October 23, 2019
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Twenty-two tunnels, dark counterparts of the twenty-two tunnels on the Sephiroth, pass between the ten Qliphotic worlds. The tunnels have been known under different names, such as Schichirion, which means ‘black’ or ‘Necheshiron, which means ‘snake-like’. The names of the tunnels that are used below are those which have been most commonly used by contemporary western dark magicians and were published in 1977 in Nightside of Eden, the Qabalistic classic by Kenneth Grant. The name on the tunnels also denote those entities that rule the tunnels, in the same way that Lilith and Samael are both world and demons. The paths and tunnels are thought to correspond to Tarot cards and Hebrew letters in various ways. Kenneth Grant has based his correspondences on the Tarot as developed by Aleister Crowley. In his system, The Emperor corresponds to the paths that extends between Netzach (or the Qlipha A’arab Zaraq) and Yesod (Gamaaliel), while The Star extends between Cokmah (Ghagiel) and Tiphareth (Thagirion). The system that we are presenting hwere is based on an older and more traditional placement in which the two examples above are exanged. Thus, the cards and the paths follow a chronological pattern around the tree with the first cards at the top and the lower ones further down.

This tunnel, or its Sephirotic equivalent, does notexist in the original, perfect Tree of Life before the Fall. This is the path down to the material level from the astral plane. On the original, perfect Tree of Life before the Fall, neither Malkuth-Lilith nor the material plane existed. Instead, man lived in an astral Garden of Eden which represented Yesod. Only when Daath fell from its original location was the material plane born.

On the perfect tree, this path or tunnel linked Daath and Tiphareth. After man had been eaten from the fruits of knowledge, Daath fell into the Abyss and Malkuth-Lilith came into existence. The Tarot key that corresponds to hi spath is The World (The Universe). This card illustrate the birth of the material plane. The woman in the car dis the fallen Sophia, or Shekinah. This is the cosmic force, Shakti, that is manifested as Maya, the mother of illusions and dualities. Sofia-Shekinah-Shakti represents the knowledge that is Daath, which is manifested from vision (Kether-Chokmah-Binah) to reality through force and action. This path, or tunnel, represents the stage when an ide ais finally manifested on the material plane.

This path, or tunnel, also represents birth, such as that when the child is separated from the body of the mother. The planet Saturn, which corresponds to this level, represents the principle that cuts the navel string. In myths, this is the final step in the separation of man from God after the Fall.



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