June 3, 2020
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Review Category : Qliphoth

The Fourth Qlipha : A’arab Zaraq

A’arab Zaraq is the outermost astral level on the nightside of the Qabalistic tree. Netzach is the bright counterpart of this Qlipha. Netzach means victory, and victory is a pivotal aspect, also, to its dark anti-pole. A’arab Zaraq represents battle, and its forces are invoked by the dark magician for victories in the battles of life. War gods, like Odin and Baal, in their more demonic forms are associated with ...

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The Third Qlipha : Samael

In Jewish mythology, Samael is the husband of Lilith. Samael is an epitet of the Devil, and Lilith encountered him after her escape from the Garden of Eden. Together they gave birth to all the seductive, demonic offspring that populate Gamaliel. Samael is the great tempter, and he tempts with knowledge. In the Sepher Yetzirah, an old Qabalistic manuscript, Samael corresponds to occult wisdom, an dit is within the Samael ...

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The Second Qlipha : Gamaliel

Liliths influence continues into the next Qlipha. Here she has taken a more personified shape as the ruling demoness of Gamaliel. The position of Lilith on Gamaliel plays an important part in her role as the queen of the world, and it is from here that she controls the world by being its hidden, underlying force. Gamaliel is the shadow of anima mundi, the ‘world sould’. Gamaliel is the dream ...

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The First Qlipha: Lilith

Lilith, mother of demons, queen of vampires, ruler of harlots and the empress of evil, is a deity that has haunted mankind since the time of the Sumerians and right up to present days. She is mentioned in ancient Sumerian manuscripts as Li land was feared as a devastating storm demon. Her name would later be associated with the Semitic word Layil, which signifies the night. Lilith has been feared, ...

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