June 3, 2020
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The General Description of Tzuflifu

The 28th tunnel of Set is sentinelled by the qliphotic demon Tzuflifu,

Planet of Spirit: Venus & Venus Illegitima (Dark Aspect of Venus)
Primary Qlipha of Spirit: Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith)
Secondary Qlipha of Spirit: Goleb (Mars/Asmodeus)
Element of Spirit: Earth (Primary), Fire (Secondary)
Tunnel of Set: 18/28 (A’arab Zaraq-Gamaliel)
Zodiac of Tunnel: Aquarius
Planet of Tunnel: Mars; Uranus
Tarot of Tunnel: the Emperor; the Star
Disease of Tunnel: Apoplexy
Force of Tunnel: Violent, Spiraling Heart & Energy
Ordeal: Chaos Emerges in its Raw State
Hebrew Letter of Tunnel: Tzaddi
Color of Tunnel: Black, Blue
Color of Spirit: Yellow, Yellow-Green, Medium-Darker Shades of Blue
Musical Key of Tunnel: B#; A#
Gematria: 302

Tzuflifu is a psychopomp– that is, an entity who guides the dead and/or the astral doubles of sorcerers through the astral planes, often to desired locations, afterlife planes, astral grimoires, etc. The name Tzuflifu means “Great Bestial One.”

Tzuflifu can bring the witch illumination, initiatory wisdom, and occult knowledge, and he can awaken her Black Flame. He rules over the darker paradigms of fairy/fay magick. He can lead one on the pathway to become godlike and place the witch or a loved one under the protection of the Qliphoth. He can take the witch the path towards the achievement of just about any goal, and eventually and he and the witch will manifest her success together. He can educate the witch regarding the mysteries of the lightning of chaos and the mysteries of anti-matter.

Tzuflifu can open portals and move someone or something anywhere through space and time. He can grant one access to the universal mind and tradition purports that he can guide one into other dimensions (no comment).

According to Liber Obsidian Obscura, Tzuflifu rules the sorcery of muliebral energy. Alexander Winfield Dray describes this as follows:

For females, it is a total immersion into what they are and fortifying the Energy Body with its natural characteristics; For males, it is a temporary abandonment of masculine energy and the ability to assume a Female Energy Body. The deployment of Female abilities are also covered).

Tzuflifu presides over crystal balls, tarot, graveyards, death magick, sciomancy (necromancy), hydromancy, ice magick, deadly curses, fiery shields, preventing arson, liberating the soul via purification by fire, sanguine vampyrism, psychic vampyrsim, and bilocation/astral projection.

Tzuflifu can empower the chakras in the hands, shoulders, the lesser chakras in the forehead, the minor chakras in the lower back (where a tramp stamp would be), and both the heart and second heart chakras.

Tzuflifu appeared to me as a white owl, and Frater 414 gives a very interesting description of the appearance of Tzuflifu he witnessed during a pathworking meditation:

A wall of scarlet appears and a being emerged there from. He has the head of the sigil and the body of a prince. He carried a wand and wore a red cloak with the sigil upon it. I greet him and test with Tzaddi and the sigil. He receives both and they add to his power. I ask for a lesson and he replies with, “Granted.” We fly upwards into space. A landscape. Martian. We are standing on a cliff. Below is a legion of beasts and monstrous beings. The genius explains that his army is always prepared for battle. They await his command and do not act until he gives that command. TZUFLIFU instructs me to take command of my legion of demons and establish dominion over them completely. They must all await and obey my command, and none other’s. He demonstrates by igniting fire around and upon his army. They stir not, but stand there burning. Then he gives the magical command and they promptly extinguish the fire and assemble immediately back into their ranks. I understand his lesson and return back to my body.

Tzuflifu rules the either the eighteenth or twenty-eighth Tunnel of Set depending on whether or not you start counting with the ten Qliphothic spheres. Tzuflifu’s pathway leads from A’arab Zaraq (Venus/Ba’al) to Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith).

The Gematria of Tzuflifu

The number of Tzuflifu is 302 which means ‘to cut open’, ‘inquire into’, ‘dawn’, ‘dawning of light’, and who come from the Egyptian word beka, meaning ‘to extend’, and from the word pekai, which signifies ‘to flower’.

The Call of Tzuflifu

For an eventual future evocation of his powers, Tzuflifu, which is the name of the sentinel garding this 28th Qliphotic tunnel of Set, should be chanted in the key of ‘A’ sharp in order to maximize our chance for a clear communication with the demonic entities that dwells in this kala.

Magickal Chants

Invoco Ambrosius Domnus Tzuflifu
“I Call the Immortal Lord Tzuflifu!”

Invoco Tzuflifu In Nomine Qliphoth
“I Call Tzuflifu in the Name of the Qliphoth!”
In addition to calling forth Tzuflifu, this chant simultaneously lulls the witch closer to the gnostic state (trance)

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Tzuflifu
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Tzuflifu!”
In addition to calling forth Tzuflifu, this chant simultaneously presences Qliphothic energy to raise or strengthen a sacred space.

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Tzuflifu
“In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Tzuflifu!” In addition to calling forth Tzuflifu, this chant simultaneously focuses the mind of the celebrant.

The Sigil of Tzuflifu

The sigil of the qliphotic demon Tzuflifu, who is the designated sentinel defending the 28th tunnel of Set, should always be painted in white on a violet ground. If we take a close look at its anagram, we can understand that the word BRQ means ‘to lighten’, or ‘send lightning’, and that it used to be applied to the Great Serpent (of the Gnostics) from the metathesis, QBR, which signifies something similar to ‘a cave’, or a ‘hole in the earth’, and it denotes also a ‘tomb’. These three letters constitute therefore the ideal type-name of a place of divination founded on the oracle of the womb. If we examine the anagram into more details, we observe that the art work of the sigil itself shows a Priest or a King wearing a crown having the shape of a phallus with its ‘eye’ protruding. This is an image of the Great Serpent extended or ‘flowering’, we must notice that its eyes corresponds to the ‘drawing’ or the ‘opening power of the phallus’.

The Tarot Trump Correspondence : The Emperor

The Atu pertaining to Path 28 is that of The Emperor, who is also called ’Sun of the Morning and Chief among the Mighty’. In the Tunnel of Tzuflifu this dawn assumes an almost deliquescent state of heat that ressembles a fluid fire-ball.

The Disease Commonly Reccuring in Tzuflifu

The disease typical of the 28th qliphotic path is apoplexy, and the demons which haunts the tunnel are the furies born of the blood of Uranus who was castrated for crimes against the ‘ties of kinship’. The furies (or Erinyes) are depicted in Greek myth as winged women girt with makes, thus revealing their affinity with the lunar current.

The Zodiacal/Planetary Correspondence of Tzuflifu : Uranus

Uranus is the planet assigned to Daäth, with its symbolism of reversion to the source of Non-Being, hence the crime of incest associated with this tunnel.

The Verse of Liber CCXXXI that is relevant for Tzuflifu

The relevant verse of Liber CCXXXI reads : « Transformed, the holy virgin appeared as a fluiditic fire, making her beauty into a thunderbolt. » The thunderbolt typifies the swastika, the whirling or spiral force that restores the world ‘ruined by evil’. In this tunnel ‘evil’ (or chaos) emerges in its raw state through the Gate of the Abyss in the form of lightning (BRQ). In an article entitled ‘Life, Death and Antimatter’[1] author Henry Conway makes the following observations: « Antimatter seems mostly or possibly always always to penetrate the world of physical matter through spirals, especially geometric spirals, at the center of which the threshold between time and antitime apparently exists. Energy appears to move both ways across this threshold. »[2] Later in the same article it is claimed that the ‘human body is composed of three major spirals oriented around the cerebral aqueduc and the fourth ventricle’. If we refers to Kenneth Grant’s book Cults of the Shadows (chapter 1 and 4) we will be able too see the force of these remarks in relation to the kala that changes the tunnel of Tzuflifu.

The African Deity Correspondence for Tzuflifu

The African pantheon relating to this kala reveals the original basis of the above formula. The qliphotic path 28 is under the influence of Aries (ruled by Mars), which is represented by the fiery aspect of Chango and the god Ogoun with his flaming darts, or manamana (literally ‘chains of fire’, i.e. lightning). As previously explained, the martial symbolism of violent heat, and super-abundant energy, denotes the feminine power that reaches its peak in the Tunnel of Qulielfi.

[1] This article by Henry Conway, appeared in Frontier of Consciousness, The Julian Press Inc., New York, 1974.

[2] C.f. Daäth as the Gate of the Abyss.

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