth of things in its naked brillance and he realizes that that gain is but a veil of the primal sacrament attainable only by the supreme formula of anihilation, for this is the ultimate path, which leads – via Kether – to the Great Inane (Ain).

Eleven, being the ‘general number of Magick, or Energy tending to change’,[9] the eleventh path represents particularly the path of reversal and the point of turning back from the hither to the other side of the Tree.

The Disease Correspondence: The Flux

The disease typical of the eleventh path is the ‘flux’, which in magical terms is expressed as unbalanced or ‘untimely’ discharges of lunar energy. It is therefore the kala of the Black Moon-Blood. It warns of a leakage of vital fluid which, on overflowing, forms a residue of unbalanced magical energy. This breeds phantoms that appear in the form of sylphs; elementals associated with air or aethyr. Like the fairies and sprites of childrens’ tales they are, more often than not, depicted as diaphanous and beguiling creatures. But in this aspect in which they manifest on the negative side of the Tree, they haunt the awlul chasms of inner space where they appear in semblances of utmost horror which obsess the magician and sometimes drive him literally out of his mind. They then invade the vacated space and, like leeches, drain the blood of the mind[10] into their own organisms. This is the origin of the myths concerning magicians imprisoned in outer space,[11] their minds secreted in transparent cells that float through the gulfs of the vouid like immense bubbles, increasing in size and luminosity as the invading sylohs draw more and more vital energy from the fluxes that have attacked the unwary intruder on this path.

These creatures were dimly sensed by Lovecraft.[12] He describes them as ‘shapeless entities composed of a viscous jelly which looked like an agglutination of bubbles’.[13] A similar description is applied to the semi-entity Yog-Sothoth. The passage is quoted in The Magical Revival[14] where attention is drawn to the close similarity between the phenomenon described and the sphere of iridescent globes incorporated by Crowley in the design of his personal magical pentacle where they appear behind the inverted Pentagram of Set.[15]

The highest initiations alone can confer immunity from these vampires that sail on scintillant wings. Fairy lore has disguised these creatures with charming veils that conceal the horror of their pursuits and contacts wit the denizens of alien systems of consciousness in the nethermost region of the cosmos. Arthur Machen, the Welsh writer who knew more of these matters than he cared to admit, notes this penchant of the faeryologist for whitewashing these airy beings and depicting them as fair entities.[16]

Thoth Tarot Correspondence:

The title of the tarot trump ascribed to the eleventh kala is the ‘Spirit of the Aethyr’. On the hither side of the Tree this spirit is more resplendently beautiful and luminous than words can describe, but its reverse or reflex is as described above; so also are the bubbles blown by the Fool of the Tarot in his mad career on the edge of the pit.

The number of Amprodias concentrates into 5, the most mysterious and mystical of numbers in the cosmos, and beyond it. Lovecraft hints at the influences it denotes when he alludes to the ‘quintile mathematical tradition of the Old Ones’[17] and their cyclopean structures and dwellings based upon the shape of the five pointed star. In AL, I. 60, Nuit describes her symbol as ‘The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red. My colour is black to the blind…’ All these ideas pertain to the eleventh path.[18] The red circle is the ‘black’ moon or moon of blood, the five points or star rays are the vaginal vibrations of the female during the five day flood. The five pointed star is also the glyph of the transcosmic Old Ones; and the Egg of Spirit[19] is’black to the blind’, or those whose spiritual eyes are not open and who are, therefore, like the virgin who later assumes the form of ‘fluid fire’ as the thunderbolt.

The African Deity Correspondence

The African concept Afefe has been attributed to the elevent kala. Afefe is ‘the wind’, an dit is precisely here in the most primal symbolism known that we discover the identity of the serpent as a symbol of creative potency, the ruach or spirit. Afefe became the Apep or Apap snake of the Draconian Mysteries in Egypt. The Afefe-Apophis is also the origin of the Fafnir Worm of Norse myth as Massey has shown, a modern derivative is our word ‘puff’, ‘to blow out’ in the sense of becoming big, swollen, tumescent or pregnant. The African Afefe therefore reveals the ‘bellying’ or billowing force of the wind that is the gust or ghost which became – in a later recension of the Mysteries – the Holy Ghost that impregnantes the virgin in the form of the Dove, the typical bird of the air. This is further corroborated by the fact that the genius of the wind, of which Afefe is the ‘messenger’, dwells in the grand temple of Legba, the African phallic deity that in the later cults was equated with evil owing to his connection with the mysteries of sex.

The letter ‘A’ in the formula IAO is identical with Apophis an dis the field of operation in which the magical energies of the I and the O (the phallus and the kteis) polarise and perform their creative function.

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