August 15, 2018
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The Ensigns as Part of the Holy Table Apparatus

enseignsofcreationThe Ensigns of Creation or “Arms” are seven planetary talisman designed to be positioned on the Holy Table in a circle surrounding the siggilum Dei Aemeth or laid out in a line along the edge of the table nearest the scryer. At the discretion of the magician, they may either be painted directly onto the top of the Holy Table of Practice, or engraved on tablets of purified tin, which are then placed in a circle around the Sigillum Aemeth. It is evident from the reproduction of Dee’s Table that appears in Casaubon that Dee painted these talismans directly onto the surface as an integrated part of the design. Like the Lamen and the Holy Table, they are “Instruments of Conciliation” connected to the Heptarchia planetary kings and princes in a manner that is not altogether clear to most magicians. Precisely what these talismans are remains mysterious. A note in the appendix of Liber Mysteriorum Quintus states that the Arms are “proper to every King and Prince in their order.”[1] This implies that they relate directly to the Kings and Princes of the planets on the Table of the forty-nine Good Angels, which appears in Dee’s De Heptarchia Mystica. A version of the Ensigns was published in Pat Zalewski’s Golden Dawn Enochian Magick which shows all the lowercase letter “B”s in the Ensigns as numeral sixes. This version is a fairly recent invention, first appearing in print in the 1960’s. A much older version created by the pseudonymous “Dr. Rudd” shows the names of various traditional demons written on the Ensigns. Rudd’s notion was that the letters stood for the names of these demons, and the number of times the letter appeared signified the number of times the demon was to be invoked. Neither of these versions, nor Dr. Rudd’s notion, has any justification in the diaries.

Five of those ensigns are square tables containing squares filled with numbers, letters, crosses, and lines. Two ensigns are a circle surrounded by a square. The letter B (Pa in the angelic language) is by far the most used letter in the ensigns.

the ensign of mercury king bnaspol prince brorges copyThe Banner of Mercury King:Bnaspol, Prince: Brorges the-ensign-of-luna-King-bluThe Banner of the Moon King: Blumaza,
Prince: Bagenol

The ensigns originally displayed Latin letters. The communicating angel woulf later insist that the Latin letters be replaced with the corresponding character of the angelic stript. Dee was reluctant to do this and even asked the angel if he really had to. The angel said he must. We don’t know if he ever did.

It is clear that the ensigns were meant to be utilized ritualistically, such as being held in the magician’s hand during prayers or invocations. But information on exactly how things were to be done is incomplete, and there are no records whatsoever of Dee and Kelly actually performing rituals of heptarchic magick.

the ensign of venus king baligon prince bornogo copyThe Banner of Venus King: Baligon, Prince: Bornogo enseign7The Banner of Mars King: Babalel, Prince: Butmono

The Banner of Jupiter King: Bynepor, Prince: Blisdon

However, the ensigns remain part of the Holy Table ensemble, and their subsequent connection to the table and the magician’s own Lamen make them an integral component of the hierarchical current that charges the holy ground of the Enochian magick temple. As with the Ring, Holy Table, lamen, and Sigillum, the ensigns can be reproduced in paper board or whatever material is at the magician’s disposal.

Their placement is shown by the outlines on the illustration of the Holy Table. They are arranged radially so that they may be read from the point of view of the center of the table. Turner notes that they are to be placed seven inches from the edge of the Holy Table[2] although they are shown nearer the edge in the Casaubon engraving. The illustration below shows the position in which the ensigns are placed on the Holy Table around the Sigillum. Not that they are positioned near the points of the Sigillum heptagram.

The entire assembly is one big magical machine-the Sigillum resting like a sevenfold, multidimensional dynamo in the center of the Holy Table’s swirling and churning angels and the circling Ensigns of Creation. The scrying stone or black mirror is place upon the sigillum at the very heart of this magnificent instrument like the monitor screen of a magical computer connected to the ultimate worldwide-web.

te-ensign-of-saturn-king-bnThe Banner of Saturn King: Bnapsen,
Prince: Bralges
the-ensign-of-sol-king-boboThe Banner of Sun
King:Bobogel, Prince: Befafes

Critique of dr Rudd’s Interpretation of the Ensigns of Creation

The only occultist who appears to have made a serious attempt to understand these ensigns is Thomas Rudd. He assigned the Ensigns in a circle clockwise according to the ascending kabbalistic order of the seven “planets”-Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. To the letters in the Ensigns, he gave the name of various demons from the Goetia such as Buer, Belial, Gaap, and so on.[3]

In briefly examining Dr Rudd’s system, Turner observes “I feel that we van safely disregard Dr. Rudd’s hypotheses with regard to these matters.” (The Enochian magick, p. 35). Tyson is in complete agreement with Turner. He think that Rudd,s notion that all the numerous occurrences of the letter B in the Ensigns indicates the names of goetic demons whose names all start with B is, to put it mildly, absurd. The reasoning behind the complex structure of these seven talismans is unknown, and will likely remain unknown into the foreseeable future, since it is nowhere explained in the surviving record of the angelic conversations.

An Examination of Dr Rudd’s Interpretation of the Ensigns

The seven banners of creation are very cryptic, even with the explanations of Dr. Rudd and it’s not everybody who agree with his conclusions (Tyson and Turner don’t agree). Dr. Rudd changed the analogies of the banners and used them differently then John Dee. I prefer John Dee’s versions. In any case the banners have some relations to the kings and princes of the Heptarchia Mystica and until now Dr. Rudd is the single one magician that attempted to understand them. Here you can see both versions of the banners, as well as the comments of Dr. Rudd. On the left side you can see the banners of John Dee and on the right side the ones of Dr. Rudd. Looking at the interpretations the group that worked with Dr. Rudd had taken some freedoms and expansions – in their way pointing out that the enochian system of angel-magic is open to changes and improvements. A fact that you usually find only in chaos-magic and not exactly in the angel-magic of old times. The versions of Dr. Rudd are well documented in Adam McLeans edition of Dr. Rudd’s Treatise on Angel Magic.[4]

the-ensign-of-luna-King-bluThe Banner of the Moon King: Blumaza,
Prince: Bagenol
enseign-2The Second Banner of Dr. Rudd:

As we have mentioned already Dr. Rudd and John Dee used different analogies. The (first) banner of the Moon of Dee is Dr. Rudd’s second banner of Mercury. Beside the intelligence and the daemonium of the sphere of mercury Dr. Rudd explains: The Number 7 denotes Cassiel in the seventh heaven (or orbit) of Saturn in the angelic choir of the Thrones. The Number 8 denotes Methratton (Metatron) in the ninth heaven.  Bilieth (a variation of Beleth, the thirteenth goetic spirit) is waiting there and Gamigin (fourth goetic spirit). The Number 3 shows that Anael and Bune are to be invoked nine times. The Number 8 shows that Raziel is to be invoked three times in the stary firmament of the angelic choir of cherubim. Below is Larmol — one of the twelve dukes that wait for Caspiel, a great king that rules in the south — he is accompanied by Budarym, both shall be invoked two times: Adam McLean figured out that both spirits are mentioned in Johannes Trithemius’ Steganographia in chapter XVIII. As Cassiel controls the upper side of the square, Raziel controls the lower side.


the ensign of mercury king bnaspol prince brorges copyThe Banner of Mercury King:Bnaspol, Prince: Brorges enseign3The Fourth Banner of Dr. Rudd: Sun 

 John Dee’s banner of Mercury is the fourth banner of Dr. Rudd, the banner of the Sun. In Dr. Rudd’s version the hint on the intelligence and the daemonium of the sun is missing. In the tenth square of the sun (according to Dr. Rudd) the signqappears that is the symbol for Caspiel, the highest and greatest king of the south.


the ensign of venus king baligon prince bornogo copyThe Banner of Venus King: Baligon, Prince: Bornogo enseign7The First Banner of Dr. Rudd

The abbreviation “q*” in Dr. Rudd’s banner signifies “quingent”. John Dee’s banner of the Venus is the first banner of Dr. Rudd – the banner of the Moon.

te-ensign-of-saturn-king-bnThe Banner of Saturn King: Bnapsen,
Prince: Bralges
enseigns5The Third Banner of Dr. Rudd


the-ensign-of-sol-king-boboThe Banner of Sun
King:Bobogel, Prince: Befafes
enseign6The Seventh Banner of Dr. Rudd


Dr. Rudd comments: “Within the Circle is signified the first Orb of Heaven of Luna in the Order of Angels wherein resides and governs that glorious ministering Angel Gabriel. On the left side of the square is where Michael and Uriel reside in the 4th Orb or Heaven of Sol in the Order of Virtues, and over against it is 2, which shows the second Orb or Heaven of Mercury in the Order of Archangels. Underneath is 3, showing the third Orb or Heaven where resides Anael of the Order of Principalities. Within the square is showing the great mystery of the Trinity (this symbol is actually missing in Dr. Rudd’s version – refer to John Dee’s version). In an infinite Circle or Orb within the square is a Triangle pointing downwards, and signifies the Microcosm or little world, man, made up of Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. The figure about the Microcosm imports that Man is a Trinity composed of the four Elements, that he hath, first a Vegetative, second a Sensitive, third a Rational, Soul. ‘A’ underneath the triangle signifies “Animus Corpus vivens sentiens rationale” — “7” within the square shows Cassiel or Zaphkiel in the seventh Orb or Heaven of Saturn in the Order of the Thrones. On one side of the triangle is which signifies the Seal of Sibilla, the gentle Virgin of the Fairies and at the opposite end is placed “LV” i.e. Leraiv Valefar.”


enseign7The Banner of Mars King: Babalel, Prince: Butmono enseign8The Sixth Banner of Dr. Rudd Jupiter 

“I have my problems with Dr. Rudd’s explanation of this banner. I am quoting it nonetheless: “In this Table in the third square or Mansion I find (999 R) shows that 1200 ministering spirits attending Rael are sometimes invocated and ready to obey, for where you find 9 it signifies quadringeni the like of two.” — Yes, indeed.


enseign11The Banner of Jupiter King: Bynepor, Prince: Blisdon eneign9The Fifth Banner of Dr. Rudd

In the 15th Mansion you find the seal of Bealphares, in the 22nd Mansion you find the seal of Parmesiel and in the 24th Mansion you find the seal of Asmodai.







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